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RE: [Astrosciences] A PUFOIN Perspective - A Time of Reflection

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    Bravo John, I for one think you are on the right path...Jahnets ... From: Astrosciences@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Astrosciences@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of John
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      Bravo John, I for one think you are on the right path...Jahnets

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      Subject: [Astrosciences] A PUFOIN Perspective - A Time of Reflection

      The PUFOIN Perspective provides an analysis of intriguing current
      and/or historical events. We endeavor to provide both supportive and
      discrediting points of view when available and allow the reader to judge for
      themselves on the credibility of the topic. Occasionally, we'll provide our
      own commentary, which is designed to provide the reader with an opportunity
      to consider other possibilities. It is understood that those visiting PUFOIN
      are here because of the very nature of the material being shared. Thus, that
      being said the reader is already somewhat biased to a particular viewpoint.
      Sharing this material with those who do not ascribe to this type of thinking
      can be enlightening for you and for them. It can lead to interesting
      discussions and also debates. We hope you enjoy our latest commentary.
      Reflecting On 2005 & Looking Forward
      A PUFOIN Commentary
      By John Jaeger

      The past year has offered me a great deal of time to truly explore
      our reality and interact with other individuals who also intuitively sense
      that our reality isn't exactly what it presents to be. I've had a wonderful
      opportunity to explore the Anunnaki equation and compare the myths on the
      Sumerian Tablet's with those found in the Old Testament. I've found the
      debate about whether the Bible is the Word or if it is merely a retelling of
      events nearly 3500 years before the Bible's Old Testament was documented, to
      be enlightening and worthy of further research.

      With the dawning of another New Year, we are confronted with a new
      beginning. Will this be the year for revelation? Will disclosure finally
      occur? Will official 'first contact' be made? Will our programming finally
      allow us to see beyond the fog of our reality and learn what true
      enlightenment is truly about? Have we begun the 7-year tribulation written
      of in the Book of the Apocalypse?

      To answer some of these questions, we need only turn to the past -
      more specifically, the past year! The PUFOIN Perspective has attempted to
      explore these unknowns. Obviously, I am only as valid as the reader's
      willingness to assign validity to me. I've never forced my opinions on
      anyone and I've always held a high regard for those who are driven by
      ideology, no matter what my personal opinion might be. My sign-off tag is
      typically, "Food for Thought". I believe that those three simple words say
      everything there is to say. As the reader, you will walk away with a sense
      of belonging if you agree with my sentiments or you will think I'm a total
      nut-case if you disagree. Many have tried to "enlighten" me and help me to
      return to the religious right. I've shared many long discussions with
      several readers; family and friends. My own position on my ongoing
      enlightenment is ever evolving. I've never claimed to have the answers.
      I've simply shared with you my own discoveries and tried to make sense of
      the conflicting information. Obviously, my own opinions are subject to
      change based upon the latest results of my research. These opinions, I
      share with you as part of the PUFOIN Perspective's.

      So, what have I unraveled in 2005? That is an interesting word...
      unraveled. You should know up front that for every step forward, I often
      found myself starring at many paths to continue my journey of enlightenment.
      This hasn't been an easy journey. I uprooted my personal belief system and
      found myself in a crisis of faith. I struggled with the new input and the
      contradictions. I was driven to look further for the answers because I was
      simply not satisfied with the status quo. At every turn, I had
      traditionalists who tried to return me to the light - their light. For
      every argument in support of the Bible as being the Word, I offered counter
      evidence. My biggest frustration was learning that no matter how evident
      the truth is, those who are blinded by a cultist belief system are hidden
      from seeing the truth. I was quoted Scripture as proof that the Bible is
      the Word. That was the road block. Like defining a word, you can not 'use'
      the word in the definition. My position continues to be that you can't
      quote from the Bible in order to prove that the Bible is the Word. For some
      reason I can't get my esteemed colleagues; friends and some readers to move
      beyond what is written in the Bible and support their unyielding faith
      through other methodology. So, I've had to work within the rules of the
      game and constantly provide alternatives.

      I've found that those who believe strictly in the Word as written in
      the Bible are typically unable to consider the reality of evidence. As an
      example, I've often referred to the University of Pennsylvania's 1930's
      translation of the Sumerian Tablets. The exact translation is available for
      anyone to read on the web. I'm not even suggesting the Z. Sitchin version,
      where Sitchin has used many resources to fill in some of the blanks to form
      a more well-rounded myth. If you read the translations by the University of
      Pennsylvania, you'll find that the stories written about in the Old
      Testament have a much earlier source. Therefore, my argument is simple. If
      the Bible is basically a retelling of these events and we believe these
      events to be true or the Word, then how can we discredit the Sumerian
      Tablets written nearly 3500 years before the Old Testament? Then, if we
      accept that the Bible and Tablets do share the same events, we can not
      discount the more specific versions of these stories as related by the
      writings on the Tablets! This is where I encounter my greatest resistance
      when discussing this subject. Religious Purists (for lack of a better word)
      refuse to accept the version on the Tablets. I counter with the argument
      that their logic is flawed because they are the same stories, simply
      documented much closer to the source of the events!

      The truth is that we are limited in our understanding and knowledge
      of our past. We know that humans (although, I'm forced to use the term
      human loosely because we've obviously evolved) have walked on this planet
      for close to a million years. We have evidence to show that humans and
      dinosaurs existed at the same time. We have evidence to support that there
      have been many very advanced societies long before our own. So, the idea
      that the Sumerian's were the first humans around 3500 years BCE seems a bit
      illogical. In fact, the Sumerian Tablet's tell us of earlier humans - the
      Anunnaki. They tell us how they had been on our planet for 700,000 years.
      So if this is the case, it is consistent with logic to believe that there
      were earlier communities of humans. In fact, we have evidence of a language
      older than that of the Sumerian's but we have no effective means to
      translate it (at least based on my current research). Could this be the
      actual language of the Anunnaki?

      Every major story of the Bible is detailed in the Sumerian Tablets.
      Even the story of creation is clearly outlined in the Tablets and other than
      some slight changes made over the eons, the story is relatively intact.
      Anyone willing to think outside of the box will easily put the pieces of
      this puzzle together. The only area that I believe can be up for debate is
      whether the events written of in the Tablets happened during the time of the
      Sumerian's. If so, then they would be no different than documentation of
      the daily news from their time. For them, it wouldn't have been stories
      passed down over generations. They would be like reading the newspaper of
      today! However, if the events of the Tablets happened up to 700,000 years
      earlier, there is obviously room for degradation of the facts.
      Interestingly, both the Sumerian Tablets and the Bible speak of the events
      as having been current events when they were documented. We know now that
      this simply isn't the case with the Bible. What if the Tablets were the
      newspaper of the day? What if what they tell us IS how it all unfolded?

      I explored this idea in one of my earlier PUFOIN Perspectives. I
      discussed how this revelation would cause the fabric of our worldly belief
      systems to unravel and fall apart. The "crisis of faith" that I encountered
      would become world wide. The risk is that society would collapse. Religion
      serves a purpose. It is a tool for governing. It provides guidelines for
      morality and values. Let's face it, we don't have to be rocket scientists
      to look at the Ten Commandments and accept that they are pretty wise
      governing guidelines. They are the very basis of our society. The only
      debate I can offer with respect to the Ten Commandments is the fact that
      they weren't handed down to Moses by "God" but rather, but "a" god.

      The Sumerian's saw the Anunnaki as gods. Just look at the facts.
      They were capable of performing what the simple Sumerian's saw as miracles.
      They may very well have "created" Homo Sapiens Sapiens (us) in their image
      by adding their DNA to that of the most advanced indigenous human at the
      time. For all intents and purposes, the Anunnaki were indeed the Sumerian
      gods! We have to wonder why early religion was ripe with gods. For the
      most part, this didn't change until the Gnostics / Pagans were pushed out of
      existence. Christianity was the hammer used to tighten the reigns on
      religious worship. Okay, we can debate all of the specifics but we have to
      find some common ground to move forward from. Basically, this is when it
      all changed. It didn't serve the Emperor to have the subjects worshipping
      gods when he alone was supposed to be god on Earth. It was basically a
      consolidation of rule. Again, this is a matter for debate and I recognize
      that. However, history does outline this very occurrence quite well, for
      those willing to do the research.

      So in a nutshell, 2005 helped me to solidify my own position on our
      creation. My crisis of faith resolved itself, at least for now. I've come
      to accept that reality isn't what it presents. I've learned that we control
      reality and collectively we have the ability to make reality anything we
      want it to be. I've also come to believe in Karma and the natural order of
      the Universe. I've accepted that while we may have been created by gods,
      our Souls are unique and of God - the Universal Consciousness. I've
      concluded that God is the Universe and we are merely manifestations of His
      thoughts. We are God trying to understand Himself and His purpose. What is
      so wrong with that? Why do we have to feel like there is a great being who
      is responsible for the good and bad? There isn't! WE are responsible for
      the good and bad Karma of this reality.

      I solidified my belief in multiple planes of existence. I believe
      that the "reincarnation" of the Soul does occur and that we have lessons to
      learn in this plane of existence. We continue to reincarnate and we chose
      what our destiny will be, based on the lessons we need to learn. Upon
      learning these lessons we continue on this plane moving forward towards our
      ultimate enlightenment. It is my intuitive thought that we are only able to
      ascend to the next higher plane of existence every 25,000 or so years when
      the Galactic Equinox occurs. This occurs again in 2012.

      So, what does this offer us for our future? If 2012 is the
      "end-time", at least for those ready to ascend, would we now be in the
      7-year tribulation period? It sure makes you go, hum!

      Let's review what we do know. Regardless of your opinion on the
      Marion apparitions, there were definitely unusual events surrounding the
      visionaries. While the Fatima visionaries are no longer alive, those from
      Medjugorje are and they have secrets to reveal near the end-time. Here is
      what we have had revealed to us:

      Since 1981, in a small village in Bosnia-Hercegovina named
      Medjugorje, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages
      to the world. She tells us that God has sent Her to our world and, these
      years she is spending with us are a time of Grace granted by God. In Her own
      words She tells us, "I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is
      the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return
      to God".

      The question is, what exactly is an apparition? Is it a hologram?
      Is it a mind-altering process? Could it be a means to an end for the
      returning Anunnaki? Could it be a means to an end for aliens among us?

      Or, could it be a message from the Universal Consciousness? The one
      TRUE God? The one who has manifested all of this reality within His
      thoughts? If you read the Edgar Cayce reading called the 9 Dimensions of
      Consciousness, you learn that a very similar statement was made about
      returning to the glory of God in order to fulfill our purpose.

      Sometimes, we need to be told only what we are capable of
      understanding. If my theory on multiple planes of existence and learning is
      accurate, then we still have many lives to live and many lessons to learn
      during our enlightenment process through these planes of existence.

      Of course, the alternative is that on December 22, 2012 we'll all be
      still here and we'll need to revisit our theories. Oddly though, to one
      extent or another, this current reality will continue on. Not all of us
      will have reached a level of enlightenment capable of transcending the
      hiatus between the planes of existence. Those who have not will continue
      their journey right here.

      Could this be what the Rapture is all about? Some will simply
      disappear and others will be left behind? For those who are raptured, is it
      merely a rebirth as an infant consciousness on the next plane of existence?
      In order for our souls to be free of the materialistic world, we must learn
      the lessons of the materialistic world. Have you ever wondered why there
      are certain people of whom, no matter what befalls them, they always land on
      their feet? WE have it within us to generate the positive energy to
      manipulate this reality to provide for us. Or, we can be the victim and
      remain unenlightened.

      There are sure to be many more PUFOIN Perspectives moving forward.
      My future Perspectives will be focused on coming events based on a review of
      our past with a little intuition thrown in for good measure. As always, I
      present all of this as "Food for thought..."

      Reproduction permitted with credit: Copyright 2006 PUFOIN

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