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RE: [ufodiscussion] A ghostly event on a B-17G Flying Fortress

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  • Jahnets
    Now I would just like to dream into existence a rare old gold coin. Is that asking too much? No but you have to believe you can first... I m not so sure he
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2006
      Now I would just like to dream into existence a rare old gold coin. Is that
      asking too much?

      No but you have to believe you can first... I'm not so sure he manifested
      them in this reality though. I just had this thought that we all create
      dreams on dream scapes, which seems to me is not in this dimension. Now I'm
      thinking that somehow the dimensions overlapped. Maybe he wasn't completely
      there in the memory or in the plane now dreaming but consciously inbetween
      and this caused the dimensions to overlap like that. I mean sleeping on
      board the plane, his consiousness can hear the sounds of the plane he is
      riding on and his mind goes back to when he experienced that sound before.
      Maybe his mind became confused where he actually was and when he woke with a
      start he probably still wasn't sure, thus the cartridge...


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      Martin Caidin was along for the ride on this one. The B-17G Flying
      Fortress saw
      many battles during WW II. This flight (in 1961) started in Arizona and
      was headed
      to Gander, New Foundland.

      Two unexpected passengers were aboard. A man named Bert Perlmutter and
      teenage daughter. Bert had been a B-17 crewman, flight engineer, and
      top-turret gunner.

      Bert Perlmutter fell asleep on the way to Boston having a fitful dream.
      Then one man
      gasped saying he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Bert was in the
      grip of a
      powerful, even violent dream and dripping with perspiration. But that is
      not what held
      Martin and the rest of the crew's attention. They saw phantoms. Two men
      in heavy
      flying suits, wearing oxygen masks, each with his hands on a fifty-caliber
      machine gun
      in waist position. The guns visibly hammering and shell casings flying
      through the air
      all without a sound! Then one of the men lurched and moved with great
      effort. Martin saw
      that his hand had been blown off and there was only a stump at the wrist.
      The man stuck
      his blood-spurting arm into the windblast outside the plane where the
      temperature had to
      have been forty or fifty degrees below zero: just what was needed to close
      off the ghastly wound and
      freeze the arm to stop the spurting blood.

      Perlmutter awakened with a gasp and the appartions of the phantom flyers

      The whole incident that the men had witnessed in 1961 happened in October
      1943 during
      the war and Perlmutter had been dreaming about it and what this crew saw
      was the
      manifestation of Bert's dream! The real event had happened on another B-17
      Bert was a crew member on during the war with Germany.

      When Bert moved across the fuselage to awaken his daughter, he noticed
      shiny on the floor which he bent down to pickup. It was something that
      had not been
      there before Bert's dream. It was the casing from a fifty-caliber machine
      Shiny. Brand new!
      Comment: The 50 caliber shell fits into a 1/2-inch bore. I could not
      immediately find the weight
      of this shell, but out of all these stories this one struck me as
      illustrative of the power of mind.
      That someone could dream human figures and a machine gun and shells into
      that others could see is one level of marvel, but that at least one of the
      shells materialized
      is one step beyond reality! That is the reality we all love and hold
      dear, a nice predictable
      reality where dreams don't literally come true as you are dreaming them!

      If M=e/c^2 then the mass of that shell casing indicates that Bert emitted
      (created?) enough
      energy that if we were to reverse the process and convert the shell casing
      back into energy
      (and not just thought), it would have blown that B-17G to kingdom come.

      Now I would just like to dream into existence a rare old gold coin. Is
      that asking too much?


      Bill Hamilton
      AstroScience Research Network
      "Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must
      necessarily decay" - A. Einstein

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