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10878Digest Number 1042: Boscovich

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  • DGW
    Oct 31 6:04 PM
      Thanks for the responses Roger !

      Your explanation of Boscovich really helped support your Nexus article as
      that was my first introduction to him. Thoth and Ra - Enki and Enlil -
      Romulus and Remus, was there really an individual Thoth ? A benevolent ET,
      or is he the collective consciousness we label the good / light side. The
      Ibis headed scribe takes that animal to represent him as with his head under
      his wing, he makes the shape of our heart, the location of our true
      connection to our higher selves. Was he a symbol for the right brain half of
      the Atlantean mystery schools and the priesthood who disappeared .Leaving
      the Ra or left brained organization who maintained their connection to their
      higher selves, a dark secretive side that wields power for selfish purposes
      using the symbolic magic of occult knowledge. Roger , I feel if we were to
      define religion as a lifelong journey of investigating ourselves it is the
      same as science. Re-legion though means to pledge allegiance to a leige
      king. It dictates God is external and for that reason I am not re-ligious,
      but I am spiritual, I do function with the faith of infinite connections to
      the one.

      It is my understanding the 20 judges are on trial for misconduct in child
      custody cases. World court officials will be in attendence to witness. The
      judiciary operates with the authority of a pirate ( in Maritime Law,
      Admiralty Jurisdiction - global ). Pirates make their authority up, they do
      not have any honest authority other than the fear the induce and hide
      behind. Presently, in Canada which operates with a gold fringed flag in
      parliament ( like the one on the back of the baseball players in the world
      series ! put there to make you think it is official if you saw it in court -
      accepting false authority ) the judges do whatever they want and they are
      allowed to do so - even make up legislation if they do not agree with case
      law established by precedent. The fraud can be traced back to Atlantean
      times when hieroglyphics was the written language and the thinking created
      the motion to the writing. Right? Without you interpreting the pictures they
      were just pictures, you make the difference - Nothing moves without thinking
      The Earth is a vessel in a sea of space - all contract , which is
      everything, is Admiralty there are NO legal laws . We are not going to
      spread our virus of ficticious thinking off planet, other cultures will stop
      this from happening. We think in the language we are speaking. There are
      major problems to be looked after on this mother bio-rock we call Earth and
      having an honest system of communicating contract is the foundation to start
      with. We contract with everyone including ourselves so wouldn't it be good
      to communicate with yourself truthfully ? In the positive, in the now tense.
      Solution oriented. Especially when putting your thoughts on paper in the
      form of a contract. You can speak all sorts of styles with hand gestures
      like judges use in court to stay off the transcripts when communicating to
      prosecutors - the Ra half of the Masonic brotherhood coming out ) there is
      also slang or jargon, but when it comes down to a signed deal let's have
      joinder here in our understanding. If not you might vaporize me if you are
      from another planet and we miscommunicated a deal and you got the short end
      of the stick! We have heard that this technology has been used to remove
      the top characters running the fraud here, those power brokers left over
      from the Luciferian rebellion and the Atlantean experiment where the
      external Merkaba project caused the catastrophe which ended a civilization.
      Some of us remember and although vaguely, can access our genetic memories. I
      am on the threshhold of tears right now. I know they are like a blister on a
      burn, healing the neuron-connections which fire. Either that or I am a
      couple cans short of a six-pack upstairs. Good chatting with you Roger.
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