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18627UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 43

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  • John Hayes
    Nov 8, 2005
      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 43
      November 9, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      On Sunday, October 23, 2005, at 8:45 p.m.,
      eyewitness Sharon F. was "looking at Clee Hill from
      Ludlow," Shropshire, UK when she and her companions "saw
      a long line of colour-changing lights above Clee Hill.
      As the frame of reference, Clee Hill is about 600 meters
      (1,980 feet), and the objects appeared to be about 200
      feet above" the summit.
      "We watched it for ten minutes. Then we decided to
      drive two minutes away to get binoculars for a better
      view. On returning, the objects had disappeared.
      Nothing was vicible in the sky, as there was complete low
      cloud cover."
      Sharon described the lights as "a long line of
      lights visible below the cloud level, changing colour,
      these appeared to be red, blue, green and orange."
      "I was very interested to hear that somebody nearby
      had had a sighting within two days of this." Sharon
      added, noting that the Shropshire Star had reported a UFO
      in the vicinity of the motorway A5 on October 22, 2005.
      (Email Form Report)


      "In the early morning hours of (Monday) October 31,
      2005," approximately "70,000 liters of water were found
      to be missing from a tank habitually employed to provide
      livestock with water." The bizarre incident took place
      on a ranch located 15 kilometers (9 miles) south of
      Parera in central Argentina's La Pampa province, just off
      Provincial Route 9.
      According to ufologist Scott Corrales, "One of the
      most startling aspects of the 2002 cattle mutilation wave
      in Argentina was the disappearance of tremendous amounts
      of water from large cisterns known as 'tanques
      australianos' (literally, 'Australian tanks'-S.C.) in
      Argentina's cattle ranching communities. Entire swimming
      pools were drained empty in Santa Rosa, Argentina at the
      same time."
      "Miguel Garrone, who leases the La Cabana ranch,
      says the tank was filled to the maximum on Saturday
      evening," October 29, 2005, "and was found completely
      empty in the early morning hours of Monday," October 31,
      "No signs of breakage or filtration were found, not
      signs of moisture in the perimeter that could provide an
      answer to such a strange phenomenon."
      "The livestock rancher indicated his astonishment,
      stressing that this is not the first time that such an
      event has occurred in the area."
      "It is worth noting that on July 2, 2006, on a ranch
      belonging to Adolfo Ziegenfhus, some 4 kilometers (1.3
      miles) from Quetrequen and 12 kilometers (7 miles) from
      Parera, another 70,000 liters of water vanished in a
      similar fashion-mysteriously and at night-without any
      trace ever being detected, not the existence of a leak or
      filtration that would justify the missing water ever
      being found." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Raul
      Oscar Chavez de CIUFOS-La Pampa para estas noticias.)


      On Monday, October 31, 2005, at 9:30 p.m., Martha
      Jones was outdoors in Richmond, the state capital of
      Virginia, when she spotted an unusual object in the night
      "It approached from the west and was headed east,"
      Martha reported, "It was a very low fireball with a
      shrewoosh sound. It was yellow and orange in color,
      circular at the head with a long flakey tail. I'd say it
      was about a couple of thousand feet up and flying at
      about 150 miles per hour. It scared the (deleted) out of
      "It wasn't reported in the local media. I don't see
      why not." (Email Form Report)


      On Saturday, October 29, 2005, at 7:35 p.m., the
      eyewitness, Mrs. McNeely, was at her home in Mammoth
      Spring, Arkansas, she reported, "when my husband called
      me onto our front deck to see a 'bright light in the
      sky.' Our horses were in the front pasture and seemed
      very uncomfortable."
      "The light was extremely bright, oval to round, and
      stationary. There were no clouds in the sky this
      evening, and few stars, none bright. No detectable wind
      as the tree branches were not moving."
      "The light was a fair distance away, at least three
      of four miles (5 to 6 kilometers). The object appeared
      to move closer, then away-remaining stationary for 15 to
      20 minute intervals between shifts in position. The
      object did not appear to be a plane, helicopter or any
      other form aircraft familiar to us."
      "The last time we stepped outside to observe the
      object was after midnight, when it disappeared
      completely. It just flicked out of sight." (Email Form


      On Wednesday, November 2, 2005, at 8 p.m.,
      eyewitness Kevin Fisher spotted a mysterious "bright
      white and orange light in the sky either zipping or
      staying still. It either went behind the tree line or
      Kevin was at Gilletes Lake in Jackson, Michigan when
      he spotted the UFO on the west side of the lake. "It was
      a white orange color. I have been seeing them for the
      past year. I think one night when I was at the warehouse
      in Parma last year, a UFO came over the hill and it was
      white, then turned orange, and then it hit me with a
      "Then I woke up on my couch in my barn office.
      Missing time. I think I'm now being watched every now
      and then."
      "The UFO was very slow except when I called other
      witnesses to look at it. Then it took off, but some of
      the witnesses did see it. I've had multiple sightings
      during the past few years." (Email /Form Report)


      "Numerous sightings of large fireballs over Germany
      this week have led to an upsurge in reports of UFOs, but
      scientists believe the cause is a bizarre annual meteor
      "Many people in Germany have noticed the fireballs,
      said Werner Walter, an amateur astronomer in Mannheim who
      runs a Web site on unexplained astronomical phenomena,
      with a hotline for reports of unidentified flying
      "'The last reported sighting was yesterday
      (Thursday, November 3, 2005) at 7:30 p.m. in a corridor
      along the border with the Netherlands,'" Walter reported.
      "'This week, we have had at least 15 emails and
      phone calls from people reporting fireballs,' he said,
      'Some people said it looks like something out of a
      science fiction film.'"
      "In addition to a possible meteor shower, Walter
      said amateur and professional astronomers were
      considering that the blitz was the result of a 'falling
      satellite or space junk.'"
      "NASA's science Web site mentions reports of recent
      fireball sightings in the United States, Canada, the
      Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Japan."
      "Walter described them as 'super-large, colored
      fireballs that shoot with the speed of lightning through
      the sky.'"
      "However, the NASA Web site quotes meteor expert
      David Asher from the Armagh Observatory in Northern
      Ireland as saying that people 'are probably seeing the
      Taurid meteor shower.'"
      "Taurids are meteors that shoot out of the
      constellation Taurus." The shower peaks during late
      October and early November each year. (See the
      Suddeutsche Zeitung for November 4, 2005, "Fireballs
      spark talk of UFOs.")


      Thousands of pilgrims are flocking to an upstairs
      apartment in Romania to view what hundreds are calling a
      miraculous image of Jesus Christ and two of his Apostles.
      "Valeriu Junie, 66, of Drobeta Turnu Severin" in
      Romania "says he first noticed the images about a year
      ago, just before Christmas (2004)." He claims "the images
      of Jesus and two disciples have appeared on their
      wardrobe (upright walnut chest-J.T.)"
      ""He said, 'It all started one night when I was
      watching TV and noticed some shadows on our wardrobe. I
      turned on the light and saw the image of Jesus in the
      middle and those of Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the
      "'I didn't say a word to anyone for a few weeks, but
      then the images started to become clearer everyday. I
      decided to call the priests and, since then, lot of
      people come to my house to see the miracle.'"
      "The wardrobe is made of walnut and is nearly 50
      years old. Valeriu's wife, Geta, 72, got it as a dowry
      on her wedding day from her parents."
      "Local priest Vasile Nuhaiu said, 'I was shocked by
      what I saw there. There were three shadows on that
      wardrobe with the face of Jesus Christ in the center.'"
      "'It is a miracle when Saints reveal themselves to
      us mortals, and I crossed myself and started to pray. I
      told the two old people (Valeriu and Geta-J.T.) that they
      should fast and pray to those two holy images.'" (See
      Ananova for November 1, 2005, "Pilgrims flock to see
      Jesus on wardrobe." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown
      for this news story.)


      The Fayette Factor erupted in a big way in
      Washington D.C. last week.
      "An assailant stabbed three people and accosted a
      fourth in Lafayette Park across from the White House" on
      Tuesday, November 1, 2005. The suspect was taken into
      custody, according to a spokesman for the Secret Service.
      "The three who were stabbed were hospitalized with
      injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening,
      Secret Service spokesman Tom Mazur said. He said the
      name of the assailant was not being released."
      "'It was a random attack,' because the victims did
      not appear to be associated with the man who attacked
      them, Mazur said.
      "Back in the days when Lafayette Park was known as
      Lafayette Square, it was also called 'Tragedy Square'
      because of all the strange deaths associated with it,"
      UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented. "For
      example, Lincoln's Secretary of State William Seward was
      nearly stabbed to death by one of the Booth conspirators
      in April of 1865. Seward was attacked in the front
      hallway of his residence, which then faced Lafayette
      "The Fayette Factor phenomena appear to be moving
      away from the unexplained fires of the past two years and
      into violent assaults. This is not an encouraging
      trend." (See the New York Daily News for November 2,
      2005, "Man goes on stab spree near White House," page 8.)


      "Buyer beware, and be very, very afraid. Haunted
      houses are a seasonal treat for most, but, for some
      Massachusetts homeowners, the phrase aptly describes
      their very own residence."
      "Christopher Balzano, a modern-day ghost hunter,
      says he has investigated numerous houses in the Boston
      area and has come away with some undeniable proof of
      haunting souls."
      "Francis Donovan of Medway," Mass. "for instance has
      been sharing his home for the last 58 years with the late
      Rebecca 'Grammy' Garside."
      "Garside took up residence at the home at 19
      Winthrop Street" in Medway, Mass. "during the 1850s, when
      her family bought a neighboring linen factory, and she
      remained there until her death. During her final years,
      Garside was bedridden and relied on a small bell to alert
      family she needed a drink of water or other assistance."
      "And, apparently, Garside is still ringing the
      "'The first time we thought it was a telephone and
      it wasn't. The second time, we had dinner guests over
      and they asked, 'Why don't you answer your telephone?''
      Donovan, 88, recalled."
      "Donovan eventually learned about the bell in 1960
      from one of Garside's grandsons."
      "'Grammy Garside must still be around ringing it.
      We hear it sometimes frequently, sometimes infrequently.
      It's Grammy Garside telling us she's still around,' said
      Donovan." (See the Boston Herald for October 30, 2005,
      "Sur-real estate," page 3.)


      "What residents felt in Wayne County," New York
      state "on Monday night," October 31, 2005, "was an
      earthquake, after all."
      "The U.S. Geological Survey confirms that a micro-
      earthquake measuring 2.6" on the Richter scale "occurred
      Monday night, just before 7 p.m. in the town of Ontario,
      One resident, "Joan Sharstene, felt her house shake.
      'I think I walked down the hallway over here, and I heard
      BAH-BOOM, and the house shook. The house really shook in
      the front.'"
      "The last earthquake in New York state was a micro-
      quake registering 2.5 on the Richter scale near
      Plattsburgh, N.Y. on May 31, 2005."
      "The largest earthquake ever recorded in New York
      was a 5.8" on the Richter scale that occurred "in
      Massena, N.Y. in 1944." (See the Rochester, N.Y.
      Democrat and Chronicle for November 1, 2005, "Wayne
      County feels an earthquake." Many thanks to Gwendolyne
      Drown for this newspaper item.)


      Batman knocks over a bank in Massachusetts!
      Green Lantern punches out a Florida sheriff's
      Those stories made the news in the USA last week,
      and they were real-life incidents.
      "Who was that masked man?"
      "Surely not Batman, although the half-mask he wore
      gave him more than a passing resemblance to the Caped
      "Shortly before noon yesterday (Saturday, October
      29, 2005) the bandit strolled into Sovereign Bank at 427
      Rutherford Ave. in Charlestown," Massachusetts, a suburb
      of Boston.
      "He pushed a customer out of the way at the window,
      pointed a black handgun wrapped in a white plastic bag at
      the teller, and demanded money, police said."
      "The teller complied, but the man demanded more,
      police said, so the teller handed him another wad of
      "He then ran out a rear door."
      "Witnesses described him as a white man, about 5
      feet, 6 inches tall, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and
      a white scarf."
      "Police did not disclose the amount of money taken."
      "The robbery was the second bank heist in as many
      In Orange Park, Florida, "a partygoer dressed as
      'Belligerent Drunk Man' was a hit at a Halloween bash
      until he started acting the part."
      "Wearing a blue sweatshirt, a belt of beer pop-tops
      and a Superman-style emblem on his chest reading 'BDM',
      William A. Griffin got into a fight Sunday morning,"
      October 30, 2005, "at an apartment complex, authorities
      "Joseph Gillam, dressed as Green Lantern, tried to
      break up the fight but ended up pushing a sheriff's
      deputy, authorities said. Gillam, 37, was charged with
      disorderly intoxication and battery on an officer. He
      was released on $753 bail."

      "Griffin, 26, was charged with disorderly
      intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. He
      pleaded no contest Monday," October 31, 2005, "and was
      ordered to pay court costs."
      "Not that deputies didn't appreciate his outfit."
      "'It was the funniest, if not the most original
      costume I've ever seen,' Deputy Glenn Ward said." (See
      the Boston Herald for October 30, 2005, "Batman goes
      robbin,'" page 3, and for November 3, 2005, "It's a bird,
      it's a plane, it's Stupor Man," page 30.)


      Back in July 2005, UFO Roundup received two eerie
      reports from people in the southern USA who claimed to
      have had dreams about the nuclear destruction of the city
      of Atlanta, Georgia.
      One family was so disturbed by this vision that they
      sold their Georgia home and moved across the USA to
      Now another reader has experienced an "Atomic
      Atlanta" dream.
      Janice Hartfield lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida,
      and on the night of Monday, October 31, 2005, she had her
      disturbing dream,
      Janice wrote, "I found your Web site because I was
      searching for nuclear dreams about Atlanta. Because two
      nights ago (October 31, 2005) I had one."
      "In the dream, I was traveling south on foot across
      this river and, all of a sudden, I saw a huge mushroom
      cloud to the south. I started to run back to the north."
      "I thought it was really close and that I was toast.
      But then I just knew that I was in Memphis (Tennessee),
      and I went to hide in this concrete house under
      "I also knew in the dream that the explosion was in
      Atlanta (Georgia) and that it could be seen by five
      "I also am an evangelical Christian, and I have had
      a few dreams that have come to pass. I live in the
      panhandle of Florida (near Pensacola-J.T.) so I probably
      would not be affected by the blast."
      "I don't know why God shared it with me."
      "But it is too strange...and troubling."
      (Editor's Comment: The curious thing about Janice's
      report is that she had her dream two days before she read
      about the July 2005 premonitions in UFO Roundup. When
      August 1, 2005 rolled around, your editor breathed a sigh
      of relief. I thought the danger period had passed.
      Apparently, that's not the case. The threat of a nuclear
      explosion in downtown Atlanta may still be in the future.
      If any other readers have dreams or premonitions of this
      sort...don't be shy. Send them in.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven
      days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from
      around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper
      that goes home-UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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