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Signs In The Future

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    Dear Friends, http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Render&c=Article&cid=1135810214679&call_pageid=968332188492 Love and Light. David
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      Dear Friends,


      Love and Light.


      Signs of the future
      The sky foresees turmoil in the coming year, and warns us to watch our pennies
      Dec. 31, 2005. 01:00 AM

      The sky reflects life on Earth. All heavenly objects mirror our activities. In fact, even the weather does it. In Homer's The Iliad, Zeus was depicted as controlling the weather over the embattled Greeks and Trojans. Today, we are witnessing dramatic meteorological events.

      This climate change may very well be due to the greenhouse effect, but it does, at the same time, reflect the increasingly unstable state of human affairs, which are hurtling out of control Ñ just like the weather. Hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes have been whipping up with frightening ferocity. The weather is communicating a message. We are all part of one being, one whole organism. And the madness of human behaviour has disrupted the delicate balance.

      It feels as if the weather is venting its rage. The Tetrabiblos, written by the great astrologer Ptolemy almost 2,000 years ago Ñ in Alexandria, circa AD 100 Ñ holds exciting clues to the timing of severe weather. My study of this work suggests there are certain complex configurations producing days of severe weather and heightened seismic activity. These cosmic signatures occur frequently, but some pack a bigger punch than others, depending on many cosmic variables.

      In the past year, the Earth's crust has been rattling its warning with destructive and deadly severity. The tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 and the continued earthquakes in South Asia all occurred on these important days. And hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma each whipped up in accordance with these planetary configurations.

      More such days lie waiting in 2006. During the next hurricane season, we can expect to see big tropical storms on Aug. 18, Sept. 15 and Oct. 12. There are many other potential days, too, which I'll note as the year progresses. Just check the "Thought for the Day" feature of my daily horoscopes in the Star.

      The flavour of 2006 is clearly defined as we begin the year with a Venus retrograde. The planet of relationships, finance and emotion Ñ how we feel about life Ñ is moving backwards in its apparent motion until Feb. 3. It's no accident Canada is having a federal election in this period. Relations between French- and English-speaking Canada are likely up for adjustment. Big changes are afoot that will redefine our attitude toward Confederation.

      Venus will also bring a review of all that's wrong in the realm of love and then, slowly, show you how to put it all right. There will be a series of revelations about your approach to all things intimate, private and personal. During 2006, you will gradually recognize what your deepest and most passionate desires are Ñ and be given chance after chance for fulfillment.

      Another planetary event I'll monitor closely concerns the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. The ancient Greeks regarded this as the master cycle. Nostradamus may have also used it as a guide to write his prophecies. This cycle has moved into a square alignment (when two planets form a right angle) and will hold sway over the entire year. This normally spells a downswing in the economy. Jupiter (expansion) is in Scorpio, a sign in financial astrology that indicates debt. So the growth of debt leading to bankruptcies could be a problem. Err on the side of caution in your borrowing level and financial risk-taking.

      Alignments of Jupiter (justice) and Saturn (institutions) also pertain to major developments in law and the courts. There is the trial of Saddam Hussein catching world attention in Iraq. Here in the West, the corporate world has a slew of trials coming up, with the case of Conrad Black heading the list. And the moral debate on same-sex marriage will most probably intensify.

      Another major alignment concerns the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Historically, this 32-to-37-year cycle consists of two important parts, each lasting 16 to 20 years. The up phases were 1947-1966 and 1982-2001 and the down phases Ñ associated with higher interest rates and higher deficits Ñ include 1966-1982 and the one we're in, 2001-2020. We can expect to see fewer and fewer bull markets and longer, more frequent bear markets.

      Saturn remains in Leo all year. For Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, as well as Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, it's a time of constructive work. You're building something solid that will bring you great security in the future. Saturn is a tough planet that rewards those who work hard. Just keep putting your best foot forward and all will be fine.

      Saturn in Leo will strongly affect Scorpio and Taurus, too. Moments of despondency may make you feel like you're barking up the wrong tree. Be sure to keep your thoughts upbeat. It's all happening for a good reason. There is a lesson behind every challenge. Discover the lesson and you'll find your pot of gold. The adjustments you make to your trajectory will bring you the happiness you so richly deserve.

      Uranus will continue to travel through Pisces straight through to 2010. It will invigorate all Pisceans and bring positive, dynamic change. Sagittarians and Geminis may feel the change is coming too fast, but you'll soon learn to enjoy the new levels of freedom and power. The last time Uranus was in Pisces was during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and 1919. Pisces rules viruses and the flu, so the threat this year will remain strong.

      Pluto, the planet of intensity, remains in Sagittarius this year and all the way through to 2008. The archer rules religion and our belief systems. When Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995, astrologers correctly expected to see a rise in religious fanaticism during the course of the next 13 years. They have been proven correct. Humanity is striving to understand the purpose of life and existence. Sadly, problems are caused by people who are incapable of demonstrating tolerance and respect for their fellow humans.

      The good-news planet, Jupiter, is in Scorpio through to late November. It normally spends about a year in each sign. There is the potential for new work, new ventures, new love, new everything for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Big benefits will be also extended to Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. But if life finds you helpless and stuck in a rut, that new world will be preceded by frustration as you become conscious of what you're missing. Jupiter will give you a wake-up call. Once you heed it, you will find the escape route to a better life.

      As always, I will keep you in tune with the lunar and Mercury cycles in my daily "Thought for the Day." The lunar month is a natural rhythm lasting about 29 days and is divided into the new, first-quarter, full and last-quarter phases. New and full moons bring increased levels of activities in all aspects of life. For proof, just watch the stock market, nightclubs, the news and, best of all, your own life. Simple awareness of the lunar cycle will propel and empower you to achieve your goals. It's like sailing your ship with the prevailing wind rather than against it. Life becomes easier and purpose-driven.

      Mercury, with its forward and backward pendulum swings (direct and retrograde motion), is crucial to your strategy and planning. I'll let you know about all the important points in this natural cycle so you can cast your net in the ocean of life and make a good catch. Launching your plans at the right time increases your chance of success.

      As you enter into this unknown zone called 2006, make your resolutions with confidence. A friendly sky is determined to help you overcome any challenges that may come. It will fight with all its might to ensure that you fulfill your destiny. You have no idea how positive, how constructive and how encouraging the stars intend to be toward you in 2006.



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