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Pyramids: Accumulators Of Energy

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    Dear Friends, Check out some of the other articles by Miroslav at the link at the bottom of the article. http://farshores.250free.com/am06pyr.htm Love and
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      Dear Friends,

      Check out some of the other articles by Miroslav at the link at the bottom of the article.


      Love and Light.



      In spite of the fact that there are many hypotheses regarding pyramids, the question about their use has remained unanswered. From the knowledge that I have gained during experiments, it seems that pyramids, like other megalithic structures, were built in order to accumulate energy. In the following text I'm explaining my statement on the basis of a complex of pyramids, whose parts, as well as the pyramid, are a valley cathedral, climbing path, ghost cathedral, satellite pyramid.

      Approximately 1 kilometre from the valley cathedral, very close to the pyramid, there was a ghost cathedral built. Both cathedrals were connected by an object called 'climbing path', which however doesn't look like a path at all. The procedure for constructing this object was started in a way that began with a stone surface built from the valley cathedral to the ghost cathedral. There were two and a half metres thick stone walls, which were almost three metres high, built on both sides of it. Actually, it was more of a one kilometre long trough, which was covered by stone blocks, forming an above surface tunnel. For its construction, tens of thousands of tons of stone needed to be mined, dressed, transported and built in. Why was such a thick and heavy wall needed, when according to the static needs just a wall 90cm thick would have been enough? And why there was a tunnel instead of a path?

      There hasn't been a satisfactory and logical answer to these and other similar questions. Our science lacks crucial information about the energy of water streams and other matters.
      We can arrive empirically at the fact that energetic properties of water streams have been used throughout the history. If we put together a greater number of megalithic and holy structures that were located close to water springs and other water flows, especially within their inner bends and meanders, we find out that the choice about where to build them was not random. We find out similar facts in cases of megalithic and holy structures located above later discovered ore pockets. If these structures had to be built in places that lack energy, above mentioned energy sources were replaced by roofs with a tip, towers with metal bells, metal statues or gold-plated pyramid-like structures. In many cases, as in the case of pyramids, combinations of all these sources were used.

      The motivation for construction of pyramid complexes could be found in other parts of ancient history. There are indications that Chinese people used to channel streams of energy on the ground in straight canals that were oriented towards the emperor's palace. These energetic corridors were knows as 'dragons trails' and were used to concentrate power around the emperor and to mentally reinforce him. On some of these trails there was a transport path established. Other paths were approaching the palaces invisibly and are shown only by the use of statues and obelisks.

      I'm considering the straight climbing channels that were conductors of cosmic energy as a help to the explanation for the construction of 'climbing paths'. The water stream is an energy source, 'climbing path' is a conductor of the energy and the pyramid is a capacitor. One of the pieces of knowledge that came out of the experiments undertaken is the fact that concentrated energetic components inside the tunnel structure are by some kind of intensifying effect multiplied. Other quite substantial amount of energy was gained by the tunnel structure from the energetic zones of the water stream, which crossed it in a few places within its one kilometre length. This agrees with the findings of the experiments taken throughout.

      It is very likely that pyramids were designed for a concrete amount of energy. It was found after its completion that the energetic gain is smaller. In this case the satellite pyramid could have supplemented missing matter. I also think that the use of the pyramid was not single-purposed. Beyond the manipulation of great amounts of energy, for which I don’t know the reasons, both cathedrals including the climbing path could have been used for curative purposes. In later history we often encounter information about the cure of ill people by a few days staying in sanctuaries. The small rooms in both cathedrals that were identified as storage spaces could have had the same purpose. We could supply the energy of the cellular membranes in this way, which is transformed by the mitochondria not only from food.

      There were thousands of containers with food found in Dosers pyramid. We could therefore assume that properties of the accumulated energy could have been used to extend the lifetime, let us say to some kind of natural conservation of food.

      Everything I'm describing is only the first steps in the research of the energy of matter. At present time there are many people who could mark places, where the energetic components are located. But this is too little. We need to know in what significance and what quality is the energy of the given locality. The motivation for further research is the development of measuring apparatus, which would answer for us the questions that are related with the properties of matter in the dependence on the amount of the energy in it. We can't exclude that to reach the energetic effect of the constructors of pyramids we don't have to use huge amounts of rocks, but we could manage with electronics and computer software.

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