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10979Re: Fwd = [SO] Corso's claims

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  • Joe McGonagle
    Nov 9, 2001
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      --- In ufonet@y..., "Roger Anderton" <R.J.Anderton@b...> wrote:
      > Hi Joe

      Hi, Roger,

      > Most of that seems reasonable (but I wouldn't put it that way),
      > >>>>>>>>I would expect that irrefutable evidence of any Government
      > up evidence of alien contact or captured alien technology more than
      > 50 years ago would have been exposed by now.
      > >>>>>>>>Likewise, I would expect any conspiracy to suppress "real"
      > to
      > have been exposed (in verifiable terms) by now.
      > But what about a Cover Up that has gone on for far long than 50
      > And a Cover Up that nearly everyone unconsciously engages in?

      History is riddled with acknowledged scientific theories that have
      been proved wrong, you have quoted many of them yourself. A
      particular example which I like is a science book from 1912 which I
      have in my posession, which ascertains that the craters on the moon
      are caused by extinct volcanic activity-that theory was accepted less
      than a century ago, but as we are now aware, the craters are caused
      by impacting meteors.

      > If all people were unconsciously engaging in cover up, then no one
      > know that it was consciously happening and thus be unable to
      expose it.

      They could only be unconscious if someone didn't discover that a
      given scientific premise was wrong. If someone made such a discovery,
      but continued to promote an incorrect version, then it would become

      Unconscious cover-ups are common, and are generally called ignorance,
      (though some could be considered negligence, eg BSE and Thalidomide)
      which is perfectly normal and acceptable, so long as efforts are made
      to verify or dispel existing theories. If a theory appears to fit the
      facts, there is no reason to deny it's validity unless a new theory
      or experimentation shows it to be incorrect. Both of the latter are
      probably a daily occurence in highly specialised fields.

      > The type of Cover Up you assume when you say what you have said, is
      > Cover Ups are solely conscious activities. However, not all our
      > are controlled by our conscious minds. Have you considered a way to
      > that possibility?

      It's not a case of debunking-there is always the possibility that
      conscious cover-ups exist, and it is a certainty that unconscious
      cover-ups exist (through ignorance/negligence), but I think the
      statistical odds are that both types of cover-up will ultimately be
      exposed. Particularly in respect of claims of alien contact dating
      back 50 years or more, I think _that_ conspiracy is past it's sell-by

      > Roger

      Cheers, Joe
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