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11450The Happiest New Year For You and Yours

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  • United States UFO Information and Resear
    Dec 31, 2001
      Have a very happy, prosperous, healthy, and blessed new year... from the staff and membership of the United States UFO Information and Research Center and the new Alternate Realities Center - The ARC...

      Universal Blessings, Clear Skies, and Happy Skywatching!

      Allen McGee
      Founder and National Director
      United States UFO Information and Research Center
      The ARC - Alternate Realities Center and Conference
      www.dreaman.org ~ www.usufoirc.org


      Pyramid Healing ~ www.pyramidhealing.org
      National U.F.O. Sightings ~ www.nationaluforeporting.org
      Report Extraordinary Experiences online ~ www.uforeporting.info
      The ARC - Alternate Realities Conference ~ www.etconference.org
      The AMERICAN U.F.O. JOURNAL ~ www.americanufojournal.com
      The E.T. Mall and The U.F.O. Store ~ www.etmall.org ~ www.ufostore.org
      Coming Soon - 2002 - The ARC - Alternate Realities Center ~ www.thearc.usa
      U.S.U.F.O.I.R.C. Research Complex and Building Donations ~ www.ufofund.org
      Webpages, Websites, and Graphic Design by Allen McGee ~ www.dreamancyberdesign.com

      Mailing Address & Telephone Number:
      Post Office Box 153, Unicoi, TN 37692 USA
      Sightings & Information Hotline: (423) 735-0848
      Email: dreaman@...

      Quotes: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The evidence has been denied the American people for over 50 years!" ...UFO Investigative Colleague and Researcher, Clifford Stone

      "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but
      in seeing with new eyes." ...French Novelist, Marcel Proust

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