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Chemtrails, Astronomy W/Pics, Dust Bowl OK, SB 517 Protest

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      Dear Friends,

      Click the link if you don't receive the images or can't access the links.


      Love and Light.


      Chemtrails & Astronomy w/pics, Dust Bowl Oklahoma, SB 517 Protest Posted on March 03, 2006

      Oklahoma wildfires burn 40 homes
      DUNCAN, Oklahoma (CNN) -- Firefighters early Thursday were able to contain a rash of wildfires that charred as much as 8,000 acres of grasslands and destroyed up to 40 homes across southern Oklahoma.
      "Overnight, the crews spent time mopping up hotspots and dousing out heavy rekindles, and that's kind of what's going on here today," fire spokesman Sam Darst told CNN.
      Nearly all of the 500 people who evacuated from Duncan, the nearby town of Meridian and the surrounding countryside have returned to their homes, authorities said.
      In addition to the homes destroyed, the fires also consumed at least one church building, Darst said. (Watch areas of Oklahoma go up in flames -- 3:44)

      Two people are being sought in connection with the fires, Darst said. He told CNN earlier that one of those people was in custody, but later said he had made a mistake.
      Shifting winds gusting over 40 mph and temperatures in the 90-degree range helped the fires spread.
      Oklahoma City posted a record high of 91 degrees Wednesday and has been experiencing the second-driest six-month period since 1917, according to the National Weather Service. The state received only a quarter-inch of rain between late October and January.
      Such factors produced a "perfect storm situation," Darst said.
      Later Wednesday, a cold front lowered temperatures and raised humidity, improving conditions for firefighters.
      Although more fires were reported east of Oklahoma City, near Shawnee, and around Tulsa on Wednesday, the largest were around Duncan, about 80 miles southwest of the state capital, said Anna Payne, state government spokeswoman.
      About a dozen smaller fires have been extinguished, Payne added.
      The fires come just two months after a string of brush fires that destroyed dozens of homes and scorched tens of thousands of acres across Texas and Oklahoma.

      CNN's Christopher King contributed to this report.

      The coming heat, dryness, and dusty winds this spring and summer will be unlike what many alive have previously experienced. Prepare for a deepening drought and possible crop failures or the farmers to not risk planting this years crops. The fires, already approaching one-half million acres burned, will put vast tracts of land vulnerable to a 1930's Dust Bowl encore. It will be a sight to behold.


      Heads-up folks in Southern California and areas nearby.. It there will be a protest concerning the lack of public oversight written into Senate Bill 517. This alerting email came in this past afternoon.

      Hello Scott,

      There is going to be a protest demonstration in Los Angeles to stop experimental weather modification (chemtrails) without agricultural and public oversight. The weather modification bills are U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995. We need to call and tell our congressmen to vote no on these bills.

      The demonstration will take place on Thursday March 23 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles at 312 North Spring St (corner of Spring and Temple St ) and will include speakers. Let your audience know about this event as we want to have a huge turnout. Also, Carnicom.com posted our rally on the front page of his web site under the headline "Los Angeles Protest" - March 23, 2006".

      If you plan to attend this event, or want to be a speaker, let me know.

      Thank you very much, Ron Ulrick


      Telescopes 'worthless' by 2050
      By Paul Rincon
      BBC News science reporter

      Ground-based astronomy could be impossible in 40 years because of pollution from aircraft exhaust trails and climate change, an expert says.
      Aircraft condensation trails - known as contrails - can dissipate, becoming indistinguishable from other clouds.
      If trends in cheap air travel continue, says Professor Gerry Gilmore, the era of ground astronomy may come to an end much earlier than most had predicted.
      Aircraft along with climate change will contribute to increased cloud cover.
      You either give up your cheap trips to Majorca, or you give up astronomy. You can't do both
      Gerry Gilmore, University of Cambridge
      The timescale is based on extrapolating air traffic growth figures. The BBC has learned that the calculations were made as part of preparations for an upcoming observatory project called the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).
      The ELT is intended to probe planets around nearby stars and look for extremely faint objects in the Universe.
      Vision impaired
      "It is already clear that the lifetime of large ground-based telescopes is finite and is set by global warming," Professor Gilmore, from Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy, told reporters recently in London.
      "There are two factors. Climate change is increasing the amount of cloud cover globally. The second factor is cheap air travel.
      "You get these contrails from the jets. The rate at which they're expanding in terms of their fractional cover of the stratosphere is so large that if predictions are right, in 40 years it won't be worth having telescopes on Earth anymore - it's that soon.
      "You either give up your cheap trips to Majorca, or you give up astronomy. You can't do both."
      Climate change is also expected to increase the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere through evaporation, contributing to overall cloudiness. The increase in cloud cover would affect both optical and infrared astronomy, which would have to be carried out from space.
      Radio astronomy would continue to be ground-based.
      Identical appearance
      Contrails often present little more than a transient nuisance to astronomers; but when certain weather conditions prevail, they can break to look like natural clouds.
      Holger Pederson, an astronomer at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, who has studied contrails, explained: "You can recognise the jet contrails when they are young. So you can stop your observation and then restart as soon as the contrail has passed the field of view of the telescope.
      "Worse is when the contrails last for hours. Then they degrade into something you can hardly distinguish from natural cirrus clouds."
      Dr Hermann Mannstein, of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), agreed astronomy would become more difficult, but said there was an upper limit on the contrail problem.
      Contrails form where the air is highly saturated with ice particles, but will not form if the air is too dry. (Chemtrails will, however)
      "You don't clog the whole sky. You have a certain proportion of the sky, in time and space, that can be affected," he said.
      Restriction zones
      But Professor Gilmore countered: "There are places where you get relatively fewer clouds - that's where we put our telescopes - but there is nowhere on Earth that you don't get clouds and aeroplanes.
      "Already, around the major observatories, there are local laws to prevent aeroplanes flying within quite large distances," he told the BBC News website.
      Professor Gilmore said sites where observatories are located, such as the Canary Islands, Hawaii and South America, are also attractive holiday destinations, and likely centres for future air traffic growth.
      He added that the projections did not factor in the effects of global warming, which are likely to exacerbate the problem.
      Mr Pederson said too few satellites built up image data on how contrails evolved over time.
      "We may underestimate the amount of contrail-derived cirrus clouds," he said.
      "We know from satellite imagery that clusters of contrails can last for two days. If carried by the upper jet stream through the troposphere, they can travel hundreds of kilometres."
      There are several concepts under consideration for the European ELT, but the preferred design seems to be converging on a telescope that is some 30-60m in diameter.
      A location has not been decided; but, despite the difficulties of access, Antarctica may become an option. The icy region has relatively clear skies, with a climate that is somewhat separate from other continents, and, crucially, is free from overflying commercial jets.
      Story from BBC NEWS:


      I am an amateur astronomer so I am keenly aware of the issues these guys face on a nightly basis. The nice part, for me at least, is that my research/livelihood is not dependent on clear skies!

      November 7th 2003 0413Z-8th/9:13pm local -- Idaho I shot this image out side the TV station this chilly fall evening. Present in this shot are three of the worst offenders when an astronomers goal is clear, dark, and clam. Chemtrail induced high cloud cover, and a fresh one just having been laid down, may mean a night spent indoors doing something besides using that expensive telescope. You can see my hand blocking light from the LP Sodium street lamp from reaching into the camera and fouling up the 4-second f/3.0 iso 400 exposure. The moon light, as far as an astronomer is concerned, is a love it or hate it affair. Most would rather look at objects beyond the moon so its brightness in the sky gets in the way of many possible observing nights... that otherwise have good skies.

      August 1995 -- Yours truly in Grenada Far to the south of the states, and at 11-degrees latitude North I am sporting a new 10" SCT Meade LX200. I packed it up and American Airlines was glad to fly it south. After enjoying these skies I really look forward to visiting the southern hemisphere to enjoy what those breathtaking skies have to share.

      September 19, 2003 0038Z-20th/648pm --Idaho Often 'decision time' as to whether or not you are going to get out the scope occurs at or shortly after sunset. Several times a sky like this results in a no-go decision... then by 9-10pm the sky turns clear and a bell... as just the seeding chemtrail planes are flying, not the lasting marking ones seen above which spoil the sky for all of us.

      November 10th 2004 0403Z-11th/903pm-- Idaho This chemtrail laced cloud, is a far better environment for scalar wave propagation than our clear clean air.. these clouds are an observing session killer. You might as well just turn in for some sleep -or- slew the scope and enjoy the clouds working past the face of the moon. I usually just begin shooting the clouds with the camera. City street lights are far worse than any stretch of cloudy hours or cloudy nights. The city lights NEVER GO OFF! They are always burning, always bright.. stealing the dark of the night no matter who is awake. They are such an incredible waste and on so many levels. The Moon shining through the clouds and Mars is above the light pole.

      September 7th 2003 0651Z/1251am -- Idaho Just a fews days after the historically close approach to Earth the still brilliant Mars is seen gleaming through this electrically induced patch of pseudo-cirrus clouds. The moon is low in the sky passing through the stars of Sagittarius staying fully visible below the obscuring deck of high clouds above.

      October 14th 2003 0613Z/1213am--Idaho Looking East Constant chemtrailing activity upstream means the atmosphere has been seeded for the propagation of these man made waves; this seeding now results in far more frequent episodes of high cloud cover than has been recorded previously. These clouds are the kiss of death for an astronomer's night under the stars.

      The assumption that professional astronomers have made is that these are commercial aircraft flying passengers and paying freight from point to point. This is simply not so! They are mission specific and disguised to appear as commercial assets. I have long wondered when the worlds professional observatories would finally take notice of the rapid degradation of the transparency of our once pristine skies. Folks, we may have just witnessed a sea change of awareness of these con-chemtrails from scientists who need the clear skies to see past and out of the earth's turbulent atmosphere.
      We are literally being blinded by these trails and by bad policy.... Last year the Bush Administration -CHOOSE NOT-to send the shuttle to repair the aging orbiting Hubble telescope. As the mission would be 'too expensive' WTF?! Just have the Fed print up an additional 330 million dollars and fix it! Dick Cheney even stated that 'deficits don't matter...' Why don't they matter? Obviously, because they have no intention of paying back these debts. They simply cannot as there just isn't enough money out there to settle the Federal Governments books. It is pedal to the metal and the cliff is in sight. Hang on it is going to be a rough landing... more like a crash landing. Go get some gold and silver before it is all gone. Lock and Load with a Silver Bullet

      This image arrived from Nora in SW Pennsylvania -- February 2006. Shortly after sunrise a nice fatty was recently laid down in addition to the iridescent chemclouds forming from previous chemtrail overflights. This is just engineering the local weather environment prior to the arrival of the next weather system.

      Which cirrus clouds are the 'more natural' of the two? With these clouds we have ,side by side, more observational evidence of this electrical war going on over our heads; if we take but just a few minutes to notice our surroundings maybe the state of the world would not be so precarious. The lower cirrus cloud has a more natural appearance. September 25th 2003 1741Z/1141am -- Idaho

      May 3rd 2004 2354Z/554pm -- Idaho At what point did this activity become natural? When did all the weathermen become so blind and so superficial in their observations of our environment? Will there have to be a memo from Homeland Security telling all the news/weather departments that our weather has become the subject of manipulation before they will look up and 'see' what has been staring right back at them for so long now? The obviousness of this environmental manipulation has never been more apparent than right now. Remember that back in 1997 Defense Secretary Cohen shared with us what was happening/had happened with our weather... But was anyone listening?

      February 28th 2006 2345Z 545pm Central -- The panhandle's of Texas, Oklahoma plus eastern Colorado, western Kansas and NE New Mexico. A visible image taken as the sun sinks to the western horizon... the long shadows providing additional texture relief to the cloud tops. This lighting set up allows for some of the more dramatic geometry to be easily discernible. I have arrowed just a few of the more obvious unusual features of this particular afternoon.

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