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17509Fatima letters and reptilian influences from D-G: W

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  • Darren Walker
    Oct 7, 2004
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      Hello Frits:

      I made myself watch 5 minutes of the vice president debate and shut the TV
      off after I distinctly heard Cheney say we will continue the war on Tara.
      No, not TERROR, Tara - which means compassion. As long as the majority on
      Earth ( another name for Terra ) allow parasitic activity these goons as in
      dragoons, are going to be sucking our energy. I have previously explained
      the fraudulent contract system behind the voting process so I won't repeat
      myself. Any religion which teaches that some OUTSIDE deity is going to save
      you is lieing. If you have the time and can stick with getting through
      either Dan Winter's website or the Anna Hayes Voyager books I and II will
      have a deep understanding of the importance our genepool has in a galactic
      perspective. Our Sun is getting tired and we will see more asteroids hitting
      him in order to let off some energy.
      Here are a couple links with the 1st referencing the Fatima letters and the
      second giving an outline of the reptilian Queen bloodline. Why do royal
      residences have gargoyles and dragons on the castle's corners?



      Best wishes