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  • cliffgie
    Jan 1, 2004
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      In a conversation with a graduate student, Barton Midwood, at Fla. State
      Univ. in the early 60s, Bart (author of a number of books since then) told
      me: "Two things are important in life - to make something and make it well,
      whether it is a poem or a loaf of bread, and to love." In 1966 I was in a
      U.S. bi-national center in Bogota, Colombia when a terrorist bomb exploded,
      killing 6 people, just a few minutes after I passed the blast area. Anger at
      first, but I remembered the advice and proposed to my wife 3 days after the

      Still remembering what is important,

      Cliff Gieseke

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      > Phoenix Thanks,
      > This is beautiful, there is MORE. think about this.....
      > LOVE is who you are, most people just do not know it. and we are not
      > about kissing hugging or sex .
      > If this tweeks your interest let us know.
      > Love Life
      > Ken
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