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The Alien Autopsy Film

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    Dear Friends, This is long so I m only sending an excerpt. Click the link to read the whole article. http://www.soc.org/opcam/a_autopsy/alienautopsy.html Love
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      Dear Friends,

      This is long so I'm only sending an excerpt. Click the link to read the whole article.


      Love and Light.


      The Alien Autopsy Film


      This is the first SOC article written expressly for our web site. It developed from a TV show called “Sightings” where I saw SOC member Joe Longo interviewed concerning the Alien Autopsy film. Joe was contacted because of his experience in the military as a combat cameraman during the time of the Roswell incident. Joe wrote the following article and directed me to people with deeper interests in this phenomena, most of whom communicate with others via World Wide Web sites and e-mail. This article then expanded to include those believers and non-believers alike so that you the reader may develop your own conclusions. This being an on-line document, we have included web site URLs and e-mail addresses of many of those whose opinions help round out the article. Also, we will be able to update it as 'new' information comes to light. (See the Theresa Carlson information below which was received just before we posted this article on-line in December 1997.)
      — Michael Frediani, SOC

      MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN about the incident that took place in the New Mexico desert 50 years past. The idea that there actually exists film footage from this alien encounter has not put to rest the many theories of what may or may not have taken place at that time. Residents of the area who were interviewed on the CBS program 48 Hours gave varying accounts of the incident. For example the local mortician Glen Dennis was contacted by a military mortuary officer who called for hermetically sealed caskets 3'-4' in length. Another person who wished to remain anonymous witnessed a delta-shaped craft embedded into the hillside at the crash site and claims to have seen one body outside and one just inside the craft--each creature was over 5' tall in his estimation. Local newspapers reported that a military spokesman released information that a UFO had crashed in Roswell--yet the next day General Ramsey did an about-face and denied the story claiming what was discovered was actually
      a metallic-looking weather balloon.

      The claimed 1947 alien autopsy footage acquired and marketed by Merlin Productions a small video distribution company owned by Ray Santilli has now been seen and in many cases believed by tens of millions of viewers in 30 countries worldwide. Through a selective presentation of facts and selective editing, programs like Fox Network's Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction have given the public the impression that a number of experts, including pathologists and filmmakers, believe that the Santilli-acquired footage might be genuine.

      However, the mingling of details and witness testimony from the actual case with scenes from the alleged alien autopsy film raises more questions than answers.

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