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18086The Philadelphia Experiment did not take place on the DE173 (USS Eldridge)

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  • golfsierra2003
    Mar 30, 2005
      According to Al Bielek, the Philadelphia Experiment did not take place
      onboard of the USN Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge (DE173). That is what
      Bielek claimed recently in the Coast2Coast Show on Thursday February
      24th 2005, when he once again was a guest of host George Noory. After
      telling the people for years now, that he was onboard of the USS
      Eldridge with his brother and jumped overboard when the experiment
      went wrong, he now claims that is wasn't the Eldridge at all but a
      German sponsored ship.

      Well, can't he recall the ship's name and type anymore ? The ship
      where he almost lost his life and just hardly managed to escape ? The
      ship he and his brother were trained on to control the experimental
      machinery ?

      He even now claims, that the photo showing the test crew during the
      final briefing onboard of the Eldridge (which can be found on CDs sold
      by him) doesn't actually show a room inside the Eldridge, because the
      room it too big !

      Wow ! After it was proven in detail on http://www.bielek-debunked.com
      that almost everything that Bielek ever claimed was untrue (including
      that photo in question), he now adapted his story for the umpth-time
      to make it sound believeable.

      Too late, Mr. Bielek, by now even your strongest fans must admit, that
      your story sound more and more absurd by the day !

      Please see Michael Houtzager's statement on Bielek`s main website


      for details.

      Best regards,

      Golf Sierra
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