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Additional Clyde Lewis Articles

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    Dear Friends, Here s some additional Clyde Lewis articles. I ve just sent excerpts so click the links to read the whole articles. Love and Light. David Ghost
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      Here's some additional Clyde Lewis articles. I've just sent excerpts so click the links to read the whole articles.

      Love and Light.


      Ghost Of The Future

      In the classic Dickens "Christmas Carol," four ghosts visit Scrooge. Three of which are your average everyday specters, but the Ghost of Christmas yet to come was draped, hooded and darkly foreboding. He is quite possibly the most famous "Man In Black." He gives Scrooge a vision of what his end will be like if he continues on his present course. Ground Zero will now give you the prophetic signs of what the future might bring, if we stay on our present course.

      My favorite story among many is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and how he was shown his life and what course it was taking. He was shown the past and how it affected his present. He was then shown the future and how it would become an ugly requiem if he did not change the way he was.

      The ghost of the future was the original man in black. A time traveler who did not speak, but used sounds and pictures to convey a message of warning. He wore dark clothes and used images of negativity and worse case scenarios to show that the future that was on the horizon was a rocky one indeed.

      I sometimes feel like the ghost of the future. I have been called the man in black, the dark radio host, a Satanist, boorish, and negative. My intentions are of the purest I guarantee you of that.

      As this century draws to a close I can't help but be reflective about what my purpose is, and why I have set out to write what I write and say what I say.

      I am not a devil, nor am I in the devil's employ. However I wouldn't care if you thought I was. I am not here to shatter your dreams, or to negatively berate you into believing that all hope is lost.

      I, like many of you believe that I have a responsibility to my creator, which also includes a responsibility to the people that I associate with.

      1999 - ?

      Dreamers know of Jonbar Point. It is the hinge of all alternate worlds. When Jonbar Point is reached every choice that can be made at that point is made, and each choice creates many parallel worlds. There are so many Jonbar points that await us. They are slightly out of synch enough to keep them from colliding. However, what if the old ways came back to open the door to a new era? The old ways tell you to use wisdom. However some never learn.

      In literature it is written that if you gaze into the abyss for a long period of time, unwavering, the abyss will gaze back at you. In the dark depths of what we call chaos, fact and fiction melt away and only one truth remains, things change. As the new millenium approaches we need to understand that anything can happen and that what decisions we make at the end of the century will be the impetus for what is to come.

      A new era is about to begin, people are already beginning to have that mounting sense of fear. We will be under the looming shadow, of whatever mistakes we make when the last chime of the clock ceases to vibrate at midnight January 1st, 2000.

      Some will tell you that it is not that easy, yet all of our myths and religious texts tell us that it is very easy to set a course for an unknown end. In old history, there were many things that opened the portal to a new era, a new way of thinking. They were very simple. Or they were metaphor, only to give us a homogenized, poetic idea.

      Marking The Days On The Calendar Of Dread

      Remember the months before the New Year’s 2000 Celebrations? Do you remember how a lot of people were just too damn scared to go out and party because they thought that they were going to die? Nothing happened. Later, the paranoia toned down and all was quiet. Half way into the year 2000 the fires of doomsday are flaring up once again. Some people claim that just because the big event didn’t happen on the due date doesn’t mean that we aren’t doomed.

      Something happens when you bury paranoia deep inside of you. It grows inward and engulfs you. It spreads through every bone, through every sinew and muscle and while you think that you are safe in hiding it from those around you it eventually explodes, swallowing everyone who is in the way of it’s bewitching power.

      Most people are capable of thinking rationally. They would go out of their way to tell you that they don’t sweat the small stuff. That is until the small stuff builds and builds. Eventually many small things develop into one big neurosis.

      Dread and paranoia leave an indelible scar on you as the days pass and you creep closer and closer to your terminal breath.

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