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10881Re: Fwd = Tunguska blast caused by low density asteroid, say scientists

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  • tolimak@nettaxi.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      Thursday, 01 Nov 2001 00:27:16, you wrote:

      > Tunguska blast caused by low density asteroid, say scientists.
      > Italian scientists may have finally discovered what caused the
      > mysterious Tunguska blast of 1908. The explosion was the equivalent
      > of around 10 million tonnes of TNT and levelled entire Siberian
      > forests. New research suggests a weak asteroid exploded high in the
      > atmosphere, which is why it left no crater.

      In fact, the situation with the problem of the Tunguska explosion is
      much more complicated and far from been solved. Those who wish to
      become acquainted with a many-sided picture of this problem are
      invited to visit the website of Research Institute on Anomalous
      Phenomena: http://www.geocities.com/riap777/toc.html We have published
      many works of Russian specialists in this field that convincingly
      prove one simple thesis: the Tunguska object was *not* a natural minor
      body from the Solar System, it was highly unusual.

      Thank you for you your attention!

      Sincerely, Vladimir Rubtsov, Ph.D., Director, Research Institute on
      Anomalous Phenomena, Kharkov, Ukraine
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