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I was fooled by a photo

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  • William Hamilton
    Me? Fooled? You bet, but not for long. I posted an article I had written in 1999 on the Bradshaw Ranch where in part I stated: I kept asking Linda details
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
      Me? Fooled? You bet, but not for long.

      I posted an article I had written in 1999 on the Bradshaw Ranch
      where in part I stated:

      I kept asking Linda details about the photograph of the window or gateway taken near the juniper tree. She had only seen a bright rectangle of light, yet the developed photo looks like a window into another world. Unless Tom, Linda, and now Kim were in collusion on a magnificent hoax, I would have to think that the photos are untampered and show what they purport to show. While it is true that they have not been subject to expert analysis, it still leads one to speculate about the happenings on the Bradshaw Ranch.

      There seem to be three significant elements to the Bradshaw events: 1) The Gateway Window; 2) the ever-present orbs; and 3) the sparkling energy in the air. The presence of humanoid entities, mysterious craft, and mysterious animals seemed tied into the elements offering clues to the mysterious world that was intersecting our familiar world in this remote canyon beyond Sedona.

      Looking at the Gateway photo reveals a number of things. The scene inside the window area is in daylight. A structure that looks exactly like a telephone pole with the cross struts and insulators is on the right. A third of the way down from the top of the window one can see an a dark oval object that looks like a flying saucer. At the bottom left corner is a jumble of indistinct objects that could be foliage or even a humanoid figure. What is even stranger is an embossed area to the left of the phone pole that looks like a light round object with projecting lines and the number 39 raised up to the right of the round object. There are two photos of the window taken in rapid succession before the window closed down. There are no telephone poles on the ranch property and there are certainly none stuck in the ground next to the juniper tree. If one wanted to come up with a hoax scenario, it would have to involve snapping a picture in daylight and super-imposing it over a picture taken at night in another location. Of course, then one would have to explain how the daylight photo was taken of a hubcap or some other plain object thrown into the air to simulate a flying disk. Photo experts could examine the negatives for signs of double exposure or superposition. I, for one, would like to see the photos analyzed, but for the sake of argument, let us examine the implications if the photos were taken as described by the witness. Additionally, supporting the authenticity of the photos is the fact that photos taken by Kim and Pamela also show anomalous images.

      Not until recently did I acquire Linda's book filled with color copies of her photos including the so-called Gateway photo. I was so

      impressed with her story, her photos, and the fact that others like my wife took similar anomalous photos that I was genuinely

      convinced even if puzzled.

      I still do not think there was a deliberate hoax, but through communication with a new friend I discovered something I should have

      obviously seen from the start even though I did not find an original. The gateway is no gateway at all! It turns out that the photo,

      taken through a kitchen window, is a reflected image from a television set that was displaying the Paul Trent UFO photo taken

      in McMinville, Oregon in 1950. There is no doubt about it. While other photos taken outdoors may represent some unusual

      phenomena, this photo has been taken out of the running. My conviction was shaken on the whole story and this is why

      photo experts need to analyze photos of this type to discard conventional explanations. I am not yet a photo expert by

      a long shot, but I am learning what to look for.

      I should have checked for this as I was aware that certain photos taken by Billy Meier purporting to show dinosaurs also

      seem to have been taken off a television screen. There are definitely some questionable photos in the Meier collection.

      However, we must not write off all the photos if one photo was taken by the photographer in the belief that it was

      something unusual or paranormal, but if a deliberate act of hoax is discovered then we would be so justified to

      call into question the photographer and not waste further time,


      Bill Hamilton
      AstroScience Research Network
      "Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay" - A. Einstein

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