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Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: Boylan lost his license but so did someoneelse

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  • Karin Hoppe Holloway
    ... sometime ... I keep telling myself, go to work! But, here s another one I want to respond to! I found out in my deep regression that I had all these
    Message 1 of 132 , Sep 1 3:56 AM
      > Well, maybe we should take a poll and see how many here have thought at
      > in their life that they were an Alien??

      I keep telling myself, go to work! But, here's another one I want to respond

      I found out in my deep regression that I had all these memories of coming
      here in a huge ship I thought of as home. I guess "I" looked like a slim,
      smiling turtle, standing upright, with a lab coat on! At least, that's what
      I saw when I stared into the big dark brown eyes. I had incredible cells I
      was always thinking about. They looked like both plant and animal cells --
      together, in one!

      Now, I don't think I was this fellow at all, because he left when I got ill.
      So, I had access to his memories in the regression, and maybe to his
      feelings during waking consciousness. He was a hitch-hiker, I think.

      So, maybe anyone's feelings of not belonging here, or of being an alien, may
      be due to their hitch-hiker.
    • Becky Escamilla
      Hi Bill, ...it s me, and again my apologies on bringing up Digest #26, so late in the game, but, something crossed my mind as I read it, and thought I might
      Message 132 of 132 , Sep 15 9:45 AM
        Hi Bill,

        ...it's me, and again my apologies on bringing up Digest #26, so
        late in the game, but, something crossed my mind as I read it, and
        thought I might post it, as the issue of "how money is made in the
        UFO Field," is always timely, as it's always a growing concern for
        many, just as losing money within the UFO field is a growing concern
        to those who've lost.

        >I keep hearing about people making a buck off the subject of UFOs.
        Please tell me who these people are.<

        ...this is how the big bucks come into play within the UFO Field -
        speaking from experience (some outside of book and t.v. deals):

        1. The money is offered when the UFO Phenomenon you're involved in
        stands apart from all of the rest, in some form or another, with
        technological advancement potential.

        Example: We were once offered $115 million dollars "cash," for our
        property and footage to-date of payment. The catch was, "we could
        still work," within the company, but, we would no longer own it -
        which meant any technological advancements discovered would belong
        to those who paid the money.

        The ones who were making the $115 million dollar offer were a large
        militia group.

        ...needless to say, we turned down the offer.

        2. Also, the money is offered when you have valuable information to
        offer that's of a massive commercial value, and that happens when
        you discover certain technological advancements, have certain UFO
        footage, or have something valuable to offer interview-wise...only
        if you're willing to "use" what you have to "play the game." This
        is where the book deals and t.v./video/dvd deals come into play. Of
        course, it's a select group and to be in the select group,
        they "all" have to sing the "same" tune and be "supportive" of each
        other. It's a clique of sorts. They "are" the "prominent" UFO
        Researchers. They party together, often sleep together, may
        experiment with mushrooms together, etc., but regardless of where
        the wind blows, they're "together."

        Which is why when "one" of them gets discovered as a "fraud,"
        several of them are caught up in the same mess, like in a domino
        effect. When "one" falls, they "all" fall.

        ...the majority of them perpetrate frauds, and earn big money doing
        it - even if the money comes from investors they've bilked, and
        corrupt law enforcment officers aren't too far behind that, which is
        part of the reason they don't do anything to stop their "buddies."

        Example: Television shows would come here and suggest that the
        members of E to the Third Power (TM) take pictures and allow
        themselves to be filmed "shaking hands" with "aliens." (Alien props
        and people dressed as aliens, that is...) Needless to say, we
        said "no." Big bucks were being offered, but, we still said "no."

        The members of E to the Third Power (TM) were divided when
        the "big" "conditional" offers were coming in, because some of the
        members didn't want to "sell-out," so to speak. "Conditional"
        meaning there were "conditions," that had to be met, i.e., shaking
        hands with alien props or people dressed as aliens.

        History will show and does show, that "one" member left and today,
        he's a member of the "clique." Where you "find one," you'll "find"
        them "all." Listen to what "one" says, and you will have heard it
        all, as they "all" say and allegedly believe the "same" thing.

        They're all well connected and have friends in "high places," which
        is why the money is over abundant.

        3. Further, big money is offered when it's more than enough to ruin
        a person, i.e. as the $50,000 that was offered to me the other day
        for an interview. On the surface, it looked like "wow!" to some,
        but to me, who was looking underneath the surface, it looked like a
        trap that would cost me more than money, later.

        I had to stop and take a look at the pros and cons of the
        situation. There were "no" pros. Yes, money has to be paid in
        advance prior to any project and checks have to have cleared prior
        to any project, but, the person making the offer is attempting to
        make himself look like he's in good standing and associated with us
        and the inherent danger in that is, we'd be putting ourselves in a
        position where we could be responsible for "all" that he owes, due
        to fraudulent deals he's made in the past, where he's infringed upon
        our footage rights, by his bilking investors; our
        credibility "would" be ruined because he's flat out "lying" about
        some of his UFO information/discoveries and we know it, because he's
        used our footage, without permission, in the past, to do so, and
        above all else, The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Phenomenon could have
        been in jeopardy when it comes to maintaining its scientific

        ...there was "no way," we could accept any such offer.

        Could I have used the $50,000?!?!? ...sure - who couldn't?

        Was I willing to let bygones by bygones for $50,000 dollars?!?!? -
        absolutely not....

        ...I turned down their offer, before the third-party finished the
        sentence, but still, through the people, from where the offer
        originated, there's an up and coming UFO fraud in the midst, and
        while I don't know the name of the project or the executive
        producers, I can surely say, I wouldn't be surprised if they're
        infringing upon our footage rights again, someway, somehow,
        attaching it to their spin on things...

        ...people will fall for their bull - hook, line, and sinker - buy
        their videos, books, merchandise, etc., watch their t.v. show in

        ...why? - because most people prefer to be entertained, mostly
        because they don't know any better and haven't had the opportunity
        to learn or know much of anything else, and the people "running,"
        the show aren't willing to let the "truth" be known, for if it were,
        the majority of them would be out of business.

        >I have sold my books and tapes, articles, and received speake's fees
        and still end up losing bucks.<

        ...I know it's not easy to lose money, but, be happy with your loss,
        as the price that has to be paid for attaining the "big bucks," is
        quite high and there's no money that can account for that.

        We have the "largest" UFO Stock Footage house in the world; over 14
        smaller subsidiaries that earn monies to further the continuous
        monitoring, documenting, and videotaping of The Midway Sightings
        (TM) UFO Phenomenon, and just the other day, "personally," we barely
        were able to afford to fix our well, so that we could have "running
        water," again, after having been without running water for over "six

        ...yes, we can earn up to $4,000 a month, but that could be after
        having a "dry spell" of not earning much of anything for up to six
        months... It really all depends... - and then there's the catching
        up to do on the maintining of the business, which "always" comes
        first, regardless of the "massive" interferences with our business
        over the years and to-date.

        ...of course, our UFO business earns less than $10,000 a year on its
        own. It "cannot" stand on its own and the majority of the financial
        weight is carried by our other smaller subsidiaries/businesses,
        primarily, The Gypsy Shack (TM).

        ...we got "hip" to the UFO Fame Game (TM) right quick, so to speak,
        and we weren't willing to play it.

        ...the price, "we were blackballed by Hollywood," "Prominent UFO
        Researchers" turned their backs on us, blah, blah, blah, you've
        pretty much probably heard the rest of the story by now or read it
        in my past posts...

        At any rate, the price was high and more than any money could ever

        We thank God we're alive, and are grateful for all that we've
        learned. Our company Policies are set up in a way to "protect us
        from ourselves," should we "ever" get weak and think about giving
        in - some policies that have been in place since March 5, 1994, and
        others that came into play as our UFO business evolved.

        We realize that money isn't everything - but money does make the
        world go round, which is why we don't put all of our eggs in
        just "one" basket. We earn money every which "legal" way possible
        to continue with the monitoring, documenting, and videotaping of The
        Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Phenomenon - which is our "pearl of great

        Now-a-days, whenever I feel sad or bad about what we've been
        through, for consolation, I listen to Daryl Hall & John Oates'
        song, "Do It For Love," and look at the 11/20/94 Flying Saucer still
        clip and "I remember" that it's all for "love," of the phenomenon,
        Extraterrestrial Life, Flying Saucers, and Extraterrestrial
        Technology, and "all" the truths that this multi-faceted phenomenon
        does hold....

        ...we have the "truth," and we "know" it - we go to bed knowing it,
        we wake up knowing it, and in the end, we remember what caused us to
        set out in the manner of self-sustainment that we set out in, with
        the stringent business policies that ensued - it was to "learn"
        and "know" the truth...at all costs...no matter what...

        - Becky

        By the by, in case you haven't heard or are able to hear "Do It For
        Love," here's a sample of the lyrics...

        "I won't do it for money
        I won't do it for pride
        I won't do it to please somebody else
        If it don't feel right
        But I'll do it for you
        And at least I'll try
        I don't need any other reason
        Than I feel it deep inside"

        - you know the history of this song is that Hall & Oates wrote it
        for their love of their music, touring, and their fans.

        Granted, to read the entire lyrics, you'd think it's due to a man,
        singing to his love.

        When it actually equates to what Hall & Oates Do for Love - their

        ...in the UFO Field, many of us, including yourself I'm sure, do
        what we do for "love." It could stem from the first "love" we felt
        when we saw our first sci-fi flying saucer movie or that star in the
        night sky that moved, or our first actual daytime UFO sightings -
        ...but nonetheless...for love of the phenomenon...

        As a side bar, if you're interested, you can give "Do It For Love,"
        a "free listen" at:


        ...just click on "enter" and go to "multimedia" click on "audio,"
        and then onto "Do It For Love."


        - Becky

        --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Hamilton"
        <skycom22@s...> wrote:
        > I keep hearing about people making a buck off the subject of UFOs.
        > Please tell me who these people are.
        > I have sold my books and tapes, articles, and received speake's
        > and still end up losing bucks.
        > What is the formula for success in this field, anyway?
        > I have asked other researchers how much money they make and
        > they laugh. Their story sounds like my story.
        > I was never interested in making money from UFO research.
        > One can lose before they begin.
        > One hopes to recover some expenses for time and effort.
        > We try.
        > I guess I am just too wrapped up in the mysteries of the
        > universe and probably should look into some practical
        > business for an advocation.
        > Bill
        > ----- Original Message -----
        > From: Jahnets
        > To: ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com
        > Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:04 PM
        > Subject: RE: [ufodiscussion] Boylan lost his license but so did
        > "Are you were saying that these people were wrongfully convicted
        in the
        > United States because of their beliefs??!!!"
        > No... What people??? I have only heard many personal attacks on
        one person
        > by quite a few people and where you are welcome to your opinion
        I didn't
        > think that this site was for that. It is suppose to be for
        discussion of
        > UFO's not peoples reputation. I could care less about Mr.B, it's
        the point
        > you know. Anyone can be trashed, but I fail to see how this is
        helping any
        > of us learn more about UFO's or aliens. There are quite a few
        people out
        > there trying to make a buck off UFO's and everything else, why
        give them my
        > energy??? Why focus on them??? Why give them power??? You seem
        to be sure
        > that we all believe everything we discuss here, but I don't
        think that is
        > true. I am quite capable of discussing something without
        believing all parts
        > of it. In fact let me give you an example of what I look at...
        The Burish
        > thing had many parts to it. It also pointed out that the greys
        or some of
        > them were working with the others. It also made mention which I
        noted that I
        > had missed the first time around about crystals... This was also
        pointed out
        > to me in another manner some time back, but around the same time
        as the
        > Burish stuff... Ah a pattern... See he could be full of BS as
        far as I know
        > which I don't but it doesn't matter... The serendipity
        matters... Mr.B isn't
        > part of it, and as such a wild goose chase to redirect our
        focus...But that
        > is just my opinion... ;-) Did you ever read the celestine
        prophecies? The
        > trail sherlock...
        > -----Original Message-----
        > From: Os Wilkes [mailto:oswilkes@n...]
        > Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 8:14 PM
        > To: ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: RE: [ufodiscussion] Boylan lost his license but so did
        > someoneelse
        > >You know, I have lived almost half a century and have not
        managed to get
        > >> myself convicted of anything, let alone cited for
        jaywalking. How do all
        > >> these illuminaries manage it?
        > >
        > >I wasn't aware this had turned into a gossip section... As to
        the above
        > >maybe you simpley haven't stood up for the right causes.
        > >
        > Dear Janet,
        > Are you were saying that these people were wrongfully convicted
        in the
        > United States because of their beliefs??!!!
        > In which case, how these things happen is a very appropriate
        subject for
        > this forum and should not be construed as gossip.
        > I am sure you can support your inference that these individuals
        were in
        > fact persecuted for their beliefs since you bothered to say what
        you did.
        > Please let *us know* what *you know* so that we may make an
        > decision as you have done.
        > As for the right causes, I was a speaker at a peace rally held
        in Los
        > Angeles prior to the first Gulf War, and yes I was persecuted
        for it
        > immediately. Once, Ron Kovic shook my hand and said he was
        honoured to
        > meet ME (and I shat a brick on the spot because I am a major
        > What a lot of class he has! Anyhow...
        > I have been involved in Southern California peace activism and
        > rights for about a quarter century minus the last ten years.
        This may
        > sound like a contradiction to you but it is not to me. However,
        it made
        > me extremely unpopular to love soldiers but to hate war. Go
        > I did a lot of things which got me in trouble in those days.
        > But I think I would have stopped short of getting naked with
        > 1) children or
        > 2) those who came to me for professional counseling assistance
        > (And I just say no to drugs.)
        > Now if you think that the reporting parties in these litigations
        > lying, why don't you just say so? And then support it somehow.
        > For some people, it is much easier to discredit the victims or
        say the
        > charges were brought about by shadows and spooks-- than to admit
        > *real people* have been hurt. That they have made *legitimate
        > complaints* against someone's god with feet of clay.
        > In any event, I have an open mind and will welcome any
        > whatsoever which may exonerate these people who have been
        labeled as
        > shameless abusers of the public trust.
        > If they were wrongfully convicted, I will fight for their
        honour. Not
        > just for the sake of what is right- but to redeem my own for
        > aspersions on their characters.
        > So please point me in the right direction.
        > Sincerely,
        > Os
        > P.S.- as for righteous causes, if I were not sick, I would go to
        > and offer my services to Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatistas.
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