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18598UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 42

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  • John Hayes
    Nov 1, 2005
      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Please note that Joe is still having problems getting online and as a
      result there are no UFO sighting reports in this issue - John @ UFOINFO.

      Volume 10, Number 42
      November 2, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "Folks in this close-knit community on the eastern
      plains" of Colorado "are baffled and worried about two
      mysterious incidents in which 22 horses and a burro were
      found dead."
      "The rural residents in" Calhan, Colorado "are
      pretty level-headed people, and they scoff at the notion
      that UFOs might be responsible. But many were around
      when a spate of unsolved cattle mutilations occurred in
      the 1970s and again in the early 1990s, and they're
      willing to entertain the notion-maybe with a little
      tongue in cheek-that cults, creeps and 'black helicopter'
      people might be to blame."
      "'There's strange stuff going on,' Terry Ashcroft
      said Monday," October 24, 2005, while doing some business
      at the Pikes Peak Co-op in Calhan."
      "Ashcroft, who lives 19 miles east of town,
      remembers driving a farm truck down a dark rural road 15
      years ago at harvest time and 'running off' a helicopter
      in a field where cattle were later found mutilated."
      "'It's all speculative at this point, but I wouldn't
      rule out a cult being reactivated like 15 years ago,' he
      "The veterinarian investigating the deaths of the
      animals, John Heikkila, fielded lots of questions from
      worried stockmen Monday as he performed state-required
      inspections of animals at the weekly Calhan livestock
      "The tall, burly Montanan (citizen of the USA's
      western state of Montana-J.T.), who has cared for animals
      in the area for years, said he's pretty certain the 16
      horses found dead Saturday," October 22, 2005, "in
      rancher William DeWitt's pasture were killed by
      lightning. All of the horses were found lying within 50
      yards (45 meters) of one another, including one found
      still perched on its knees, snout to the ground."
      "But Heikkila said he's willing to entertain even
      farfetched ideas about the deaths of six horses and a
      burro owned by rancher Ned Sixkiller."
      "'I've got so little clues on Ned's land, it just
      might be UFOs,' he said with a laugh,"
      "Sixkiller found his animals dead on (Tuesday)
      October 11 (2005), less than two miles from where the 16
      horses were found Saturday."
      "Heikkila performed autopsies on Sixkiller's animals
      and found perfectly round puncture wounds in their hides
      and skulls, about the size of .22-caliber bullets. But
      the wounds were no more than three-quarters of an inch
      (1.75 centimeters) deep, and exams and X-rays revealed no
      bullet fragments or slugs in the carcasses."
      "The vet said a first round of tests for poisons and
      for a feed additive for cattle that is deadly to horses
      have come back negative. He said he's waiting for
      further tests that might reveal why the blood on
      sixkiller's animals didn't clot, which he said would be
      "If that test doesn't solve the mystery, he said, a
      definitive cause of the animals' deaths might never be
      "'Ned's was not a case of lightning,' Heikkila said,
      'In real life, there are a lot of incidents where we just
      don't know.'"
      "Still, Heikkila knows folks in the Calhan area are
      suspicious about the mysterious deaths happening so close
      in time and distance to one another. When he walked into
      the pasture Saturday and saw the 16 horses lying dead, he
      was, too."
      "'When I first saw all those dead animals, I about
      wanted to puke myself,' he said, 'I came in with a biased
      opinion. I went looking for puncture wounds like I found
      on Ned's animals. It took me a lotof time working
      through the problems, but I don't think they're
      "He said the horses did not show signs of being
      burned by lightning, but he said that's not unusual. But
      he did find some other classic signs they had been hit by
      lightning, signs he didn't find in the six animals owned
      by Sixkiller."
      "Among them: The eyeballs in many of the animals had
      literally been exploded; the tissue had essentially
      melted away in the three to seven days that passed
      between death and discovery; and the horses had not been
      disturbed by scavengers, which avoid the flesh of animals
      killed by lightning."
      "The vet said it's unusual for so many animals to be
      killed all at once by lightning, but he said it isn't
      impossible. He said the horses were in a pasture that
      had a lot of moisture, and a couple were found entangled
      in wire fencing that can conduct lightning."
      "Ralph Lewis, who was herding cattle through the
      auction pens from atop his horse Monday, doesn't know
      what to make of the deaths."
      "He owns 30 to 40 horses near where the dead animals
      were found, and he plans to move his most valuable horses
      to a friend's pasture where they can be watched."
      "'Nothing makes sense about it,' he said, 'It could
      be lightning, but it seems strange. We haven't had that
      much lightning. And I've had cattle killed by poisonous
      weeds, but they don't all die in the same spot.'"
      "'Personally, I think somebody did something to
      them. I'll tell you what, if I caught someone doing
      something to my horses, it wouldn't be good. That's my
      "Clare Loughrey, who stepped into the co-op to get
      some supplies Monday, agreed."
      "Loughrey said she can understand how lightning
      killed the 16 horses; she's seen up to eight cattle
      killed by one strike."
      "But those deaths-or the six others days earlier-had
      better not be caused by cults or methamphetamine addicts
      that folks around here say have moved to the plains in
      increasing numbers, she said."
      "'If somebody is pulling a sick prank, we're not
      going to stand for it,' Loughrey said, 'We all love our
      horses.'" (See the Colorado Springs Gazette for October
      25, 2005, "Ranchers worry about horses." Many thanks to
      Mary Lou Jones-Drown for this newspaper article.)


      "A mysterious illness forced the evacuation of
      hundreds of parishioners in the middle of a Mass Sunday,"
      October 23, 2005, at a church in Wethersfield,
      "Police, fire and environmental crews responded to
      the (Roman Catholic) Church of the Incarnation during the
      11 a.m. Mass after getting reports that several people
      had fallen ill. About a dozen people were affected and
      at least two were taken to the hospital."
      "The symptoms included dizziness, nausea and, in one
      case, fainting, said Deputy Fire Marshal Jeffrey
      Morrissette. About a dozen people were affected, and at
      least two were taken to the hospital."
      "Some 400 people were evacuated while crews from the
      (Connecticut) Department of Environmental Protection took
      air samples. Tests for carbon monoxide came back
      negative, but the church remained closed while
      authorities await results of further tests."
      "A confirmation service scheduled later in the
      afternoon was moved to a church in Rocky Hill, Conn."
      "'Until the fire chief and the health director are
      totally convinced that things are safe, obviously they're
      not going to let them return to the church," the Rev.
      James Moran told WVIT-TV." (See Newsday for October 23,
      2005, "Mysterious illness prompts mid-Mass evacuation.")

      (Editor's Comment: And under related Fortean phenomena,
      we find this news item...)


      "It smelled like brunch."
      "Most thought it smelled like maple syrup, though
      there were a few votes for French toast, pancakes or even
      coffee cake."
      "But even as the concensus clearly pointed to Aunt
      Jemima, no one could figure out what exactly wafted
      across Manhattan (an island borough of New York City-
      J.T.) and parts of New Jersey Thursday and yesterday,"
      October 27 and 28, 2005.
      NYC "Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced
      that tests had been conducted by the (New York state)
      Department of Environmental Protection, the Health
      Department and other agencies."
      "'So far, no toxic material has been found,' Kelly
      said" on Friday, October 28, 2005.
      "'It's believed to be some sort of food substance,
      but we can't substantiate that...'"
      "Even Mayor (Michael) Bloomberg weighed in."
      "'The Coast Guard, the DEP, the Office of Emergency
      Management, the police-everybody has checked to make sure
      that it is nothing dangerous,' he said."
      "Neither Jersey City Police nor the Port Authority
      Police Department reported receiving calls about the
      odor, but one Hoboken (New Jersey) resident said she did
      smell something like French toast in the air Thursday
      "'I smelled it as I was walking home from Tribeca to
      the Upper West Side, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.,' said
      Michelle Collins, 24, who runs the online blog,
      "'At first I didn't say anything but when my
      roommate got home, she said she heard people talking
      about it all over the city. By then it was like IHOP on
      a Sunday morning.'"
      "'At least it's a nice smell,' she continued, 'It's
      a lot better than (the air in Manhattan) usually smells.
      I wasn't concerned at first, but then I read somewhere
      today there is some sort of chemical that smells like
      maple syrup, and it's harmful but not deadly.'"
      "On the Lower East Side, Nicki Benitz, an 85-year-
      old resident of a Madison Street housing project, was
      more pragmatic about the smells."
      "'Down here,' she said, 'every time we fall asleep,
      we don't know if we're gonna wake up, anyhow.'" (See the
      New York Daily News for October 29, 2005, "Smell hath no


      A stone pyramid "of monumental size" has been
      discovered in Bosnia and is believed to date back to
      14,000 B.C.
      "Near the city of Visoko, 30 kilometers (18 miles)
      north of Sarajevo, there is a stone pyramid of monumental
      size, claims Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagic, who
      lives and works in the USA."
      "After several months of geological and
      archaeological research, Dr. Osmanagic concluded that,
      under the present hill of Visochica, hides a step-
      pyramid, about 12,000 years ago. Dr. Osmanagic, who has
      done extensive research on pyramids in the Americas, Asia
      and Africa for the past 15 years and who has written
      several books on the subject, says he's quite sure he's
      found the first pyramid in Europe, which he claims is
      quite similar to the ones in Central and South America."
      "He believes that the project would completely
      change Bosnia's significance in the world of
      "On top of the 'Bosnian pyramid of the Sun' was a
      temple, built by the pre-Illyrians, people who lived in
      the area, according to Dr. Osmanagic, about 27,000 years
      "This predates the Hyborian Age, or Age of Conan, by
      a good 17,000 years,' Aimee Kokotovic, UFO Roundup
      correspondent in the Balkans, commented, "It's possible
      that this pyramid was built by the mysterious and occult
      empire of Acheron, which, according to the American
      author Robert Howard, flourished during this period."
      (Editor's Note: Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) was
      the American fantasy author who wrote the Conan saga.
      The lost empire of Acheron appears in many Conan stories
      but most prominently in REH's one full-length Conan
      novel, "The Hour of the Dragon.")
      "Dr, Osmanagic thinks he will solve the 'secret of
      the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun' within the next five
      years. He also believes that a second pyramid, 'the
      Pyramid of the Moon,' exists beneath the neighboring hill
      of Kriza."
      "The (Visochica) pyramid is 100 meters high, and
      there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental
      causeway...The plateau is built of stone blocks, which
      indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed
      "Archaeological excavations near the surface have
      uncovered a part of a wall and the fragments of steps."
      "Visochica Hill could not have been shaped like this
      by nature,' Bosnian geologist Nada Nukic said, 'This is
      already far more than we had anticipated. We expect a
      lot more data from further analysis at the site,' she
      said." (See the Bosnian newspaper Dnevni Avaz for
      October 26, 2005, "Pyramid found-in the heart of Bosnia!"
      Many thanks to Aimee Kokotovic for this newspaper


      "A man with a history of mental illness was
      convicted of murder" in Pensacola, Florida "after
      testifying he shot a retired policeman because he
      believed the University of Alabama 'A' on the victim's
      baseball cap signified he was the Antichrist."
      "The jury Thursday," October 20, 2005, "also
      convicted Ryan Thomas Green, 22, of attempting to murder
      a second man."
      "Green had pleaded insanity" at his arraignment.
      "The jurors returned yesterday (Friday, October 21,
      2005) to hear testimony on whether Green should be
      sentenced to death or life without parole."
      "Retired Pensacola Sgt. James Hallman, 59, was shot
      to death while taking a walk in 2003. House-painter
      Christopher Phipps was wounded and is now in a
      "Green testified that a talking bull, religious
      signs, colors and symbols led him to shoot the two men."
      (See the Boston, Mass. Herald for October 23, 2005,
      "Florida jury doesn't buy killer's 'Antichrist' bid."

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes
      home-UFO Roundup." See you next week!

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