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  • Jahnets
    This was a great story or stories... I have seen the faerie a number of times. I love them dearly. I would welcome them to my land anytime... Dear Friends,
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2006
      This was a great story or stories... I have seen the faerie a number of
      times. I love them dearly. I would welcome them to my land anytime...

      Dear Friends,

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      Love and Light.


      You Never Want to Cross an Elf
      By Brad Steiger
      FATE :: May 2006
      For many people today, the image of an elf is firmly established in the
      characters of either the handsome Legolas Greenleaf or the lovely, ethereal
      Arwen as depicted in the Peter Jackson film of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Ring saga
      by actors Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler. While the elves in Tolkien’s vision
      are tall and stately beings, tradition has most often portrayed elves and
      their fellow citizens from the unseen realm as diminutive, hence, “the wee
      people.” Small in stature though they may be, elves, the “Hidden Folk,” are
      not beings with whom to trifle.
      Careless or disrespectful humans who trespass on forest glens, rivers,
      or lakes considered sacred to elves may suffer terrible consequences—even
      cruel deaths. Entrepreneurs who wish to desecrate land whereon lie fairy
      circles or mounds in order to build a road or construct a commercial
      building may find themselves combating an unseen enemy who will accept only
      their unconditional surrender.
      Trouble at the Herring Plant
      In 1962, the new owners of a herring-processing plant in Iceland decided
      to enlarge the work area of the building. According to Icelandic tradition,
      landowners must not fail to reserve a small area of their property for the
      Hidden Folk, and a number of the established residents earnestly pointed out
      to the recent arrivals that any addition to the processing plant would
      encroach upon the plot of ground that the original owners had respectfully
      set aside for the elves who lived under the ground.
      In a condescending manner, the businessmen explained that they didn’t
      harbor those old superstitions and neither did their highly qualified
      construction crew who had modern, unbreakable drill bits and plenty of
      But the bits of the “unbreakable” drills began to shatter, one after
      An old farmer came forward to repeat the warning that the crew was
      trespassing on land that belonged to the Hidden Folk.
      The workmen laughed when the old man walked away—but the drill bits kept
      Finally, the manager of the plant, although professing disbelief in such
      nonsense, agreed to the local residents’ recommendation that he consult a
      local elf seer to establish contact with the Hidden Folk and attempt to make
      peace with them. The seer informed the manager that there was a very
      powerful member of the Hidden Folk who had selected the plot near the
      herring-processing plant as his personal dwelling place. He was not an
      unreasonable being, however. Elves really do try to get along with humans
      and compromise whenever they can to avoid violence. If the processing plant
      really needed the plot for its expansion, the elf seer said, the Hidden One
      would agree to find another place to live. He asked only for five days
      without any drilling, so that he could make his arrangements to move.
      The manager felt a bit strange bargaining with a being that was
      invisible—and, as far as he was concerned, imaginary. But he looked over at
      the pile of broken drill bits and told the seer that the Hidden One had a
      deal. Work on the site was shut down for five days to give the elf a chance
      to move. When five days had passed and the workmen resumed drilling, the
      work went smoothly and efficiently until the addition to the plant was
      completed. There were no more shattered drill bits.
      Because the incident cited above occurred in 1962—practically medieval
      times in some young people’s minds—many readers will no doubt assume that
      Icelanders of the 21st century no longer cherish such quaint beliefs. Those
      readers would be wrong.
      In the Boston Herald, December 25, 2005, Ric Bourie wrote that highway
      engineers and construction crews still regard the Hidden Folk very
      seriously: “Mischief befalls Icelandic road builders who can’t recognize
      good elf domain, including breakdowns of heavy equipment and even worker
      mishaps and injuries. It is said to have happened on more than one job site,
      enough to take the mythology seriously. Consequently, road planners here
      consult with an elf expert before routing a road or highway through rock
      piles that may be elf habitat.”
      Bourie interviewed elf seer Erla Stefansdottir, who named elves, gnomes,
      dwarves, angels, light-fairies, and “the hidden people” as all belonging to
      classes of what she called elfin beings. Any of the above-named entities,
      Ms. Stefansdottir said, “…can get quite upset if we ruin their houses or go
      against their wishes. They get very upset and we have to face the
      consequences. They can put a spell on us.”
      Fairy Mound Disturbed
      While some people may be surprised that stereotypically stoic
      Scandinavians believe in elves and other beings from the hidden world, it
      seems that the whole world embraces the stereotype of the country folk of
      Ireland taking their wee people seriously. According to popular leprechaun
      and elf stories, the Irish know that to disturb the mounds or raths in which
      they dwell is to invite severe supernatural consequences.
      Since ancient times, it seems that the Irish have understood that there
      are certain areas that the wee ones consider sacrosanct, special to them.
      Certain mounds, caves, creek areas, and forest clearings have been staked
      out by the Hidden Ones as their very own, and the wise human, sensitively in
      touch with the natural environment, knows better than to trespass on such

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