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17212Anti gravity, Mars, hyperdimensional physics and .... NAZIS! fwded by D-G: W

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  • Darren Walker
    Jul 31, 2004
      Hello Frits:

      After listening to Richard Hoagland and William Henry on Saturday afternoon
      ( available at the following link )

      and noting Hoagland's emphasis to Henry that he had to read David Flynn's
      new book on Cydonia and geometry, I did some Googling and came up with the
      following link:


      Now, I am not partial to biblical prophecy myself but I will go along with
      the scenario laid out by Flynn.
      The facts certainly seem to add up. Anyway, there is another recording on
      the Dreamland site that goes into the Mayan calender and offers up the gem
      that choice is still available even in the 2012 scenario the Mayans
      prophesied as catastrophy by fire. The wormhole connection put out by Henry
      was posed to Hoagland and all he said was you have to read Flynn's new book.
      It seems Flynn and Hoagland were headline speakers in Wisconsin and must
      have gotten to know one another there.
      The OWL on the back of the $1 Federal Reserve Note is an acronym for One
      World League as well as Moloch. Just some trivia there to fill in a missing
      jigsaw piece.

      Best wishes,