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18154VIRTUAL LECTURES - Sunday 4pm

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  • Jason Martell
    Apr 30, 2005
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      Next Lecture:

      May 1st - 4:00pm (pacific time)

      100 years ago when the tablets were first discovered, scholars didn't
      understand the depictions of the planets and stories being told by the
      ancients of GODS who visited ancient man. The Annunaki "Those who from
      Heaven come to Earth".

      We view our world through our advances in modern science. But when we apply
      modern science to test ancient knowledge, new insights can be gained. Some
      of the topics covered in this lecture will be:

      . How did life start on earth?
      . Darwinism
      . Micro Evolution
      . Macro Evolution
      . Genetic Engineering
      . Does NASA know more than they are telling US?
      . Past missions to Mars -- Russian Phobos 1 & 2
      . Is there another planet in our solar system?
      . Sumerian depictions of Nibiru
      . Meaning of the Winged Disk

      AND MUCH MORE...

      Learn More <http://www.xfacts.com/live_av/> >>>


      Jason Martell
      <http://ancientx.com/> http://AncientX.com
      <http://xfacts.com/> http://Xfacts.com

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