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  • Frits Westra
    Nov 5, 2002
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      Hot Gossip UK November 2002

      Welcome to the November 2002 round-up of news and views concerning
      UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles and the unexplained.

      New Age Guru Jailed For Life

      Ira Einhorn, a leading figure in Seventies counter-culture, was found
      guilty of murder in a Philadelphia court last month, and jailed for
      life. Einhorn had been charged with killing his girlfriend, Holly
      Maddux, who disappeared in 1977. Her body was found in their flat two
      years later, but Einhorn skipped bail before his scheduled 1981 trial
      and fled the country. He was convicted in absentia in a 1993 trial.
      Einhorn was tracked down in France in 1997, but the French authorities
      refused to extradite him without guarantees that he would be given a
      fresh trial, and that if convicted, would not face the death penalty.
      These guarantees were given and Einhorn was extradited last year. When
      told of the news, he attempted suicide by slashing his own throat.
      Prosecutors in the recent trial claimed that Einhorn had killed Maddux
      when she ended their relationship. Einhorn claimed that he was framed
      by either the CIA or the KGB, because of his various connections with
      the intelligence community, related to his involvement with paranormal
      research. Einhorn was a close friend of Andrija Puharich (Einhorn
      edited his biography of Uri Geller) and was closely involved in Lab
      Nine, the Turkey Farm and the Space Kids. He was undoubtedly
      well-connected and involved in numerous Seventies initiatives which
      might be regarded as having evolved from hippie culture and become
      what we currently know as New Age philosophies. The Stargate
      Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince gives a good overview of
      Ira Einhorn, his work and his influence. And needless to say, there is
      a wealth of information on him available on the Web.

      Scottish Paranormal Conference

      The Oracle Trust in association with the Edinburgh College of
      Parapsychology are organising a marathon twelve hour conference on
      paranormal experience. The event is to be held at the Edinburgh Corn
      Exchange on Sunday 24 November, from 11am to 11pm. There will be a
      series of lectures, workshops and discussions, and numerous stalls
      with books and other merchandise. Subjects covered include astrology,
      clairvoyance, ghosts, psychic development, past life work and Tarot.
      If these subjects interest you, check out
      www.deepindigoevents.co.uk for further details.

      The Threat From Comets And Asteroids

      For those people interested in the science behind recent media and
      Hollywood interest in the threat from Near Earth Objects such as
      comets and asteroids, and for those people who are interested in
      actually doing something about this threat, may I recommend Spaceguard
      UK and The Spaceguard Centre. Check out www.spaceguarduk.com for

      Ufology Around The World

      One of the nice things about being involved in ufology is the
      opportunity to attend conferences and discuss the subject face to face
      with people from other countries, who often have very different
      perspectives on the phenomenon. I have lectured all around the world,
      not just at UFO conferences but at academic institutions and military
      establishments. This month I will be lecturing at Trinity College in
      Dublin, after which I will be speaking at a conference in Florence. I
      will debrief readers on these events in my column next month.

      Black Hole Found At Heart Of Galaxy

      Last months scientific observation confirmed what theorists had long
      suspected, and confirmed that a super massive black hole lies at the
      heart of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The black hole at Galactic Centre
      lies some 26,000 light years away from Earth, and is around 3.7
      million times more massive than our sun. The data were reported last
      month in the science journal Nature.

      Life On Venus?

      Talking of science journals, New Scientist magazine ran a highly
      controversial story last month, concerning the possibility of
      microbial life existing in the acidic clouds of the Venusian
      atmosphere. Dr Schulze-Makuch and colleagues from the University of
      Texas believe that the presence of bugs might be responsible for the
      relatively small amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. The
      theory has been criticised by many other scientists, but the European
      Space Agency Venus Express mission due to be launched in 2005 may help
      resolve the issue, one way or the other.

      Crop Circle Challenge

      Hot Gossip Editor in Chief Georgina Bruni has attracted considerable
      media attention by virtue of her so-called Crop Circle Challenge.
      Intrigued by some of the most complex crop circle formations, she
      challenged those who consistently claimed that they could make such
      patterns to do so. It had been established beyond doubt that certain
      individuals were making some of the crop circles. Doug Bower and Dave
      Chorley were two of the best-known. But could they and they imitators
      really make patterns such as the Julia Set? If serious takers are
      found, Georgina will liaise between a suitable landowner and the
      media, with a view to filming the challenge. Georgina first made this
      offer in 1996, and to date has had no takers. She recently repeated
      the challenge in the November issue of Fortean Times magazine, and the
      media picked up the story. More on this story as it develops, as next
      Summer approaches.

      UFO Magazine Bumper Issue

      The bumper November/December issue of UFO Magazine is on sale now. As
      mentioned last month, it contains a detailed account of the Leeds
      conference held in September and attended by ufologists such as
      Stanton Friedman, Michael Hesemann, Dr Roger Leir, Philip Mantle and
      Georgina Bruni. Check www.ufomag.co.uk for details.

      Ufology 2002 - The Year In View

      In my column next month I will be reviewing all the major British UFO
      stories from the past year, to give an overview of the most
      significant developments. 2002 saw numerous document releases, new
      books, newspaper features, photographs, UFO sightings and much more
      besides. What was hot and what was not. All will be revealed next

      Ed's Note:

      Nick Pope's four books, Open Skies, Closed Minds, The Uninvited,
      Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike are available
      from all good bookshops and from the usual Internet book sites. His UK
      publishers are Simon & Schuster. In America, The Overlook Press
      publish his books in hardback while the paperbacks are produced by
      Dell Publishing.

      © Hot Gossip UK 2001

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