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  • R.Howe
    May 4, 2003
      Jason it is getting sad when all I hear from you
      lately is discrediting all other researchers,if
      nothing happens then you'll be on top of the world.I
      remember last year you were promoting Zeta talk and
      were even showing the shift video over your site.Then
      the ufo convention happened and your tune changed.Its
      real sad because you were one of the reasons I became
      a researcher and when I discovered that Kennedy Space
      Center was built on top of an ancient structure
      simular to the one in Baalbek Lebannon you didnt seem
      to interested in it because you never got back to me
      or my group. I was looking foward to sharing our finds
      with your group but I see now you are to busy tapping
      into the money from your web-sites endevours.I am
      still curious to know what happened to you? But I see
      --- Jason Martell <jason@...> wrote:
      > Here is an interesting email exchange and article...
      > http://www.planet-x.150m.com/cpletter.html
      > http://www.planet-x.150m.com/hazlewood.html
      > Jason Martell
      > ----------------

      Robert Howe
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      Satellite Bch, FL
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      FX: (509)691-1042

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