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14941Fwd = GUST updates in the Summer of 2003

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  • Frits Westra
    Jun 1, 2003
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      Forwarded by: fwestra@... (Frits Westra)
      Originally from: Jan-Ove Sundberg <jan.sundberg@...>
      Original Subject: GUST updates in the Summer of 2003
      Original Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 06:53:25 +0200

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      When I was a kid I use to think that there was summer everywhere when we
      had summer in Sweden. Now I know better.

      Australia for instance have winter right now even though there´s only snow
      in the Snowy Mountains and a quite comfortable temperature of 12 to 15
      Celsius in Sydney, at least with Swedish standards.

      Because Sweden has summer holidays, GUST is also taking some time off and
      after my retirement I leave for two month nowadays instead of one. Well, I
      don´t leave at all this year but you all know what I´m doing so I really
      need this time off. My novel is progressing well and I have written a
      little over a half of it.

      In July I´m also off to Operation Catfish at Eman River, Southern Sweden,
      for one week and will report about this in late August.

      Until then you can look forward to the following summer´s reading on

      1) Feature: American Sea Serpents - the 12 most well known lakes
      2) GUST solves monster attacks in Canada - watch it where your toes goes
      this summer!
      3) Scientific cover-up in Norway - this story has been on the Swedish web
      site for a little over a week already but so far we haven´t heard a thing...
      4) Monster Spotting by Jan Sundberg - here are all my lake monster
      sightings through out the years
      5) Fish have feelings too - but I still eat them myself
      6) For Sale: Unique Nessie record - if you want it you better contact me asap

      To those who have Summer holiday I want to say that I hope you have a good
      time, get a nice tan and a well earned rest. To those who has full Winter
      we have a saying in Sweden: "Those who wait for something good, don´t have
      to wait all that long".

      PS: French photographer ROBERT LE SERREC, who took the remarkable footage
      of a tadpole-
      looking creature off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, has been found by
      GUST. He is 75 years old and lives in Asia. GUST have requested an
      interview with him and we hope to publish it the coming Autumn.

      Best wishes from, Jan Sundberg
      President and Expedition Leader of GUST: Global Underwater Search Team
      Phones +46 141 21 79 29 and +46 70 301 79 29
      Address: Dalgatan 37, S-591 21 Motala, Sweden

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