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17510Re: [UFOnet] OMG

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  • Jeroen Wierda
    Oct 7 10:20 PM
      Lol, OMG indeed... this reminds me once more of the reason I closed down my
      UFO related site 4 yrs ago and stepped out of ufology. You should start
      writing science fiction instead of manufacturing something you want everyone
      to believe is science fact.

      Jeroen Wierda

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      > OMG
      > I just now saw a clip on Fox News Channel of John Edwards taken from the
      > Regis and Kelly Show, and John Edwards' tongue darted out and swept from
      left to
      > right while he was talking, in the same lizard like way he did it during
      > debate. Maybe he really IS under strong Repto Sapien control. Are they in
      > head and controlling his speech word by word, and he is repeating their
      > unconscious mannerisms too? Fox News Channel will probably be replaying
      the clip
      > throughout the day so watch for it. Let me know what you think when you
      see it.
      > Art
      > My Previous Post:
      > > >Leapin Lizards
      > > >When John Edwards took a drink of water out of a coffee cup during
      > > >the
      > > >debate, as he pulled the cup away from his mouth, his tongue
      > > >darted out. I looked at
      > > >that and thought, "What the hell?" I watched him very closely and
      > > >the next
      > > >time he did it again. As he was pulling the cup away from his
      > > >mouth, his tongue
      > > >shot out three times real fast, like a little lizard. Watch reruns
      > > >of the
      > > >debate and see for yourself. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up
      > > >if I tried.
      > > >No, I am not trying to start rumors that Edwards is a Reptilian, a
      > > >demon, the
      > > >devil, or anything else. I just think it is very odd behavior for
      > > >someone who
      > > >knows he is on live national TV and yet can't control what his
      > > >tongue is doing.
      > > >As far as the real Repto Sapiens, I cover them in detail in my
      > > >book. Edwards
      > > >and Kerry don't meet the criteria for being mind-controlled by the
      > > >Repto
      > > >Sapiens. There are several other top democratic party members who
      > > >are controlled
      > > >though. If you read my book you will have a good grasp of the
      > > >Repto Sapien's
      > > >program and be able to spot who is doing what.
      > > >Publisher- Booklocker.com -- Order direct site:
      > > >http://www.booklocker.com/books/1417.html
      > > >
      > > >Art
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