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  • Jahnets
    In the Emerald Tablets it is made really clear. Although I m beginning to wonder if when you read them you only get what you are ready for??? I have no other
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      In the Emerald Tablets it is made really clear. Although I'm beginning to
      wonder if when you read them you only get what you are ready for??? I have
      no other way of explaining why they are so packed with info and answers for
      me, and others not. At any rate, your question. It says in them that back
      during the time of Atlantis there was the (master) he calls him various
      things but at one point states they are stars and that we also are stars.
      They came down and took human form to help us. One stayed in the temples in
      agwanti (close to samadi but different) and would watch the goings on
      (remote view) (God is always watching) .They taught humans from all over.
      They would choose those who had an aptitude for striving and learning and
      bring them to the temple to teach. They were told to search out the light
      only. (Not allow dark thoughts in) Out of curiosity or for what ever reason
      some men began to search out the darkness (focus on it, give it attention
      and thus power and energy)and opened pathways that would harm not only
      themselves, but earth too. At that point the Angel came out of Agwanti and
      told the other masters to adjust the tilt. Not just the masters but they
      refer to the 7. The 7 to me refers to the Titans, gods, planets. See there
      is a spirit that has the body of Jupiter that we know of as the King of the
      gods, Zeus. You have a male body now but I'm sure in other lives have had
      other different bodies. You are not your body...Until you can accept the
      fact that the worlds are controled by spirits just like we are it will not
      click. The star in the Earth is not Gaia. It is Gebs son Osiris. When the
      president refered to a quote out of some novel about, "Does the angel in the
      earth still have control?" Ha Yes he does.

      The lion... Babalon is always shown riding a creature. It has been surmised
      that it is a lion type being with 7 heads egos, at least the psychological
      theories of it. I don't think so. I think the 7 are the gods, this much I
      was told. She reconciles the factions within the gods with love and this
      saves humanity. At least the humanity she doesn't judge. There is something
      about her passing judgement on the countries. Babalon is Gaia, Hera, Mother
      Nature and she is Isis' sister and she is magical as Isis is... The gods
      are shapeshifters. Literally. They can show up as anything they want and be
      as physical as they want. They are not just spirits, although that is
      usually how people see them. So the idea of her riding the beast(I think) is
      simply the reconciliation aspect symbology of being in control and the beast
      is matter, the physical body??? She was pulled into physical existance a few
      times. Once by Thoth and he states it in the Emerald Tablets, and Parsons
      did, and I'm sure many other times. In this case a goddess has incarnated
      into a physical body to help show humanity the way. This is not a ordinary
      spirit. That is what Babalon is. It's the lion I'm puzzled about as I've
      seen a lion. Does one show up as a lion to reconcile humanity to animals???
      The fact that she is nude to me simply states she knows she is not her body
      so has no shame...

      Hi Jahnets,
      Who is the angel in the earth? Also, what did you mean by: 'does the lion
      show up first???'
      Thanks! Love, Steve

      On Monday, January 30, 2006, at 11:58 AM, Jahnets wrote:

      George the emerald tablets point out that the aliens(gods) that came
      taught us, and we didn't listen and then the world was flipped. That was
      when Atlantis sunk and they moved to Egypt and began building pyramids.
      Until mankind realizes that the earth is a live beings body and along with
      the other titans and the sun will flip according to the angel in the earth.
      The angel in the earth is probably waiting for Babalons judgement of the
      nations I guess or does the lion show up first???

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