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  • Jahnets
    I m not saying his abduction was not real or his story. What I was trying to say, (maybe I didn t say it well enough), was that I think the other beings use
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2006
      I'm not saying his abduction was not real or his story. What I was trying to
      say, (maybe I didn't say it well enough), was that I think the other beings
      use what we believe and create experiences for us to help us(personally)
      work through issues and grow. Issues that help push us in the direction we
      wanted to be going in, but also a direction they may want, but due to
      circumstances may have forgotten upon reentry into this life. I personally
      have no doubt that there was a planet Lucifer and it was probably broken up
      when Tiamat was attacked in the beginning. As I recall even in Stichin's
      book there were moons and such around Tiamat more than there is now, and
      that is the place she was suppose to be then. But the idea of the fall for
      instance. Wouldn't you agree that those that would stop others, from
      beginning a new form of living and governing that would eventually usurp
      power from them, or cause a change in the way they governed, would be looked
      upon as fallen, rebels, undeserving immature children, by those in power?
      For instance if God is indeed neither male nor female then why is he
      referred to as Father by these higher beings and angels in some instances?
      That could be explained by what we knew them as in the past centuries but
      not continuing this now at this point when humanity is suppose to be
      evolving. The supreme command I would think "now" would have a name that was
      neither male nor female and would make that clear. Yet they do not. There
      are also references made to lesser angels, which to me shows in fighting
      amongst them, or some who see themselves as better or higher, politically
      closer to the source. I think Anton Parks has put forth a much deeper truth
      in his articles about the inter-relationships between them that at least
      explains some of this political maneuvering.
      Further for higher beings to use force to achieve their ends rather than
      confronting the people of earth, to destroy millions (not of lifes but of
      evolutionary patterns set up by those people to learn) rather than tell the
      people what those in charge are doing so that they would all stand
      together... Would you really say this is a higher being? After all humanity
      does this. Look at Iraq or any other war on this planet. Surely those who
      are from higher light can think of another way to point this out to the
      people of earth rather than flinging a comet at the planet and destroying
      all life. Surely all they would have to do is disable our weapons and speak
      directly to the people of earth to stop the nuclear weapons, weather control
      etc., due to the effect it has on the solar system and others besides
      earth... My point is that speaking to those in power, rather than those who
      will be destroyed due to those in power, is illogical evolutionary wise, and
      to make the excuse,"well there are rules and we can not talk to the masses,"
      is also BS, because they are perfectly willing to destroy the masses by
      force due to the people in power. I expect them to be smarter than
      humans,more evolved than humans, not as stupid... Anton Parks has a theory
      whether substantiated as fact or presented as a novel that is the most
      logical one to date that I have heard. It explains why this could possibly
      happen, and it can happen, just not for the reasons everyone assumes...

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      That's interesting J., meant for you.
      The former inhabitants of that world were gifted with this Contactee's
      Reawakened if true...and I happen to believe his story. My abduction
      transformational memory helps reveal the possible realness.



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