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  • Dexxxaa
    You re funny Xxxx... Xxxx..I missed your reply... Removing of veils...awakened awareness. These intelligence are far more sophisticated than their put on to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2005
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      You're funny Xxxx...
      Xxxx..I missed your reply...
      Removing of veils...awakened awareness. These intelligence are far more sophisticated than their put on to be...
      As the Serpo saga continues...I wonder if R. Doty, self admitted disinfo personage is 'Anonymous'? If so, you wanna believe him now?
      He's credited with disrupting and misleading the information flow. He says it was his assignment then. Poor Paul Bennewitz and others had a professional against them. Trustingly taken in by him on a ruse of confidence.
      Or for that matter what about the other's on his team?
      Xxxx and xxxxxx...their known contaminated sources.
      Still want to trust in what they say?
      Very befuddling.

      The question remains......what be their motive? The thing that comes to my mind is...The Dulce bunch require some kind of explanation for why their here as the many group exposure rolls on according to plan. This could be their 'acceptance' way in?


      (Note: Dulce group are not the Reticulum's) How would I know? The reading of a written alien language. Some of the Reticulum's written language was inculcated into William Hermann of which he reproduced in a book. A piece of a page of that book was torn out and shown to an Eben's of Dulce abductee whom had just been released from their holding base and brought to a selected persons home. Through an implant in the abductee the Eben's communicated to an overseeing party. Immediately, the abductee was shown a piece of the parchment and was told to ask them what this says? Through this abductee via the implant..she says to them: "they say that is not there language..but they can interpret it for you." The abductee was asked what does it read? She said..they say it says...Beware..we come in peace and we go in silence..we have as much right to this planet as you do..Beware.

    • Dex
      no warning wrote: Frances, I have heard great things about you from Steven. Dan described the situation correctly when he said the vast majority are good
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 25, 2007
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        no warning wrote:
        Frances, I have heard great things about you from Steven. Dan described the situation correctly when he said the "vast majority" are good people. Unfortunately a vocal minority, some with serious problems, often steal the show over the less vociferous, less intoxicated and less drugged majority. Many have migrated to this forum, most with pure intentions and others for the reasons they have clearly documented for our records in so many ways. Marcia's policy is to remove them when they rise, as inside attacks won't work on thinking people. That lot requires the questions and answers to be their own.

        mjc wrote:

        Characterising the folks who reside and post at this forum as useless reprobates is rather odd and amusing. Blanket put-downs never do anything apart from heap hostility on hostility. "That lot" is not an American phrase, is it? It sounds very British to me...I could be wrong. Maybe the phrase was directed at me, being the only Limey who posts here nowadays. Probably not, though. I've heard of a chinless wonder, but not a fruitless wonder. Baphomet??? Also not a word I've heard of before. I've just looked in my dictionary, and it states for baphomet: an idol representing Satan.

        After reading what UJ and Shady have eloquently written, this may be a bit redundant, but I've finally had a chance to view the Camelot Stargate interview which Don posted the links to.

        Some quick observations:-

        Dadmiral's been economical with the truth to Dan before. No surprises there then.

        The P-45k JRods (Ebe's) didn't know the Orions and P+52k JRods were keeping an eye on them, until the Treaties were made. (The Orions have played more of a role than I'd thought, setting up the treaties, etc.)

        It would appear that the Solar max is going to cause extensive EM blackouts and serious disruptions in 2011/2012, which may explain this business with detention camps, as anarchy is sure to spread and be hard to contain.

        Dan, despite undergoing a nexus of extra-ordinary experiences, is still trying hard to stay at the credible edge of what to believe and what not to believe, specifically regarding reptilian entities. I've said this many times before -- either the Reptilians are a very old species that have been in our galactic quadrant for millions and millions of years, or they're hopping a temporal ride on the backs of the p-45 and p-52 JRods. The p-45s and p-52s must have run into a whole gamut of different alien species in their T2 timeline...who's to say these new ET buddies of theirs haven't got involved in all these earthly shenanigans as curious observers? And Clifford Stone talks of 50+ different species of ET. Maybe he and Dan ought to have a conversation together soon.

        If as Dan has said, we've got a blank slate as we ride along on a variant of Timeline 1, then there's no reason why Lotus can't be utilized well before 2091 -- if we get peaceful coexistence in the world over the next few decades.

        Dan outfoxing the P-45s? While I admire Dan's intelligence, the p-45s are many thousands of years ahead of him, and I would never underestimate their collective wiles, unless they're actions are being nullified by the JRod P-52s, Orion-52s and this interdimensional species Dan talks of.

        The Orions could easily slip an oversized pair of shades on, Dan, if they felt the need to mix in a town or city amongst present-day human beings. Charles Hall, who wrote about the Tall Whites [whom I assume to be P+52 Orions], said that the "Teacher"[a female Tall White leader] and many other of her ET kind regularly used to get dressed up and get driven into Las Vegas in the hope of winning at that million dollar slot machine (I'm exaggerating a little here).

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