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All We Need Is Love

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    Dear Friends, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=7500 Love and Light. David All We Need Is Love Josia Nakash Josia Nakash
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      All We Need Is Love Josia Nakash
      Josia Nakash
      March 31, 2006

      The message for humanity is a time-worn message that has not changed since the Tower of Babel. In the Bible people were together but at a later stage wanted to achieve their attainments regarding reaching God with pride -- and here was their mistake. Instead of reaching Him they entered into the ego and the crisis was a result of not understanding that reaching God is simply through achieving a higher level of connection that gets stronger all the time. It is from within this ideal state of connecting with one another that we reach God.

      The people of that era are part of Adam, the first soul. They have an ego installed in them and through their ego wanted to reach God. Therefore their connection was not enough because the wisdom, spirituality, perfection, eternity, and eternal filling for each and every soul are only revealed through unity and love. And since they did not go that way, they went in the opposite direction where they stopped understanding each other, cut ties and dispersed to all four corners of the earth.

      After thousands of years of trying all kinds of methods for making their lives happier and better they arrived at a point of despair where they discovered that they are actually one big family that is connected and there is nowhere to escape. They cannot connect like relatives because the ego is interfering and they discover that they are truly dependent on each other. They also discover that it is only through mutual concern for each other that they can save themselves from death. They see that they have become so bad and that even as a family they cannot be together. That life has become so unbearable that everyone is prepared to kill the other; there is the use of drugs to overcome feelings of depression; people feel alone in the world -- not connected to anyone; they don’t want to marry or have kids; they feel in the dark as if no one is beside them … apart from the people who interfere and hate us.

      And in that way the true nature of The Tower of Babel was revealed and humanity is now undergoing that same test. We have no choice but to discover that mutual connection as one family and from within that we will discover that godly wisdom -- a level of eternity, never ending, perfect, endless filling, living life as God, where there is no difference between life and death, just like they wanted in the Tower of Babel.

      The sin of the Tower of Babel or of humanity is that we are distanced one from the other in our relation to one another, which is not to be confused with giving to each other. The more we give to each other the more we discover how far we are from each other because there is no heart in this giving. Love -- the genuine means for relating to one another is not revealed. If we were able to only think about love, without dealing with the act itself, if we were only concerned and only loving, connecting with one another -- our thoughts would go out and complete what is missing in the world.

      All other parts of reality act in an instinctive manner and only man has the freedom to determine his relation to others. On the outside, in our relation to other people we also behave like animals that have no choice. In that we are human. Therefore it is only through thought that can we correct the world that involves the ecology, the flora, etc. that will receive its correct form without man’s suffering.

      The truth is that we aren’t suffering as a result of our negative physical influence on the world but rather as a result of our negative thoughts.

      And when we say thought we mean feelings that don’t require intelligence or a highly developed brain, or some special training -- rather just a brief explanation for any man -- what is the reason for my suffering? Which is all anyone wants to hear. Why am I suffering? And this is a concept everyone agrees with. All the methods are in total agreement that we are stuck in our ego and hate one another. But the wisdom of Kabbalah is special in that it explains where the reason for these sufferings comes from, and how can we fix the situation to prevent them. Kabbalah achieves this in a distinctively qualitative internal manner.

      Our problem is that in helping the suffering and starving we only want to give them money and in that way come back to focusing on ourselves and forget them. In this way we can say that we did something, but we don’t want to give our desire -- our love -- or relate to them as equals. We want to do away with this issue through capital and would actually be very happy if these people didn’t exist at all, so that we wouldn’t need to deal with them. But since we have no choice and due to all sorts of reasons we come to help.

      We don’t treat these people as our relatives. I don’t love them or give them my heart or feel like they belong in my living room. I am paying to be rid of them, to shut them out -- not to bring them closer to me.

      But the general altruistic nature obligates me to be with all of humanity in one thought. So if I gave $1000, stopped thinking about them, I am also proud of myself and can justify this situation. In that I am making a mistake but no one in the world can convince me that I’ve done something wrong or that I didn’t take action. That’s true, but in doing so I’ve actually accidentally blocked myself off from understanding what I really need to do. I haven’t given them a remedy for the problem on the human level where the defect of a lack of communication and love exists but rather gave them a solution on the simplest corporal level. This comes in the form of a piece of bread, or a sack of flour that assuredly won’t solve the problem of how we relate to one another. So those people who are feeding Africa are not dealing with the aspect of love among nations and it is actually these acts that lead to immigrant related issues like the recent clashes in France. This is how we
      increase hatred among nations.

      If you give food or a work place without love and do not solve the issue you are intensifying the issue even more. That is the reason for the terror outbreaks we see everywhere today. No one in Africa likes the people who bring them food. What are they actually asking for? What they really want is love and equality.

      Not just a piece of bread or means for a minimal existence, but rather to be just like you. They thank us for bread but if it is more than is needed for basic existence -- that is where they start asking for love. So even though they may receive apartments, education, social security, etc., what they receive in return is hate. In their sub-conscious love is what they are demanding and not receiving.

      We give love out of the necessity of being one family and until we organize these relations among ourselves we will get deeper and deeper into the crisis. If I was married and got divorced and moved far away, that’s ok. Because you forget after a while and can even communicate from a distance as friends and help each other. But if you live together and there is no love -- there begins to be hate -- which is what we see happening in the world today. We cannot get away from each other. The world has become a small global village which obligates us all to be in one room together but with a feeling of hate. That is what nature has brought us to by giving us the sin of Adam, the first soul.

      Words of Kabbalist Michael Laitman who is broadcast live every day on www.kab.tv from Israel.

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