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  • bobcolee1@juno.com
    Jan 22, 2002
      Disclosure Project Email Update: 1-22-2002


      Become an official representative of The Disclosure Project and learn to
      sponsor and conduct Disclosure Project Events in your area.

      The Disclosure Project is taking applications for volunteers to
      represent the Project in locales throughout the US and the world.
      Representatives of The Disclosure Project will be empowered to conduct
      events in their area at which either the May 9, 2001 National Press Club
      Disclosure Press Conference tape may be shown to the public at no charge
      or (at their option) the 2-hour Disclosure video may be shown for a
      nominal charge.

      This program is designed to empower the supporters of The Disclosure
      Project to educate their area on this important subject and to develop a
      grass roots movement to push for open hearings in Congress and official
      disclosure of illegal secret projects connected to UFOs,
      Extraterrestrial Intelligence and advanced energy and propulsion
      systems. It is also intended to be an important mechanism for grass
      roots fund-raising to support subsequent Disclosure events and continue
      our important research and educational efforts.

      As an official Representative of The Disclosure Project, you will be
      able to host events and showings of the videos in your church, community
      group and area and become a real force for change in the world.

      Representatives will also be able to purchase at wholesale bulk prices,
      the books, videos and other educational materials, and these may then be
      sold at these Disclosure events, thus generating a source of income for
      their local efforts.

      If dozens and then hundreds of people begin to host these Disclosure
      events around the world, think of how quickly the entire planet can be
      educated on these important issues. As an official Representative, you
      will become a key activist and educator for your community on the most
      pressing matter of our time.

      Once your application is accepted and approved, you will be sent an
      agreement form and then have access to a special area of The Disclosure
      Project website and receive a full Representatives packet.

      Visit the web site at:
      For more info.


      -Jeff Altman
      Assistant to the Director / Web Site Manager
      The Disclosure Project
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