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10514Re: [UFOnet] Orion Queens & Sirian Wolves vs Earth

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    Oct 3 5:28 AM
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      I've wondered how many "ET's" are on the Internet too. We imagine these
      entities as all-powerful creatures with mind-boggling technologies.
      Clicking in on the Internet should be an easy thing for them while orbitting
      the planet. ET could even park on an asteroid somewhere and check out

      Perhaps it is Homo sapiens' love of mythology that makes ET appear so
      mythologically good or bad and obscures the practical realities of
      monitoring a planet that developed nuclear energy less than 60 years ago in
      its history. In fact, all the very good and extremely bad things we imagine
      about ET have existed in our culture in other mythological forms for eons.

      I suspect that Homo sapiens love of mythological good and bad makes us
      boring to ET, and that we are not nearly as interesting as many of us would
      like to believe. ET has talked about the danger we are creating in our
      environment with nuclear energy, and I suspect that the majority of ET
      contact is concerned with what we as a specie are doing to the planet.

      This is not nearly as flattering as believing that we are so important and
      so central to the cosmos that ET wants to perpetuate our genealogy or feast
      on our powerful kundalini. But it may be a little more realistic than some
      other perceptions.



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      > ET is a classification we use. They are just people, good, bad of many
      > races, cultures and species.
      > I seem to have met a few of both types. I suspect that some are on the
      > internet also.
      > We as the human race seem to be related to both polarities.
      > Just like at a family re-union there are the cousins, inlaws and outlaws.
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