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    Although this is the first day of the new year of 2006, students of calendrical systems will be aware that we are starting a new year only in the western
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      Although this is the first day of the new year of 2006, students of calendrical systems will be aware that we are starting a new year only in the western calendar. In the Chinese calendar, we are still in the Year of the Rooster and the next Chinese Year (of the Dog) will not start until January 29th our time. The Chinese calendar is like most other ancient calendars in that its mathematical basis is overlain and hidden by a cyclic pattern of highly symbolic images, or ideograms, which tie the calendar to observable cycles of celestial events (ie. astronomical phenomena) and to corresponding cycles of terrestrial phenomena to which the ancients believed the celestial phenomena were directly linked. In other words, the symbolic calendar was a ready-to-hand astrological predictor of significant events, whereby on'e understanding of the meanings of the symbols would give one an appreciation of the meanings of the individual times to which they related. Or at least, that
      was the intention behind them.

      What, then, is the meaning of the Chinese Year of the Rooster which we are still in? Has 2005 actually been like a Rooster in some way or other for all of us? Have we all suddenly developed an urge to start making some serious money now perhaps, like a chicken wanting to scratch up a meal of worms from the earth? Or have we become a race of strutting show-offs, who cannot resist the urge to crow about our accomplishments and other things of which we feel proud? Maybe. However, these traditional features of the Year of the Rooster appear somewhat superficial when we compare them with the attributes of the original symbol which the Chinese used where they now use the Rooster - ie. the Phoenix.

      The Chinese Phoenix was pretty well the same bird that also appeared in the mythologies of Greece, Egypt and other cultures of the ancient western world. It was a spectacular fire-bird, which consumed itself in fire at the end of each life-cycle and was miraculously reborn at the start of each new one. Its basic meaning was similar to that of its western cousins too, in that it was said to symbolise the immortal spirit, which goes through recurrent cycles of life in different incarnate forms. But in Chinese astrology it had a more specific meaning, whereby the Year of the Phoenix was designated as the year whose natural theme expressed the meaning of the Phoenix-myth in its quintessential form - the idea of death and rebirth.

      Does the Year of the Phoenix typically bring the profound revolution of death and rebirth to earthly realms and systems? To many observers of previous Rooster years, it does seem to. Take 1933, for instance. That was the year when the old, German Second Reich finally succumbed to Hitler's band of thugs and Germany was reborn under Nazi rule. And the next Rooster year, 1945, was when the Nazi Third Reich finally perished in fire and was reborn - where?

      A lot of people have been coming around lately to the view that the Nazis have been reborn in modern America and are now occupying the White House. The article below appears to express this view and also to point out that at this very crossroad of the years in the western calendar which falls in the current Chinese Year of the Phoenix, America has come to a crossroads in its destiny, where the death of the old Republic, based on the rule of the Constitution, appears to be imminent. And guess what the mascot of the Republic was going to be before the American Bald Eagle was decided upon? That's right, it was the Phoenix.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! A new epoch of history awaits us. Let us go to meet it with goodwill in our hearts and clarity in our minds. We will probably need both these inner resources in great measure in the year ahead.


      Light Eye <universal_heartbeat2012@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Go to the light!
      By Sheila Samples
      Online Journal Contributing Writer

      Dec 31, 2005, 00:30

      Folks at the White House stay pretty busy these days just trying to untangle the lies George Bush keeps telling every time he opens his mouth. For example, back in April 2004, Bush explained to a cheering audience and an unchallenging press corps in Buffalo about "eavesdropping" on Americans -- "When you think 'Patriot Act,' constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland, because," he said earnestly while leaning over the podium, his hand on his heart "--because we value the Constitution."

      Bush? Value that (insert Lord's name in vain) piece of worthless paper? I think not. From his actions and manner of speech, it is doubtful that Bush has read either the US Constitution or the holy book upon which he placed his hand twice and swore to preserve, protect and defend it.

      After the New York Times reported last week that Bush authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to cast a wide net to spy on American citizens' e-mail and phone calls without seeking warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, Bush went on the offense, saying yeah, he did it, and he was gonna keep on doing it, cause he was the president and -- like he told Washington Post's Bob Woodward -- that means he doesn't have to explain to anybody why he does anything . . .

      That apparently includes the FISA court, which has the audacity to require "probable cause" before approving wiretaps on American citizens. In Bush's defense, when you're huntin' and chasin' and smokin' out evil lurkers and plotters and planners, you don't have time to stop and fill out two or three million pieces of paper. Like Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says, the (insert Lord's name in vain) Constitution is a quaint little thing, but we live in a new world order now, and any constraints on "this president" are just too cumbersome.

      In an October speech, Bush said, "Our country is at war, and the executive branch has an obligation to protect the 'Merican people. We are aggressively doing that. We are finding the terrorists and bringing them to justice," he said, pausing for effect, then added, "and anything we do is within the law . . ."

      Vice President Dick Cheney agrees. He says they must have complete control and flexibility and unlimited power, even if this means they have to make up the law as they go along. While speeding home from the Middle East in time to break a Senate tie on a bill that raises Medicaid payments for the poor and elderly while, at the same time, allowing states to cut their Medicaid services, and cuts child-care payments for social bottom-feeders, Cheney snarled that there "is a hell of a threat" out there, and the president's authority under the (insert Lord's name in vain) Constitution must be "unimpaired."

      Cheney says "the vast majority" of Americans support Bush spying on them, and warned that any "backlash" would not be against Bush, but against the critics who dared question Bush's illegal and quite possibly treasonous bits of derring-do. Cheney is adamant that he, er -- Bush -- is above any court and outside any law. Those who disagree can just go (insert word depicting doing sexual "wild thaing") themselves.

      Besides, Cheney might have added, they've been doing it for four years -- collecting information on American citizens by tapping directly into the US telecommunication system's main arteries without first getting warrants -- and nobody seemed to care. According to the Times, these corporate behemoths supported and assisted the spying operation -- storing information on citizens' calling patterns and giving it to Bush since 9-11.

      Got that, sports fans? Since 9-11. And the NSA is not the only one. According to Capital Hill Blue's Doug Thompson, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and "dozens of private contractors are spying on millions of Americans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year."

      It got so blatant that a former NSA agent who quit in disgust over use of the agency to spy on Americans, told Thompson, "We're no longer in the business of tracking our enemies. We're spying on everyday Americans."

      And, when there's treason afoot, one can hardly leave out the vicious and wacky Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. A couple of years ago, Rumsfeld had this great idea for not only spying on Americans, but building a profile on every citizen who travels, uses credit cards, talks on the telephone or works or plays on a computer.

      He called his new toy the "Total Information Awareness" (TIA) Program, and put the disgraced Iran-Contra felon John Poindexter in charge of it. When a furious Congress killed the program, Rumsfeld said, "Fine. They can have the name." He then moved it to the Pentagon's covert "black bag" program, out of congressional sight or oversight, and renamed it the "Terrorist Information Awareness" (TIA) system. Thompson says the program is "alive and well and collecting data in real time on Americans at a computer center located at 3801 Fairfax Drive in Arlington, Virginia."

      It's difficult to gauge either the height of awareness or the depth of outrage of the American public because the corporate media steadfastly refuses to shed even a glimmer of light on the myriad of scandals this administration is hiding out there in plain sight.

      The shock of 9-11 thrust the people of this country into a depressing twilight zone, a "loyalty-oath" atmosphere where they stumble around in the dark, afraid to speak -- afraid to think. Any anger they feel about the president of the United States committing an impeachable offense by covertly spying on them and openly admitting it will fade as the media psycho-flogs them into believing the criminal here is the whistleblower who shone the light on the illegal surveillance, not the traitor who broke the law.

      The irony of Bush, the NSA and Gonzales whipping up a criminal investigation into who dared tell the public that they were breaking the law will be lost on far too many Americans. Those who do understand, yet choose to stand mute and hope for the best should weigh the loss of their civil liberties against the violence, murder, vicious lies, and especially the sheer animosity Bush feels toward all but the wealthiest Americans.

      They should take a look at the backgrounds and goals of the beady-eyed war vultures who control Bush; who are urging him to destroy everything in his path -- not the least of which is the (insert Lord's name in vain) US Constitution.

      They should ask themselves what they would do if they woke up in the middle of the night to find an invader in their bedrooms, pawing through their personal belongings. Would they silently bow their heads, or would they turn on the light and scream bloody murder at the top of their lungs?

      Truth doesn't just radiate light -- it IS light. If Americans would raise their heads and look around, they would see there are flashes of light everywhere -- especially on the Internet.

      Americans have come to a fork in the road and, like the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said, they need to take it. They need to go to the light.
      Then, those (insert Lord's name in vain) (insert word depicting one born out of wedlock) will get what they so richly deserve.

      Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma writer and a former civilian US Army Public Information Officer. She is a regular contributor for a variety of Internet sites. Contact her at rsamples@....
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