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13883Vacuum concept not explored in history of physics

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  • sarg137
    Dec 5, 2002
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      One alternative concept about physical vacuum has not been explored
      in history of physics! It leads to unexpected successful analysis of
      many mysteries in physics. It is kind of new physics: physics of real
      objectivity and logical understanding, free of abstractionism. No
      uncertainty principle, time reversal and black boxes. All the model
      and analysis are in a real 3-dimensional space and unidirectional
      time. Starting from a physical model of the vacuum space and using a
      classical scientific approach it leads to a quite different view
      about the Nature and Universe. The developed in this way scientific
      theory sheds a light on the hidden enormous energy of the vacuum and
      the strange antigravitational and inertial phenomena observed in some
      effects like SEARL-effect, for example. The discussion of alternative
      concept about the physical vacuum is missing in the scholar physics
      community because it contradicts the concept of "space-time
      adopted in the first decades of the last century. You could not find
      this topic nowhere in the official peer review journals. Once you are
      familiar with the new physics, you may analyze the experiments,
      understand the underlying physical mechanism and optimize the
      parameters of the experiments related with ZPE, gravitational and
      inertial effects.