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UFOs: Is The Truth Out There?

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    Dear Friends, http://www.abc.net.au/goldcoast/stories/s1583576.htm?backyard Love and Light. David UFOs; Is the truth out there? Friday, 3 March 2006 Bill
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      UFOs; Is the truth out there? Friday, 3 March 2006
      Bill Chalker
      In the X Files TV series there was a famous poster with a picture of a UFO and the words “I Want to Believe”.
      Bill Chalker is an industrial chemist and scientist, and like any good scientist, wants proof. He was the first civilian allowed in to the Australian version of the “X Files”, the RAAF UFO files, and says his interest in what's up there started in the 60s, "I was raised in the 60s on the north coast of NSW, and it just happened around 1966 there were a lot of sightings occurring the Grafton and Lismore area, witnesses involved were people like police officers, credible people. It seemed for a while that practically everyone in the whole town were seeing UFOs. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones but it sparked my interest. Because I had a natural bent in terms of scientific enquiry, I was naturally curious about something that seemed to be a real phenomenon and yet unexplained and marginalised and rejected by the mainstream.”

      Mention UFOs and you'll soon be surrounded by skeptics. Bill has spoken to a few in his time, and says there are familiar patterns in their stories, “Very few of them are well acquainted with the subject. Usually it’s an armchair or a knee jerk reaction to the subject. Once people start to seriously confront the extent of what’s happening out there, if you’ve got any kind of critical faculty, you have to come to the conclusion that something is going on and it definitely bares serious scientific attention”.

      Of course, the world of UFO fans certainly has its share of characters. Bill admits the 'wacky' element can set back the ‘science’ of this type of investigation, “I prefer to try and focus on what represents the ‘hard core’. Verifiable patterns, verifiable objects, physical evidence, landing cases, there are literally thousands of those cases worldwide…There are really quite good websites that are devoted to particular aspects of the UFO phenomenon where serious researchers are documenting that body of evidence, unfortunately there are a lot of bad sites devoted to the subject as well. I think some commentator said it was the second most popular subject on the internet, the first one being sex! It suggested, irrespective of what government and mainstream science thinks of the subject, the general public are clearly interested in the subject.”

      “What is surprising is that there are a large number of compelling cases that yield physical proof. Things like ‘radar visual’ cases, because of the presence of radar facilities you’re able to confirm the physical reality of that object. One of the best cases that I looked into was one that occurred in NSW back in 1954. It was important because it involved a Naval pilot who was flying at that time what was the fastest plane in Australian skies, a Sea Fury, he’s flying back to Nowra doing a night flying exercise. Suddenly two objects appear either side of his aircraft, they close in really close either side of the aircraft. He’s thinking he could see his flying career disappearing before him if he mentioned it over the radio to Nowra air station. Fortunately he was expecting them to contact him as a matter of routine, they did and their first question of him was ‘who’s that up there with you, we’re tracking two objects with your aircraft, what’s going on’. That gave him a tremendous
      sense of relief because there they were confirming it to him, not the other way around. These things tracked with the aircraft for some time and then suddenly took off, and made his aircraft look as though it was standing still, yet it was confirmed by ground radar and a couple of ground witnesses as well”.

      So what about those famous RAAF files? “Some people possibly have gotten access to those files on a limited basis prior to me, but I got access back in 1982. What was different, essentially, was that I got very comprehensive access, once I got my foot in the door, which wasn’t easy, on my first visit I stayed there for five days going through thousands of files…A lot of unexplained cases that even the airforce or the department of defence couldn’t explain.”

      Bill believes there are many people who have witnessed these kind of phenomenons, yet choose to stay silent, “If you’re in a situation where your career path or your job may be affected simply because you’ve been labelled a UFO witness, despite the fact the case may be supported by credible evidence, you’re still running a potential risk, a lot of pilots won’t take that risk...Yet, the UFO phenomenon, in terms of being witnessed by pilots, is very comprehensive there are literally thousands of sighting worldwide by pilots”.

      Don’t think it’s little green men flying these space ships, Bill says there is another group often noticed in UFO sightings, “there are all these tall, blond, often blue-eyed Nordic looking types, that look for all purposes just like a human being. That element was really interesting.”

      So if aliens really are out there, why haven’t they ever come and made themselves known in a more ‘formal’ way? “If I was putting myself in their own shoes I’d be very reluctant to make overtures towards a civilisation that seems to spend more time engaging themselves in wars and conflicts. We don’t exactly appear to be a very friendly bunch from an outside audience", Bill says.

      So the next time you take a walk outside at night, it might be a good idea to look up and smile, you might just find yourself helping interplanetary relations.

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