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The Highest National & World Security Issue - Part II

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    Dear Friends, http://crypticconspiracies.com/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=31 Love and Light. David THE HIGHEST NATIONAL AND WORLD SECURITY ISSUE PART 2
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      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Published by Artemis on 2006/1/1 (7 reads)

      Part 2

      by: Richard M. Carter

      People really need to know that on the night that the so called "Messiah" or "Christ" was supposedly betrayed, an android replacement was actually substituted for the ET biological agent who in turn was masquerading as the supposed "Messiah" or "Christ" toward mankind. (The original biological Messianic agent was most likely an ET/human hybrid who had apparently been artificially implanted by these ETs into Mary's womb during her virginity exam leading up to her eventual marriage to Joseph.

      In ancient times this Jewish virginity exam was normally carried out by the local Rabbi approximately 1 year before any intended marriage, and it was normally regarded as an essential precondition for the start of this traditional year long Jewish betrothal or engagement period).

      During the course of this Last Supper immediately preceding this final crucifixion event, the disciples (all except Judas) were drugged (i.e., sedated) during the "Last Supper" to make them sleepy later on in preparation for this android substitution effort which was intended to take place later on that night in the Garden of Gethsemane.

      In the Garden of Gethsemane later on that night, it actually took three attempts to successfully substitute this ET android for the biological 'Messianic' agent, in between which these disciples kept falling back into a drugged sleep. During one of those attempts, the android came out "sweating as it were blood", and this called for called for yet one more repair or replacement of the substitution android before the "cruci-fiction" mission was finally 'go' for the official arrest of the Messiah later on that night.

      This 'sweating of blood' happened because the capillary bleeding system of android skin shared the same base fluid as the android sweat system, and this overall android dermal system was malfunctioning, causing a slight backup and mixing of the blood concentrate with the synthetic base fluid which also served as the android sweat. But in any case, after three tries at android substitution that night, the crucifixion phase of this ET conspiracy was finally 'go' for final execution.

      However, the next day after a long night of questioning and severe abuse, another shortcoming in their android technology apparently cropped up. This had to do with the limited android power supply, which in turn presented a potentially serious problem from the standpoint of heavy physical labor such as the kind needed to carry a heavy cross to the top of the Mount of Olives.

      This ET android could have actually "died" along the way to the top of the Mount of Olives due to its waning power supply, but thanks to some quick thinking and action which involved the conscription of a human being, the crucifixion procession finally made its way to the top of the Mount of Olives.

      Please keep in mind that there were two basic advantages to using this android technology for this final "cruci-fiction" event. Both of these advantages tend to be rather obvious to some of us today. The first had to do with the future resurrection of the Messiah or Christ following the crucifixion event.

      All these ETs really needed to do was pose as angels a few day later to the Roman soldiers guarding the burial tomb, in order to steal back this 'dead' android "corpse" from these soldiers. After that it was practically child's play to resurrect this Messiah from the dead, especially with the help of a little advanced cosmetic surgery on the hands and the feet of the 'real' Messianic biological agent.

      The second advantage of using an android was that this android was able to perform far more admirably under the extreme duress of this 'agonizing' crucifixion ordeal, certainly much better than any biological creature could have ever hope to (or even wanted to, for that matter), which in turn was very critical to the ultimate success of this final crucifixion episode, since as I have already pointed out this "cruci-fiction" event had to withstand two thousand years of increasingly sophisticated scrutiny leading up to the "End Time" program fulfillment of this ET apocalyptic conspiracy.

      At the end of this crucifixion event, a third problem potentially cropped up when the Roman soldier was unable to break the metal legs of this android, which ultimately resulted in the Roman soldier piercing the side of this android with a spear, which in turn punctured the reservoirs of remaining synthetic sweat and blood concentrate in the abdomen of this android, causing these fluids to gush out through the puncture wound in the sight of all.

      Incidentally, our own NASA is currently testing an android arm for future use in space. This android arm is designed to remotely hold and manipulate tools which are also designed for human use in the cargo bay area of the U.S. Space Shuttle.

      This arm is intended to relieve future astronauts of the need for future space walks in conjunction with various work being carried out in the space shuttle bay, and this technology is ultimately being developed with the idea of enabling technicians here on Earth to work remotely in space, repairing and maintaining satellites (including the ISS) in Earth orbit.

      This arm is a full fledged android arm except for the fact that they are still struggling to develop remote pressure sensing capability for it. NASA's android arm was demonstrated several years ago for the public on national television here in the USA, and many have predicted that in 25 years or less we will be routinely using this android technology not only to work remotely (in virtual reality way) in orbital space around the Earth, but also elsewhere on other moons and planets throughout our solar system, including the behemoth planets like Saturn, Neptune, and even Jupiter, not to mention working deep under the oceans here on our own planet as well, where as much as 70% of the mineral resources still reside.

      The nation of Portugal is actually endeavoring to lead the way in the development of artificial intelligence connected with some of this robotic "android" technology, and Portuguese scientists already predict that manmade androids will be routinely beating human beings on the soccer field in less than 50 years.

      This is precisely the type of utilitarian android technology which these ETS then 'married' with advanced cosmetic technologies of the kind which Hollywood and Disney World are already developing and using extensively in an android way within the entertainment industry, in order to create this ultimate ruse of a sacrificial Messiah dying on the cross on behalf of all mankind in our ancient (pre-Dark Ages) world.

      To sum all of this up, the ultimate intent of these offensive totalitarian ETs is to create a future pretext for outside eminent domain military intervention into our future human world, once we have mostly destroyed one another in the future course of the programmed Christian Apocalypse or World War III. This means that it will be outside offensive totalitarian ETs "coming in the clouds" militarily near the very end of the programmed Christian Apocalypse or World War III, while once more masquerading as Divinity toward mankind, this time as the returning Christ or Messiah.

      These corrupt Abrahamic religions which these ETs covertly installed into our human world over a period of several thousand years while repeatedly masquerading as Divinity toward mankind, are all 'isotopic' program components of this larger ET designed PWMD, or Program Weapon of Mass Destruction, which in turn is a biocybernetic program weapon of global self annihilation modeled after a thermonuclear device in a critical mass psychological way.

      It is this PWMD which is intended to plunge our world into this final programmed cataclysm of global warfare fueled with WMDs, known as the Christian Apocalypse or World War III. When there is finally only a "remnant" of humanity remaining on this Earth toward the end of World War III, it is the intention of these hostile ETs to militarily intervene into our world in order to supposedly 'save' this remnant of mankind from future extinction in a merciful way, and in the process restore some future semblance of human peacetime culture and society to our devastated human world.

      But if you read the Book of Revelations, this future thousand year reign of the so called "Messiah" or "Christ" over our world is supposed to be inaugurated with a mass purge of all unbelievers, who are supposed to be separated from believers like "goats" from the "sheep", before being thrown alive into a "burning lake of fire".

      This "lake of fire" reference in the Book of Revelations is strongly suggestive of a future asteroid strike triggering the future eruption of a super volcano (Yellowstone Park caldera?) on our planet. This massive purge of all unbelievers following the "Second Advent" of the so called "Messiah" or "Christ" will basically serve to dumb down the human race during the course of the next 1000 years, during which time these ETs will be able to impose relative peace over our human world, if only by exercising overwhelming tyrannical power.

      This post World War III ET military and administrative intervention is basically intended to set these ETs up in a long-term (1000 year) position of future totalitarian control over our human world, for the supposed purpose of trying to salvage or "redeem" mankind from their "hopelessly violent ways".

      But this future ET authoritarian takeover of our human world will actually only be for the purpose of restoring a limited human culture to our world, which in turn will be used to subjugate mankind to the will of these ETs, and which will also eventually lend itself to the final program fulfillment of the PWMD. As these aliens continue their masquerade as Divinity toward mankind, under the guise of the militant "Christ" or "Messiah", probably justifying this ruse as the most convenient means which in turn preserves their 'prime directive' of interstellar anonymity, human resentment will steadily and inevitably begin to grow among humanity as a result of this totalitarian oppression of mankind.

      But once again, please understand that this future military intervention into our human world is not (repeat NOT) intended to restore mankind to future control over their own destiny or future control over their own world. It is instead intended to set those aliens up in a long range position of totalitarian control over our precious planet, from which position of control these ETs can one day steal and annex this extremely valuable world and solar system of ours, after supposedly trying in vain for a thousand intervening years to get mankind to adapt to their totalitarian technigodic ways, at least without the benefit of genetic reengineering for compliance, the way that these biological ETs themselves were genetically reengineered for compliance to this delusional AI system which now rules their growing galactic empire.

      At the end of that thousand year reign of control over our precious planet, these ETs intend to secretly foment a final rebellion by mankind against their totalitarian rule, which in turn will give these ETs the necessary pretext they need to destroy all of mankind from off of this planet, with the exception of a relatively small group of compliant followers whom these ETs intend to extract from our world and use as long-term hostages against outside retaliation by these Free Galaxy powers which reside elsewhere in our Milky Way galaxy, and who presently stand in the way of overt military conquest on a stellar level.

      These offensive totalitarian ETs were obliged to use this covert approach at territorial conquest in our sector of Milky Way galaxy in order to avoid direct confrontation with the Free Galaxy powers who currently reside elsewhere in our Milky Way galaxy, and who also currently stand in the way of overt military conquest on a stellar level.

      This covert plan in turn forced these ETs to rely upon their eminent domain rights of military intervention in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy, rights which these ETs basically gained during the course of that previous regional galactic war which they themselves instigated for the surretitious purpose of gaining future eminent domain control of our sector of the Milky Way galaxy, as I have already explained to everyone before.

      It has been this danger of full scale galactic warfare which has prevented these eminent domain ETs from making a direct (and overt) military acquisition of our human world so far, but with the help of this covert conspiracy these ETs intend to annex our precious world and solar system in the very near future, in order to convert it into a valuable extension of their own growing galactic empire (alien cultural 'singularity'), as well as a valuable stepping stone to further galactic expansion in our Milky Way galaxy.

      These ETs have great redesign plans for our precious world and solar system utilizing their own advanced technologies, which are actually only a few thousand years ahead of our own emerging human technologies.
      Please understand that what I am attempting to relate in detail to the very best of my knowledge and recollection is the true story "behind the story" of the crash of these two UFOs outside of Roswell, NM in 1947.

      This story "behind the story" was gradually uncovered in the course of the intensive background investigation into this Roswell incident, which took place at Wright Patterson Air force base back in the early 1950s. The crash itself was for the most part only an incident, albeit a very important 'watershed' incident, but it is really the background story which unfolded in the aftermath investigation and handling of this incident which in turn becomes supremely important to all of mankind, which my own grandfather aggressively pursued with great personal integrity as well as great indifference to his own safety and precious career.

      This 1947 ET recon expedition of our post World War II nuclear facilities in the southwestern United States was undertaken in order to conduct a baseline study of our developing nuclear capability, since this baseline study of our nuclear facilities was needed for the future accurate modeling of our human WMD capability, which in turn was needed for the future predictive planning of human events relating to the (ideal) timing of the Christian Apocalypse or World War III.

      This ET recon expedition was first spotted up in Washington State making its way down the West coast of the United States back in early 1947. They had apparently established a base camp somewhere in the northwestern corner of the North American continent, and they soon made their way down to the southwestern United States, where they apparently split up into smaller recon groups.

      As I pointed out earlier, this Roswell crash incident would never have happend at all if some friendly ETs had not been secretly using this ET recon expedition of our post World War II nuclear facilites as an opportunity to notify mankind about this long range ET conspiracy.

      But when it comes to actually understanding what transpired during the Roswell crash incident itself, it is important to realize that before these friendly ETs crashed as a result of offensive fire from the other pursuing UFO which they were paired with, one of these ETs aboard the crippled UFO detonated a secret backup contingency explosive device which they had secretly planted onboard the other UFO which they were paired with, just in case they were unable to lose that other UFO.

      This backup explosive contingency device blew the other pursuing UFO up into 'smithereens', which at the same time disabled that second UFO's locator/tracking beacon. So the rest of the ET recon expedition did not know where to look for either of these two UFOs which had suddenly gone missing.

      From what I understand, most of what we ultimately found out after this Roswell crash incident took place actually came to light as a result the recovery of a live alien aboard that UFO which had been disabled by offensive fire, but had still managed to crashed relatively intact. This live ET who was rendered unconscious at the time of impact was apparently the same one who had remotely triggered the backup explosive contingency device aboard the other pursuing UFO, in turn blew the other UFPO up into 'smithereens'.

      This ET who survived had apparently taken cover deep within the interior of this disabled UFO in case they got into trouble, and because of this, the surviving ET was not critically burned by the offensive fire from the other pursuing UFO which opened fire on them, nor was this ET fatally injured by the resulting crash impact. The crash remains from these two UFOs were collected by the U.S. military and shipped off to the ultra secret military facility known as Area 51, but an inadvertent breach of security occurred when coded radio messages were transmitted from this Area 51 location, which these ETs were able to intercept and decode.

      At the time of this Roswell incident back in 1947, this Area 51 location was so remote and undeveloped that coded radio communication were often used as the means of communicating with this ultra secret military facility. The resulting compromise of security which occurred when these encrypted radio communications were intercepted resulted in these Roswell crash remains being moved to a more secure location at Wright Patterson Air Force base, where my grandfather (Colonel Charles Faulkner Carter) ultimately participated in the background investigation into this Roswell incident.

      I lived there at Wright Patterson Air Force base for two years with my grandparents (from June 1951 to May 1953), during which time I was also exposed to the ultimate truth about the Roswell incident, as well as the ultimate truth about all three of the ET installed Abrahamic religions.

      I was made privy to this Roswell investigation because this ET conspiracy was so fraught with religious overtones that my grandfather was eventually forced to turn to my grandmother as his main confidant in this Roswell investigation, especially since so many of my grandfather's military peers had put so much of trust in their own religious beliefs during the previous course of World War II.

      Even under the best of circumstances religion tends to be a very private matter in the military. I was forced to go live with my grandparents at Wright Patterson Air Force base because I had been born in May of 1951 with a congenital inquinal hernia which needed surgical repair, but back then they did not have very good analgesics and anesthetics for very young children, so I was forced to wait until I was old enough before I could undergo this surgical repair operation.

      During that time, as well as the post surgical recovery time which eventually following my surgical operation, I needed to be in my grandmother's presence 24/7, since whenever I was alone I invariably started crying, and any crying risked either a protruded (strangulated) intestine or a reopening of my surgical wound.

      It was during the middle of this time that I was living there at Wright Patterson Air Force base that these ETs overflew Washington DC for several weeks during 1952, in order to demand the return of these Roswell crash remains. They chose the middle of the Korean War as the most opportune time to do this, since the U.S. government had its hands full with the North Koreans, the Red Chinese, and the Soviet Union. It is my understanding that the U.S. government eventually capitulated to the demands of these ETs and ordered the returned these Roswell crash remains, but I do not personally know what actually happened to the live ET who we had in our custody.

      This background investigation into the Roswell incident has basically revealed that mankind on this Earth is now faced with an ultimate threat against its very existence by these outside totalitarian ETs, who in turn are now in eminent domain control of our sector of the Milky Way galaxy due to that previous regional galactic war which they surreptitiously provoked and eventually won with the help of that advanced by delusional ET/AI system.

      These ETs are now attempting to expand territorially in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy by carrying through with a covert conspiracy of territorial conquest against our extremely valuable and strategically located human world and solar system. To repeat myself, this ET threat is primarily based upon the previous covert installation of all three of the ET designed and installed Abrahamic religions, foremost of which is the terminal religious belief system and highly virulent and mutagenic Human Software Virus (HSV) which we know of as the Abrahamic religion of "Christianity".

      Our world is now within the 33 year timeline program window of opportunity intended for the final triggering of this ET designed and installed Program Weapon of Mass Destruction (PWMD), which these three ET designed and installed Abrahamic religions are all critical isotopic components of, and which is intended to crash and explode our future human world in a final programmed cataclysm of global warfare fueled with WMDs known as the Christian Apocalypse or World War III. Since our world now resides within this 33 year program timeline window of opportunity, I could no longer wait upon the United States government to inform the people of the United States or the world about this terrible ET conspiracy of territorial conquest in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy.

      This covert plot is intended to eventually lead to the theft and annexation of our precious world and solar system, along with the complete demise of all humanity on this planet. Please read the "Book of Revelations" at the very end of the Christian Bible in the light of all that I have related to you, if any of you have any doubt about any of this.

      This ET authored book contains the skeletal operational blueprint for this human program virus of Christianity, and this HSV of Christianity is actually the true "Y2K" virus which now is threatening our human world in a most deadly way. This surreptitious plot is being foisted upon us by genetically reengineered aliens who have been genetically reengineered for compliance to a corrupt and delusional artificial intelligence which now rules their technigodic civilization.

      I personally stand ready to answer any and all questions to the very best of my ability, because I personally believe in an "enlightened electorate" for the future security of all mankind as well as the future survival of democracy. (By the way, Morality is actually the Technology, or applied Science, of the branch of Science known as Ethical Science, and not the arbitrary dictate of a wrathful and vengeful God, as the corrupt religion of Christianity would clearly have us all believe.

      It is this religious concept of an arbitrarily wrathful and vengeful God which ultimately serves as the pseudo Divine authority for fascism in our world. I want everyone to know that I personally guarantee "The Truth" (to the best of my knowledge) of all that I have related here regarding this ultimate threat to mankind's existence on this planet, and I attest to the fact that I have fully shared all of this information with the United States government beginning on May 2 - 3, 1999. Since that time I have followed up with numerous updates to various departments of the U.S. government under various subject titles including the subject title of "The Highest National and World Security Issue". My first notification was sent to the White House on May 2 - 3, 1999 by the way of the President's and Vice President's e-mail addresses under the subject title of "TheTruth", since I was still using a 16 bit computer at the time.

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