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Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: Skywatch Closes Group List

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  • Regan Power
    Hi Alfie! :-) I will give my responses in dark blue beneath the individual paragraphs of your text below. ... From: Alfie To: ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 50 , Sep 1, 2004
              Hi Alfie!  :-)
              I will give my responses in dark blue beneath the individual paragraphs of your text below.
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      From: Alfie
      Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 3:47 AM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Re: Skywatch Closes Group List

      Hi Regan!

      Well, you can see that I let this one slip away from me, and I have no
      excuse other than being blonde, I guess! ...A faux blonde at that!! :^)
              RP: If you feel that you are blonde, I don't think you can be a faux blonde.  :-)

      Anyway, I wrote this reply last week and didn't know if I wanted to
      add more, and so I saved it and I forgot it!  YIKES!

      So I will offer this....my two-cents...again! :^)  So please see

      --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Regan Power"
      >         Alfie wrote:
      > "Well...my two cents...is that this Dakota_Sunrunner is the missing
      link to this whole series of episodes.  But my two-cents may just be three pennies short of a nickle!  :^)"
      >         Hi Alfie,
      >         It does seem possible, to me, that Dakota Sunrunner is a
      key-player in this game, I agree.  Any ideas about what his role might be?
      >         Regards,
      >           Regan


      Well, I don't know Jim Hickman at all...don't know his religious background or beliefs.  But you and everybody who was on the forum at the time also know that
      Dakota_Sunrunner (Ivan White) was a new member and started right in about being a Christian.  When we happened to have a few posts about Tarot Cards, he promptly popped up and said that he had used Tarot Cards for 20 years, but now
      he thinks they are useless and rubbish.  So...a few replies from various members later, he is telling us that he wants the subject dropped...I don't know...like maybe the *subject* alone was going to bring a pox on his house!
              RP: Yes, it speaks volumes about him, doesn't it.  I gather that modern-day fundamentalist christianity teaches that the Tarot is a "work of the devil", whilst apparently forgetting that it is also intimately interwoven with Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism!  (And they think they have "The Way, the Truth and the Life"!  Hah!)

      Anyhoo...of course it wasn't but two or three days later that Jim announced that there were *complaints* from the *paying* members about personal attacks and foul language, and that he was going to have to moderate the list. WELL...I know that I wrote Jim a personal letter, not knowing that others had too, and I
      admitted that I didn't know that there were paying members...blah blah blah...

      The story is familiar to most of you.  At the time, I also didn't know that
      Dakota_Sunrunner was a new member on the Skywatch Board of Directors, did you? 
      Well, he is now, and he is also a Moderator on the new *old* free list, or so I'm told.  So, putting two and two together I feel that most of us make the
      connection between Dakota_Sunrunner and the new policies being implemented and also the banning of certain members of the list.

      NOW, with Vern indicating that the same Dakota_Sunrunner had quickly quit another forum because of the *dissent* that he felt was occuring on that list, and that he attributed it to some of the government-type links he had posted... one has to wonder at the REAL agenda(s) that is creeping into Skywatch, Int.?
      I have looked at Dakota's website...(which has changed since I last visited
      it and does not now have this *testimony* included anymore!) and it is mentioned
      THERE that he is a Christian but that this fact does not sway him in his beliefs about UFOs...because he thinks God certainly would put other Life on other planets (paraphrased).  But I get a sense of "...he doth protest too much!"  I'm sure that he wasn't the only Christian on the Skywatch site, but I don't think the subject had ever come up...while I was a member there anyway?  In my mind, this topic we were discussing had nothing to do with religion at all.

      So I think it might boil down to a religious and political agenda, but I do not pretend to know what exactly this agenda is?  The combination of the three
      options you gave do seem to have plausiblity, and the connecting link (for whatever REAL reason) seems to be Dakota_Sunrunner.

      I'm sure I have said nothing here that hasn't already been contemplated by many of you.  And I'm sure that I will be receiving my two-cents from this list soon! Please be sure to stick it in an envelope and don't forget to add the 38 cent
      stamp...or a tad more if you reside outside of the US!!  :^)
              RP:  Thank you for these reflections, Alfie.  I concur with you in thinking that Dakota Sunrunner probably had a hand in this affair and that his real agenda could have been religious or political.  In view of the fact that Skywatch acquired its new "Spiritual Adviser" around the same time, the religious option seems the most likely one on the surface, to me.  But Messiah's Branch's overt support for the Zionist cause suggests an underlying political agenda.  It all adds up to a shell-game, in my mind.

      P.S. Regan, have you had a chance to peruse the essay "Are Aliens Us?" that Vern has posted on Keith's website yet? http://www.geocities.com/kmtruth/contents.html
      If you have a chance, it might be interesting to you.  I was going to ask you to re-post your comments about *demons* and your thoughts about *morality* here
      if you would be so kind and have time?  I have the post saved if you need a
      refresher on what I am talking about.  I think that it might help shed more light on the subject that Vern has included in his essay.  This is my opinion, though, and you might not see the connection (or lack of connection in the Alien Agenda... as put forth) that I am seeing.  Thanks__Alfie
              RP: I wasn't able to connect with Keith's website via the above link today, Alfie.  (It may be a problem with my browser - I'm in process of downloading and installing Microsoft's Security Pack 2 and my browser has started doing funny things while it's happening.)  I don't know how my comments about demons and morality might relate to Vern's article, of course, but please do go ahead and re-post the relevant ones here, if you have them saved.  If you haven't, or can't find them, let me know what you're wanting and I'll improvise.
    • Becky Escamilla
      Hi Rodger, ...first to the group, and to Rodger, my apologies in addressing some of the posts from Digest #26, August 29, 2004. I m actually barely getting
      Message 50 of 50 , Sep 15, 2004
        Hi Rodger,

        ...first to the group, and to Rodger, my apologies in addressing
        some of the posts from "Digest #26, August 29, 2004."

        I'm actually "barely" getting through to some of my digests, as I
        get caught up on my e-mail, and unless I'm visiting the group on the
        particular day of a certain post, I actually might and do miss

        At any rate, you may have already received an answer to your
        question, but while I don't know the reason Skywatch shut down, I do
        know that through their "free" yahoo group list, a few days ago, I
        posted there and received the daily digest, containing said post.
        Even though the list isn't posting any archives for public viewing,
        it seems that you can still post there and receive the digest. It's
        a bit tedious, when you can't simply click on "reply," but, if you
        really want to post something, it's possible.

        ...don't know how long that feature will last, but, so far, as of
        yesterday, that portion is still operable.

        - Becky

        --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Rodger" <rodgero@n...> wrote:
        > Does anyone know the REAL reason why Skywatch shut down their free
        yahoo group list....I know it's now only a fee-based pay only forum,
        but why did they shut down the free group forum. Seems quite
        > Rodger
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