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RE: [ufodiscussion] Another Encounter (1978)

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  • Jahnets
    Makes sense to me...It sounds like he did not want to give him too much but just enough to make him think... The alien was right about humanity needing
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      Makes sense to me...It sounds like he did not want to give him too much but
      just enough to make him think... The alien was right about humanity needing
      spirituality and the only thing we had to fear was ourselves...

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      Tuesday, May 02, 2006
      Location. Near Alicante, Spain
      Date: July 5 1978 Time: 0230A

      Businessman Pablo R. was returning from a late meeting on an isolated curvy
      road when he sees an intense light up ahead and immediately thinks it is
      another vehicle with its high beams on. Suddenly the light is hidden behind
      a hill and moments later it again re-emerges, still shining intensively. He
      was surprised at the shade of light which wasn’t white but very bright
      orange in color. The light disappeared again at a curve and then it appeared
      again, this time very close to the witness. The witness then slowed down in
      order to see the light better.

      At this point he realizes that the light is shaped like a disc and is huge.
      The huge bright orange disc was on the left side of the road. The witness
      then decided to accelerate his car and drive away from the area as quickly
      as possible. But at that same instant the orange light dimmed and at the
      same time the car engine began sputtering, his headlights shut off and the
      car came to a complete stop in the middle of complete darkness. He came to a
      stop and could not see anything around him, even the orange light was now

      Moments later Pablo heard a strange voice calling his name from the
      darkness. Terrified he began to tremble, it was the only time when he felt
      fear thinking that he was going to be a victim of highway robbery. But
      suddenly he realized that the voice was calling him by his “name”, he
      thought that it must be someone he knew and in the darkness he now could see
      a tall, human like figure, about 1.80m in height, maybe taller.

      The figure wore a tight-fitting semi-transparent coverall, which the witness
      thought was strange since it was very hot. The figure’s face was normal in
      appearance except for large luminous slightly slanted eyes. Immediately the
      witness felt a sense of peace and tranquility as he and the stranger
      established a telepathic conversation. Using the telepathy the tall figure
      confirmed to the witness that he was indeed an extraterrestrial and meant
      him no harm and was on earth on a peace mission.

      The extraterrestrial told the witness that earth scientists did not know
      about his planet since it was in a “dark zone” in which telescopes or other
      types of equipment where unable to reach. He added that using our fastest
      spaceships it would take humans hundreds of years to reach his planet using
      our “outdated technology”. They traveled using a concept that did not deal
      with speed or distance and was totally incomprehensible to current earth

      The surprised witness then pointed out that the visitor was indeed human in
      appearance; the extraterrestrial smiled slightly and said, “Of course, in
      our planets we are all humans just like you. There are certain anatomical
      differences but they are slight. However what makes us much difference from
      earthlings is not the physical matter but the inequality of our evolutions,
      first mental and then astral and spiritually.” The extraterrestrial added
      that humans were still evolving in the “physical plane” but were in the
      brink in initiating a mental and astral evolution and then spiritual
      evolution which will change humanity forever. But he then added that we were
      still a long way from this threshold.

      The witness then asked if there were other different extraterrestrial
      civilizations, the stranger said, “Of course there are, many come in peace
      others to observe and others are not our friends, since the forces of evil
      and good exist throughout the cosmos.”

      Later the extraterrestrial added rather cryptically, “I am authorized to
      answer most of your questions, you see my contact with you was very
      carefully planned, take it with calm, remember the time factor doesn’t
      matter, this exchange will take only a few minutes of your time, you can ask
      all the questions you like, if they are concrete I will attempt to answer
      them.” The witness then went on to ask numerous questions, like why they
      didn’t pick some important politician to contact, the extraterrestrial told
      him that politicians were not in their interest since they did not act in a
      spiritual manner. He added that his planet was governed by a council
      consisting of their most adept and intelligent of their species, it was sort
      of a one planetary government. The witness then asked if they believed in
      God, the extraterrestrial said “Yes but we discard the anthropomorphic
      concept which humans developed”. He then insisted that the witness did not
      ask any more questions about God “since he was too high up to talk about
      him”. He then added that humans only needed to “love” God.

      The witness then asked which planets in our solar system had life, the
      answer was that eons ago there had been life on Venus, Mars and even on our
      moon. There still remain many hidden bases on those planets some of which
      have been detected by our astronauts and kept secret.

      The stranger also added that there was an advanced civilization on Jupiter’s
      moon Ganymede, which was similar to that of Earth’s and was striving to make
      contact with humans. He also added that Neptune contained a “hidden”
      civilization which was impossible for humans to see.
      There were countless inhabited worlds in the known universe which they knew,
      they had counted more than 120,000 so far, many less advanced than that of
      the human civilization.

      The witness then asked the inevitable question, “What happens when we die?”
      The answer was surprising, “There is no absolute death. The different
      religions on your planet explain it very capably, although with essential
      differences.” The witness then asked, “Who was Jesus Christ”, the answer,
      “Somebody who you have not yet totally understood”? “How can we understand
      him better?” asked the witness. “Just try to understand this; his main
      message was one, ‘LOVE’, which is the way, the spiritual way”, was the

      The visitor then added, humanity should not fear us, they should only fear
      themselves, that’s were the danger lies. At this point the witness insisted
      in a clarification of the statement but the visitor remained silent.

      Upon asking if there were extraterrestrials of difference appearance from
      that of humans, the visitor said, that evolution has not been equal
      throughout the Universe and there exists some marked differences in some

      The visitor then spoke about his home planet, “Our planet has been
      inhospitable for thousands of years now. A thick slab of ice several
      kilometers thick covers it. But our ancestors managed to survive and under
      extreme hardships overcame the abstractness of matter and cosmic evolution,
      in that way we have been able to build vast gardens on the ice and build
      huge underground cities, in which there exists neither heat nor cold.” Their
      main source of energy was a white form of cosmic energy which they called

      Finally the witness asked the visitor his name, “My name is Naazra-Abuc I am
      the second in command of the craft that you have seen. Forgive us for
      disabling your vehicle’s electrical system, it is a simple method which
      earthling will soon learn how to use”. The witness said that no one will
      believe his story, but was told by the visitor that only he had to believe
      it. Moments later the figure disappeared into the darkness and minutes later
      the witness saw a large luminous disc rise into the sky and disappear to the
      witness. The witness' vehicle then started and he noticed that it was now
      only 0233A.

      HC addendum
      Source: Manuel Nava Arcos, “Los Grandes Contactados”
      Comments: Translated by Albert S. Rosales

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