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Bizarre UFO Seen Over Many Eastern States

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    Dear Friends, http://www.nuforc.org Love and Light. David FLASH: At approximately 1830 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, August 31, 2004, the National UFO Reporting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Dear Friends,
      Love and Light.

      FLASH: At approximately 1830 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, August 31, 2004, the National UFO Reporting Center began receiving the first of what has proven to be many reports of a bizarre looking object, which reportedly has been seen over FL, TN, KY, PA, NY, OH, NH, VT, and Washington, D.C.. Some of the witnesses include a police officer, an astronomer (Ph.D), an experienced UFO investigator with MUFON, and several public employees.

      We are working full-time to handle the "pulse" of telephone calls that are being placed to our Center in Seattle. If you have accessed our website because of a sighting of a peculiar object in the eastern United States on Tuesday night, August 31, we would be most grateful if you would compose a short, factual, objective statement of what it was you witnessed, and the conditions under which you saw the object, or objects, and submit a report, using the Online Report Form found on our website. Also, if possible, please compose a graphic image of what the object looked like, and forward it to our e-mail address, director@..., together with your permission to post it to our website.

      We expect to post all the reports to our website on Wednesday morning, September 1st, including all of the reports that we will have received by that time.

      The following depiction of the object was submitted by Kim Shaffer, MUFON State Director for eastern Tennessee:

      Click here for a more detailed graphic

      Thank you for your assistance!!

      Prepared by: Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, @
      1955 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, August 31, 2004.

      During the week of August 16-22, NUFORC received reports of two interesting events, described below, which we would like to receive more information about.

      CASE #1: TWIN CITIES, MN, August 19, 2004

      The first incident involved one, or possibly two, unidentified white objects, which were seen by many witnesses over the Twin Cities, MN, area on the afternoon of Thursday, August 19. At first, we assumed that the object(s) might be high-altitude, helium-filled balloons, carrying scientific instruments, since measurement by witnesses suggested they were at, or above, an altitude of 50,000 feet. This suspicion was enhanced, we felt, when we received a statement from an FAA office, informing our Center that the National Weather Service facility at Chanhassen, MN, had reported that their office had launched weather balloons on August 19th.

      However, when our offices spoke with that NWS facility on August 20, the personnel there stated that they had launched no balloons on the prior day, and that they thought that the object might be a large Canadian balloon, launched as part of the Canadian "MANTRA" scientific project to study nitrogen levels in the atmosphere. Thinking that the mystery had been solved, we then discovered that although that MANTRA project had announced publicly that they would be launching a large balloon during August, it had not yet been launched, as of August 20.

      Hence, at this writing (August 24th), we still do not know what the white objects were, a mystery which also has yet to be solved by several local news stations in the Twin Cities.

      We would like to invite witnesses to the event to submit short reports of their sighting, using our Online Report Form. It would be helpful if the witnesses would state where they were located, at the time of their sighting, and the direction and angle of elevation at which they were looking, as they viewed the object.

      The reports NUFORC has already received can be seen in the data for August 2004.

      CASE #2: CHICAGO, IL, August 21, 2004

      Last Saturday night, many witnesses observed several peculiar, distinctly red, lights in the vicinity of Tinley Park and Orland Park, IL. One of the witnesses captured the peculiar lights on video, and has shared the image at right from her video.  (Click image for larger view)

      If anyone witnessed the lights, or if anyone knows what their cause is, e.g.
      advertising lights, we would very much like to obtain whatever information, which might provide an explanation for the phenomenon. Since a similar event was reported from Tinley Park for April 24, 2004, we cannot help but wonder whether the events might be being caused by someone with a red laser, or some other type of high-power advertising light.

      The reports from the Tinley Park area can be seen in the reports for August 2004.

      We received a very interesting report from Mr. Ray Stanford, a celebrated and well known UFO investigator for many decades, who, together with his wife, witnessed a peculiar object near College Park, MD, on the evening of August 12. Full Report  We express our gratitude to Mr. Stanford for his having shared the information with NUFORC, and for his having provided us with an illustration of the object. Any witnesses to this object, or to any similar object on the same date, are encouraged to contact Mr. Sanford directly at tracker@..., to provide him with additional information about the object.

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