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Corroborating Evidence

Corroborating Evidence http://www.corroborating-evidence.co.uk/ Show airs live Wednesday June 18th At 5:00 pm pst 6:00 pm mst 7:00 Pm cst 8:00pm est To listen
Royce Holleman
Jun 18, 2014

Fw: Filer’s Files #17 – 2014: Cylinder UFOs

More recent UFO news, sightings, photographs, and close-encounters, from around the world. ... A. Filer III New Jersey State Director MUFON Eastern Region
John W
Apr 24, 2014

Fw: [forbiddenknowledgetv.com][UFOs] Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET

...   P.P.S. Please share Forbidden Knowledge TV emails and videos with your friends and colleagues   ...      ... Having trouble viewing this email?
John W
Apr 21, 2014

Fw: 5 Most Secret US Military Aircraft

Video about the frequently-sighted silent hovering "black triangles" and completely noiseless "black helicopters", both of which would be aerodynamically
John W
Apr 21, 2014

John W

John W
Apr 16, 2014

Fw: Re: Standoff In Nevada: Another Federal Siege Against The Innoce

This post of mine on another group should be of interest here, as regards the likely connection with Area 51.  John W. ... pull of the index finger. Wow!
John W
Apr 11, 2014

Fw: [UFOs] Filer’s Files #15 – 2014 - Flying Triangles e tc

More reports of "black flying triangles", believed to be top-secret US-Govt-made anti-gravity powered craft, back-engineered from crashed and/or donated alien
John W
Apr 10, 2014


The second item is about a black "flying triangle", that flew over and was photographed over Amarillo, Tx., on March 10, 2014.  This latest incident in Texas
John W
Apr 3, 2014

Fw: [UFOs] PRG Update - March 31, 2014

 [UFOs] PRG Update - March 31, 2014 ... Erie, PA - April 26 ...   ...   February 12 - 9 pm PST  ... [UFOs] PRG Update - March 31, 2014 ---- Forwarded
John W
Mar 31, 2014

Fw: Re: Joel Carpenter: death of yet another UFO researcher/author/e

This is a post of mine on another UFO group, slightly amended. Their Wikipedia pages or posthumous websites or memorial web-pages should have more info about
John W
Mar 23, 2014

Re: Hangar 1: The UFO Files - new TV series

... In addition, the following episode has now appeared: Hangar.1-The.UFO.Files.S01E03.Alien.Technology.HDTV.x264-tNe
John W
Mar 19, 2014

Fw: Re: [spaceflightnow.com] Gravitational waves back Big Bang theor

This is a post of mine on another group, slightly amended.  John W. ... around which there should by now be an enormous void, having practically no matter,
John W
Mar 19, 2014

Fw: Re: Dr Roger Leir, UFO abductee researcher: reported sudden prem

This is a post of mine on another group.  John W. ... This is a post of mine on another group. John W. ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: John W
John W
Mar 16, 2014

Fw: [forbiddenknowledgetv.com] UFO in the Radar Readings of Malaysia

... Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Dear John, By now, everybody has heard about how two passengers using European passports, stolen from
John W
Mar 10, 2014

Fw: Re: [forbiddenknowledgetv.com] Here's Your Black Budget

This is a post of mine on another group, slightly amended.  John W. ... N.M.. UFO crash eventually went), and probably two other military sites in Utah and
John W
Mar 9, 2014
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