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18387UFO Review issue 12

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  • Stuart Miller
    Aug 17, 2005
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      As usual, the issue is available as either a PDF or a Word
      document at http://www.uforeview.net Either of the two top left
      hand buttons depending on the file you want.

      And in this issue;

      Roswell Reflections.

      A follow up interview with Nick Redfern on what's happened since
      the publication of his book, "Body Snatchers In the Desert".

      Rick Doty Is My God.

      An interview with Robert Collins, co-author of the book "Exempt
      From Disclosure" Interesting.

      Spheres, Stones, and Skulls by Kithra.

      Amongst the oddities of what may be termed strange discoveries
      are spheres, stones, and crystal skulls. And, although these may
      not necessarily lie within the field of Ufology they are,
      perhaps, peripheral subjects; especially as many believe
      these artefacts had extraterrestrial origins.

      Report of Study into the alien abduction Phenomenon.

      An alternative version of Professor Chris French's recent study
      at Goldsmiths college.

      Glimpses of Extraterrestrial Utopias

      Sheryl Gottschall takes a look at the contactee movements of the
      50s and 60s.

      Fortean Corner.

      Our ace reporter Dam Acne investigates the strange phenomenon of
      "raining men" in Harpenden.

      Lapis Conference report, St. Anne’s, Saturday June 18 th 2005.

      The Secret History of the MoD XFiles.

      UFO Review is pleased to welcome Dr. David Clarke to our pages
      for the first time with an article about those files in the

      The Face On Mars Speaks.

      Phoenix Lights Event Analysis.

      Bill Hamilton does an item by item run down of the sequence of
      events in Phoenix on March 13th 1997.

      Alien Pet Club.

      Searching for the Truth.

      Dennis Balthaser editorial - Is Timing Everything As Related to
      the Roswell Incident?

      The Brazilian Breakthrough and other UFO Problems.

      Andrew Pike, FRAS casts a cynical eye over recent Ufological

      Hidden Agenda

      A second piece by Andrew Pike - a synopsis of Andrew's new book
      for which which reader comment and input is welcomed.

      A Clinical Analysis Of Antigovernment Phobia.

      Ivor E. Tower, M.D. tells us why we're all bonkers.