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19134The WHY? Files - Additions and Updates

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  • Geoff Richardson
    Jun 30, 2006
      The interest in "Foo Fighters" never seems to diminish despite the
      fact that it is now 60 years since the end of WW2.

      Foo Fighters (and other strange objects in Wartime Skies)

      There have probably been more reported sightings of "Black
      Triangles" than any other shape of UFO but would we expect to see
      one on the ground at a U.K. air base?
      Recently we received an aerial photo of Warton Air Base. Incredibly
      there seems to be a "Black Triangle" on the ground!

      Joe Mcgonagle kindly provided a sighting report made by a qualified
      The sighting report and Joe's investigation and conclusions are
      available at:

      The WHY? Files are constantly being updated. Over the last six
      months or so there have been many additions relating not just to the
      U.K. but on an international basis.
      To keep up to date with these additions, see:


      Geoff Richardson