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17480Re: [UFOnet] Dr. James E. McDonald & The ETH

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  • David Ocame
    Oct 1, 2004
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      > >I said nothing about UFOs driven by intelligent
      > humans. I said intelligent aliens.
      > I know, which was why I asked.

      Spacecraft piloted by intelligent humans or
      non-humans, from outside our planet, will be alien to
      us, regardless.

      > This common objection from peer review for journals
      > is in no means a prerequisite for a science


      > You'll find that your above is nothing but a
      > scientistic opinion.

      I have done so and do not find this to be the case.
      You are arguing from emotion. In fact, there is no
      such word as "scientistic". Its a made up word usually
      used by those ignorant in the ways of science.

      >The sharing of claims and
      > evidence can be done by any means, usually
      > independently in ufology and related studies, but
      > the problem is that there are a lack of claims and
      > replication because the field is very open.

      True. But, that very lack is what makes it

      > cryptozoology, parapsychology, etc.)

      Do I have to say also that these are not sciences? OK,
      I will. They are not.

      > Whether or not it's a science has nothing to do with
      > whether it /is/ scrutinised by other scientists, but
      > whether it /can/ be. First of all the subject must
      > catch some of their attention.

      Again, true. Again, that is why it is not science.
      Thanks for amplifying my popint.

      >The professionals,
      > and their belonging journals, are usually interested
      > in phenomena which can be readily exploited for
      > monetary, social, tactical, medical, or even
      > �sthetic gain.

      Hmmmm...I've published twice in the last 2 years, I
      have yet to receive a dime for having done so. The
      journals in which I published are free to the public
      and do not accept advertisements. They have also not
      made any money. Your point is invalidated, and
      teetering on conspiracy theory.

      BTW, just because you think there is a conspiracy,
      doesn't make it so.

      > I thought they were fought over land and other
      > property, like slaves, food, livestock, and
      > integrity. What were you doing in a pew, if I may
      > ask?

      true. They were also fought over religion. Crusades

      > >Science is not a belief system, it is a proof
      > system. Period.
      > Wrong.

      No. Right.

      >There is no such thing as scientific proof,
      > or disproof, because it relies on empiricism and
      > logical positivism. Rather, science can only found,
      > whereas only philosophy can prove.

      Science, by its very definition cannot rely on
      empiricism alone (nor logical positivism...whatever
      you think that means).

      Alright, I can see that you only want to argue. So
      this will be my last. You insist on arguing from
      nonsense (and non-science). So have it your way. UFOs
      exist because you say they do. James McDonald was
      murdered by criticism, and Phil Klass and I are both

      Happy now?

      I'm done with this list. I came here hoping to find
      something of value. I have not.

      Dave Ocame


      Dave Ocame, N1YVV

      East Shore Park Observatory
      -72.53856 longitude
      41.16797 latitude
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