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18090Re: [UFOnet] The Philadelphia Experiment did not take place on the DE173 (USS Eldridge)

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  • Lesley
    Mar 30, 2005
      Mr. Bielek is a great story teller. I mean story
      teller in the sense that the things he tells about
      only took place in his mind. Still, he is a pretty
      entertaining guest when he is on c2c and I can't say
      that about a lot of the guests that have been on


      --- golfsierra2003 <gschelm@...> wrote:
      > According to Al Bielek, the Philadelphia Experiment
      > did not take place
      > onboard of the USN Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge
      > (DE173). That is what
      > Bielek claimed recently in the Coast2Coast Show on
      > Thursday February
      > 24th 2005, when he once again was a guest of host
      > George Noory. After
      > telling the people for years now, that he was
      > onboard of the USS
      > Eldridge with his brother and jumped overboard when
      > the experiment
      > went wrong, he now claims that is wasn't the
      > Eldridge at all but a
      > German sponsored ship.
      > Well, can't he recall the ship's name and type
      > anymore ? The ship
      > where he almost lost his life and just hardly
      > managed to escape ? The
      > ship he and his brother were trained on to control
      > the experimental
      > machinery ?
      > He even now claims, that the photo showing the test
      > crew during the
      > final briefing onboard of the Eldridge (which can be
      > found on CDs sold
      > by him) doesn't actually show a room inside the
      > Eldridge, because the
      > room it too big !
      > Wow ! After it was proven in detail on
      > http://www.bielek-debunked.com
      > that almost everything that Bielek ever claimed was
      > untrue (including
      > that photo in question), he now adapted his story
      > for the umpth-time
      > to make it sound believeable.
      > Too late, Mr. Bielek, by now even your strongest
      > fans must admit, that
      > your story sound more and more absurd by the day !
      > Please see Michael Houtzager's statement on Bielek`s
      > main website
      > http://www.bielek.com/coasttocoastrecap.htm
      > for details.
      > Best regards,
      > Golf Sierra
      > http://www.bielek-debunked.com

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