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Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble

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    Dear Friends, http://www.mayanmajix.com/art2262.html Love and Light David The Major Anomaly In Chandler s Wobble - 2005/2006 by Michael Mandeville Feb 1, 2006
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light


      The Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

      by Michael Mandeville
      Feb 1, 2006

      There is a relatively large, developing anomaly in the spiraling motion of the spin axis, including an huge phase shift, a shortening of the length of the normal 7 year cycle, the tightening of the spiral motion into an exceptionally small spiral, and a major acceleration in the drift of the Spin Axis (secular drift of the poles, or so-called True Polar Wander). This anomaly is on-going and portends major changes in tectonic activity during ensuing years.

      (ECB – February 1, 2006, MWM) For two weeks now there has been almost no movement of the spin axis. The track of the wobble for the past two weeks has added almost nothing to last week's graph which is shown below (at the linked site - see the January 18 note).

      AS PREVIOUSLY SUMMARIZED: The phase and magnitude of Chandler's Wobble is undergoing a profound shift. I suspect this lack of movement is an awesome portent of sudden tectonic changes, judging by the results of the last major anomaly in the movement of the spin axis during 1934-1938. If tectonic activity mirrors that period in the coming years, we will see two periods of major increase in tectonic activity One period will be for about 14 months when the spin axis does continue its progression of movement into the next 7 year X WAVE cycle of Chandler's Wobble. This first spiral turn will produce a major increase in volcanic activity, possibly by as much as as 100% over last year or even more. This 14 month spiral turn should also produce a similar increase in general earthquake activity in the Northern Arc of the Pacific Rim of Fire - should be unusually strong in Japan, Alaska, California. This means from now through to the middle of 2007. Then for the next some 14-16 years, world
      earthquake activity 7.0 plus should be double that of the general yearly average.

      Please note that this doubling of activity 7.0 plus during the next 14 years will be on top of the general trend of increase in earthquake activity in the 3.0 to 7.0 range, which is increasing in the range of 50% per decade. These numbers are uncertain and are not predictions, but they do reveal a range of realistic possibility based on the averages of the past. An acceleration in this range over the base of the past few years would doubtless substantially increase destruction of human habitats. The first surge may come in as little as 90 days but is probably not all that likely during the next lunar period.

      See the background report (as of Jan 18, 2006) and the latest plot: Go immediately and see the current wobble track. This introduction and all updates related to polar motion is written with the graph at

      Return of the Phoenix: I am not finished yet with Book Three. NO ETA. It is very soon – a matter of days.


      Sunspot Count is 0, Flux is 78 and falling, practically 0% probability of solar flares and ionic wind, Fluxgate Monitor is virtually flat line though not quite mirror flat revealing no ionic wind hitting the Earth.

      Venus is pulling ahead of Earth now as Earth similarly pulls ahead of Saturn after a relatively long alignment. Meanwhile Mercury is nearly on the opposite side of the Sun betwixt alignments with Neptune and Uranus. Mercury will dance by Uranus during this next three days

      Then the planets will be almost all mutually spreading apart, weakening their mutual influences through to about the 21st of February. On February 25 Mercury | Mars and then begins a quick success of alignments every several days with Saturn, Earth, and then finally on March 21 Mercury will be in very close alignment with Venus and Jupiter to choreograph what is likely to be a major affair of sunspots and storms on the Sun.

      Expect Sunspot Counts to fall away now through to about February 14, then another modest to strong blip about the end of the month for the Mercury | Earth alignment, to be followed by a major peak on about March 14 for the Spring Equinox Three-Way between the two inner-most planets and the giant, near-star Jupiter.

      We are 3 days past the New Moon, which is still very close to the Earth in the South Node. The next Full Moon is Feb 13, which will be close to Apogee, hence it will be a "weak" syzygy window. There is probably little to worry about from major tectonic activities until the end of February.


      The solar storm and sunspot ionic impact on the Earth's weather should be neglibible now through to about the ides of February to reach a peak by February 20 and again about the end of the first week of March. Expect Spring Equinox to be a very wet, very intense stormy period, by not as extreme as has been typical during the last several Springs.
      All weather will be more mild this year than the last several years but the weather PATTERNS will continue to be non-normal because of the chaotic mixing effects which Global Warming Syndrome is inducing into the flow of air. All local regimes will continue to be perturbed and this perturbance will gradually get more and more surreal through this time of the rapidly accelerating Change In The Earth. No normality will be seen for at least the next four millennia. All biomes will relentlessly migrate and transmute. Catastrophic impact of the weather in some regions, such as the Carib Basin, will ebb and flow in severity in response to the modulation imposed by the 7 year cycle in the Wobble, (the Primary Axis Cycle. In general, the coast lines of the Gulf area, including Florida, are in process of being destroyed and this process will accelerate.

      For all intents and purposes, the Louisiana/Mississippi coasts are now undergoing human abandonment. The cultural systems of the Americans are inadequate to the task of responding rationally, their institutions are too incompetent and corrupted to manage the issues. Perhaps it is just as well. Any money spend in the region is a waste of effort, the appropriate response along the coast is migration to higher ground. This will be quite obvious by even the end of this year or next year at the latest, the continuing punch by superstorms will exhaust all resources. By 2011, all discussions on these issues will have become passe and few if any people will actually live year round along the swampy coast lines.

      Florida, you too. Mass migrations will empty some portions of Florida during the next six years.

      For those in the Western States, may this be a badly needed awakening. You can clearly see now that the institutional matrix of crazy white man world in the U.S. will disintegrate and collapse in the face of widespread destruction produced by a 9.0 coastal quake such as struck Sumatra, or the 8.0 plus which struck in the Himalayas. When you are hit, expect nothing in the way of government grants, and loans and insurance payments for actually rebuilding your lives. Whatever is wiped out will be gone and you will become a pioneer once again surviving on the edge.


      Seismic activity has remained relatively low in frequency and magnitude during the past seven days. Distribution appears random throughout the Earth. We can clearly see what happens when the Earth’s crust is NOT wobbling and changing the location of the Spin Axis. Seismic activity remains at a low level in chaotic distribution.

      So far there has been little to no impact of the New Moon Perigee on seismic patterns except a modest increase in frequency seems to have begun during the past 24 hours. Apparently we are past the Perihelion zone and seismic danger appears to be diminishing rapidly at the moment despite the syzygy.

      Volcanic activity is at virtually the same count as the past three weeks, SWVC reports 5 on the restless list, 61 on alert status, and 21 on the active list. Most of the active volcanoes are indeed active, no report is more than three days old and most are as of today, all report ash and gas, and some are still oozing lava. Popo cooked up 20 puffs during the past 24 hours, the Goddess still weeps her red tears at Kilauea, but Etna, though still considered actice, is too clouded up far anyone to see what it is doing. Carib plate volcanism still leads the world activity and the three on Kamchatka Peninsula are still mirroring St Helens with remarkable precision, all four are still cooking but just barely as of the moment.

      In summary, world volcanism began a vigorous seasonal upsurge during early December but has been virtually on a flat line since the Earth’s wobble disappeared.


      No change. All bears are more loaded than ever waiting to bag the fools. Conditions will continue to deteriorate through the year. The only surprise has been the remarkable durability of the Imperial Smoke and Mirrors Palace. They appear to have the mass media totally “bedazzled” by their puff and huff routines.

      Meanwhile, you have noticed have you not how carefully the Cabal is managing the price inflation through the progressive roll up on the price of gasoline.

      It is now obviously so well choreographed I doubt any of the primary numbers used in the economy are real. They are ALL now manipulated values designed to confuse. Just know the trend, the price of oil is being used to re-value the dollar. The rate of inflation now appears to be in the 20% range. It will only take another three years to destroy the “exuberance” in the real estate bubble through such heavy inflation, thus I think you can conclude that the bull money is all betting on this inflate.


      The problem is China, Iran, and weird things the Zionists are doing in the Middle East. China and Iran are the main problems to the Imperial Hegemony mainly because they can precipitate a massive shift away from use and thus the value of the dollar. This will weaken the control of the Cabal over the dollar and thus the world economy. As things stand, the world is flowing inevitably in this direction.

      The main speculation in the world today is that Iran’s ability to leverage this shift will destroyed by an Imperial assault on Iran’s industrial infrastructure. A massive bombing campaign, in short. I agree that this is a clear and present danger. The consequences will be nothing less than the economic, military, and political destruction of both Israel and the U.S. during the next 20 years, perhaps portions of Europe as well.

      Many people are hyperventilating about catastrophic military and political events coming during March of this year, or perhaps later, such as in June. I doubt any major actions during the next six months. The new government of Israel will be elected in March and it will take them several months to recover from the loss of Sharon and organize support for their next-wave strategy. Aside from this, it will take at least six months of manoevering on the U.S. Security Council to build a rationale for a destructive assault on Iran. As well, I strongly suspect that the U.S. Military wants to finish building up a large local Iraqi military force to have the manpower to attempt to block a potential massive assault on the ground from a million really pissed off Iranians (which will almost certainly be one of the main Iranian counter-offensives).

      And then there are the elections in the U.S. Bush’s war rhetoric is no longer enough to maintain control of the government. They will want to hold their fire until after the elections at the end of 2006, attempting in the meantime to show their duped base that they can in fact hold a macho line and resolve problems with peace and strong diplomacy. They will devote their resources showing and conniving to show what a success they have made in Iraq. Through this means they will attempt to hold onto their control of government through massive programming and spending of money in the Mass Media for the 2006 elections in November.

      They would then stage their assaults during 2007 and force the completion of a massive militarization of the U.S. If they get that far to be in enough position of power…

      I think the good news is that this is all entirely too obvious now. We can see the Masters of War, we now know who they are and the games they are a-playing.

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