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17138Re: [UFOnet] The Giza Death Star Deployed, book review from D-G:W.

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  • Roger Anderton
    Jul 9, 2004
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      Dear Darren

      >The knowledge is so powerful that physicist's such
      > as Hal Putoff are taken out to keep the suppression going

      Please explain what you mean by this. Do you mean that Puthoff is being
      (and do you know if Puthoff go along with Dunn and Munck?)

      Best wishes

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      > Hello Frits:
      > If you have a copy of Christopher Dunn's book, The Giza Power Plant:
      > Technologies of Ancient Egypt then you will surely want to place Joseph
      > Farrell's work right beside it. Farrell pushes the envelope past Drunvalo
      > Melchizedek and helps connect the clues Carl Munck picked up when he
      > mathematically related all sacred, stone structures. The previous
      > of Lemuria and then Atlantis with its super powerful crystal technology,
      > utilizing "fire stones" are getting exposed, not as magical but advanced
      > compared to today's science. The knowledge is so powerful that physicist's
      > as Hal Putoff are taken out to keep the suppression going. Is humanity
      > for limitless power ? What happened in the past, intergalactic wars ?
      > Reptilians/Insects and Birds/Mammals ? or was it light vs dark ? This
      > melting pot called Earth could be a long term experiment in merging of two
      > polarized cultures from way back. I am with David Icke and the views he
      > professes in his books. If we thought the world was held in check from
      > by some hardass, disciplinarian teachers, aka - the Catholic Church, who
      > really benevolent behind their devious methods, well that's plain absurd.
      > could improve the gasoline based energy system a lot, without switching
      > just burning it more efficiently. Visit www.greasel.com for another
      > Anyway it sure seems that we are a prize cluster of guinea pigs being
      > genetically altered and media programmed down a notch into a robotic force
      > like the cloned army of Storm Troopers in Star Wars - it just takes time
      > complete the process. I won't go into details from Farrell's book other
      than to
      > say - Get It !
      > Next book review ( this one was light on detail ) is William Henry's ,
      Cloak of
      > the Illuminati.
      > Best wishes!
      > Darren.
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