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Einstein & His Deadly Error About E = mc2

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    Dear Friends, Click the link if you can t proceed to page 2. http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/03-04-2006/78257-Einstein-0 Love and Light. David Einstein
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      Dear Friends,

      Click the link if you can't proceed to page 2.


      Love and Light.


      Einstein and his deadly error about E = mc2

      Pages: 1234 There is a tiny little thing. You can't see it with your eyes only. And then, all of a sudden, there is a "BIG BANG" - and out of the nowhere, out of nothing, comes the whole universe, billions of suns, millions of galaxies, the whole space of about 16 million light-years, apparently representing our eternity of space and time. And all good-hearted scientists of our Earth start their useless struggle for logical reasoning. It is that simple. Out of God's pet has come our World as it is and everybody believes in his stupidity that THIS is reality. In fact, out false reasoning comes from superficial brains, all our philosophers of the last 2000 years, who have put the importance, the power and the stupidity of one single species, the Homo sapiens in the middle of the Universe.

      They didn't understand anything about the true reality, dictated by the fundamental laws of our platform of living, our Earth. And such, all politicians, prize-holders of dynamite and all "Science"-readers cannot see that they cultivate an impossible view on the World as it is and that they dictate an idiotic reasoning for us, the so-called "normal" people, about the reality in which we apparently are living and dying - towards a future being destroyed by us wilfully and out of pure dullness with the idea of growth and stock exchanges.

      Albert Einstein

      All this started, when Albert Einstein created his formula E = mc2. He has written afterwards that he does not know if that formula was really correct. Assisted by his very highly developed brain, Einstein felt that something could be wrong about his E = mc2… Here follows Rene Delavy's doubts about Einstein's theory and the proofs for his highly risky reasoning:

      The formula E = mc2 is perfectly correct, but it does not apply to what we think it means, although it is perfectly true that: Energy equals mass (of any kind) multiplied by (simple) speed square.

      But Einstein's formula pretends: Energy equals Mass multiplied by LIGHT-speed square!!

      This formula is definitely a MAXIMUM-Formula. The highest speed ever is light-speed. Physically speaking, it cannot be multiplied. Einstein himself gave the proof for this.

      But nevertheless: mathematically it can be multiplied with itself. But light-speed is nearly an indefinite figure. Multiplying an indefinite figure by itself results in a number that could be set equal to infinity. So the formula of Einstein is perhaps applicable for the Big Bang, but never for making explode a simple atomic or hydrogen bomb. Never. Be the mass so little as be: Multiplied with c2, this material would logically make the whole Earth explode.

      The correct formula for the atomic bomb should have been:

      Pages: 1234

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