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17491UFO Review - issue 5

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  • Stuart Miller
    Oct 4, 2004
      Issue 5 (October 2004) of UFO Review is now available at:


      Upper left hand button on web site marked "Current issue".

      DSL/Broadband connection - about a one minute download.

      Dial ups maybe about 10 minutes.

      It's a PDF so you will need Acrobat.

      In this issue;

      Professor Chris Partridge, author of "UFO Religions" talks us
      through the psychology of why people join, why people initate
      cults and so on. Also, how to start your own religion in three
      easy steps.

      Kithra takes us through Cornish Cryptids - some of the strange
      beasts and legends of Cornwall in south west England. Some
      interesting photos.

      Don Ledger has kindly provided us with the transcript of his
      Ozark presentation on the Shag Harbour incident - the case that
      just won't go away and gets stranger by the month.

      Fortean Corner - the weird case of The Wild Man of Biggleswade.

      Sir Ian Rankin, author of "Doomsday Just Ahead" talks to us
      about his unusual theories including the fact that the Earth's
      magnetic field is not going to flip as many have predicted.
      Instead, the Earth itself is going to spin round possibly by as
      much as 180 degrees. Something to look forward to.

      Regular contributor Sheryl Gottschall follows up her excellent
      article "Challenges For The Volunteer Ufologist" with "More
      Challenges For The Volunteer Ufologist"!

      Silver In Those circles - The Southampton UFO group's visit to

      Plus, the usual irreverant send ups, cartoons, and generally
      disrespectful tone.

      Stuart Miller