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13884Re: pyramid news?

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  • Randy Hiatt
    Dec 5, 2002

      Are you reffering to the air shaft "door"?... or the vacant space
      within the walls (Queens Chaimber?)...?

      I saw a website with the latest news on the shafts. They said the
      robot could see through the rock (but didn't show pics). I wonder why

      I saw a recient tv show with Hawass, as usual it looked good but
      delivered nothing.... show us the evidence!

      I believe this device predates the eqyptians claim to it... this is why
      new discovery scares them.


      --- In ufonet@y..., "Jane S. Derry" <derryj@g...> wrote:
      > Well, the show with Zahi Hawass this last weekend
      > showed them drilling a hole, and putting the camera into the hole (as well
      > as a whole bunch of extraneous stuff that is old news) and it looks like
      > there is another door behind that one, or a wall. So... we are at a
      > standoff. He made a bunch of guesses about this, but wasn't accurate on
      > even one of those. You know Zahi, he thinks he knows everything, and he
      > knows nothing.
      > It was an interesting show, but they 'showed'
      > nothing new.
      > Tianca
      > At 12:36 AM 12/4/2002 +0000, you wrote:
      > >I'm hoping to collect current info on the great pyramid.
      > >
      > >What's the follow up to the (excuse my memory) story of a multi-
      > >national team (French...?) who had equiptment that discovered a cavity
      > >beyond the Kings Chamber, drilled a small hole for a camera but
      > >discovered it was full of sand, had to remove it before proceeding
      > >etc...something about permissions fell through.
      > >
      > >I also am drawn to the possibility this pyramid is more mechanical (in
      > >a energy system sorta way) then is generally believed. With the
      > >finding of the shaft "plugs" and copper "wiring" reciently I have
      > >renewed excitiment in what's behind those doors (not so much what they
      > >will find but what they will eliminate). This is big news, and I bet
      > >it's pretty chilling to those who think they already understand this
      > >artifact. We still have much to learn.
      > >
      > >Randy Hiatt
      > >
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