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  • Frits Westra
    May 5, 2005
      May 2005

      Weird World

      Welcome to the May 2005 round up of news and views on UFOs, alien
      abductions, crop circles, ghosts, the paranormal, the unexplained, the
      weird and the wonderful.


      London UFO Conference

      Details of what promises to be the most ambitious UFO conference held in
      the UK for several years have now been announced. The Scientific Evidence
      For UFOs is a one day conference being held in London on Saturday June 11.
      Keynote speakers are Dr Richard Haines, Timothy Good, Dr Vladimir Rubtsov,
      Dr Viktor Zhuravlev and myself. Click on
      http://www.wddty.co.uk/ufo_conference_info.asp for further details of this
      major UFO conference.

      Countdown To Oblivion

      Recently received for review, an extraordinary new book about alien
      abductions, entitled Countdown To Oblivion. Written by D J Haskell and
      published by Trafford Publishing (UK) Ltd, this book reads in many ways
      more like some of the old contactee titles. Some may see this book as
      quite New Age in its approach, and sceptics will doubtless question much
      of the material, especially that part relating to the enigmatic entity
      referred to as The Stranger. However, this is an intriguing addition to
      alien abduction literature, and is bound to spark debate about the true
      nature of the UFO phenomenon and the alien abduction mystery. Check out
      www.trafford.com for further details.


      In the aftermath of the ill fated Beagle 2 mission, the European Space
      Agency has announced its intention to return to the Red Planet, with a new
      mission due to leave the Earth in 2011 and arrive in 2013. This new
      mission would again include a roving robot, and a key aim would be to
      search for evidence of life. The details of the mission have yet to be
      agreed, but the intention is clear. One option being considered is a
      mission to return Martian rocks to Earth for study.

      Nexus Conference

      Nexus magazine runs an interesting mix of esoteric material, conspiracy
      theories, allegedly suppressed information, ufology and the paranormal.
      Their annual conference is due to take place from May 13 - 15 in
      Amsterdam. Speakers will include Laurence Gardner, Linda Moulton Howe,
      David Hatcher Childress, Alfred Lambremont Webre and Nexus publisher and
      editor Duncan Roads. Subjects to be covered include the Tunguska incident,
      Mary Magdalene, UFO crash retrievals, ancient Egyptian knowledge, mind
      control and out of body experiences. Check out www.nexusmagazine.com for

      Moon Dust

      Andrew smith has written a fascinating new book about the space programme,
      focusing on how the Apollo astronauts adjusted to life back on Earth. This
      is an extraordinary book about some extraordinary men. The views of Edgar
      Mitchell are interesting, and his deeply spiritual beliefs have already
      been published in his own fascinating book, The Way of the Explorer.
      Nonetheless, one is left with a sense that these extraordinary brave
      individuals have found it difficult to adjust to life back on Earth, as if
      everything that followed their brief adventure was an anti climax.
      Fascinating, tragic and a little disturbing.

      More Planet Earths

      British scientists at the Open University have published new theories
      supporting the idea that approximately half of all planetary systems could
      harbour a planet like Earth. The new theoretical models suggest that such
      planets may exist in far greater numbers than previously suggested,
      offering the tantalising prospect that extraterrestrial life could be far
      more widespread than previous estimates made by SETI scientists such as
      Frank Drake. The research has been published in Astrophysical Journal.

      New Piatkus Catalogue

      The new Piatkus book catalogue is out, detailing titles due to be
      published in the second half of 2005. Piatkus publish a wide range of
      paranormal and New Age titles, and books in the latest catalogue include
      Phenomenon by Sylvia Browne and Life Before Life, a book by Dr Jim B
      Tucker about reincarnation claims made by children. Check out
      www.piatkus.co.uk for further details.

      Ed's Note:

      Nick Pope has written four books. Open Skies, Closed Minds is an overview
      of the UFO phenomenon with the emphasis on his official Ministry of
      Defence research and investigation. The Uninvited is an overview of the
      alien abduction mystery. Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning
      Strike are science fiction novels about alien invasion, incorporating UFO
      and abduction data. All four titles are available from most good bookshops
      and all the usual Internet book sites.

      Nick Pope has a website, which can be accessed at www.nickpope.net

      © Knight International
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