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If Dokeys Could Fly. Part 2.

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  • John Winston
    Subject: If Donkeys Could Fly. Part 2. Nov. 4. 2005. This talks about the eye of a needle. ........................................................
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      Subject: If Donkeys Could Fly. Part 2. Nov. 4. 2005.

      This talks about the eye of a needle.


      "To illustrate the ignorance of some ministers who are
      supposed to be better educated in the scriptures than
      anyone else, I present the following quote: "However,
      it might be easier for a camel to pass through the eye
      of a needle, than a UFO advocate to change stated
      opinions." I am not a minister but I learned over 40
      years ago that the word "camel," as used by the minister
      in the quote above, was a mistranslation of the original
      scripture use of a word meaning "rope." (JW I must be
      living a sheltered life but I've never heard that
      explanation before.)

      "The fact that a minister believes that the verse
      actually meant "camel" illustrates perfectly his lack of
      independent serious study. The verse also illustrates
      my opinion that even if the original scriptures were
      "inspired by G-d and were infallible Truth," the
      translations made by mere men are certainly not inspired
      and are subject to change and reinterpretation at any
      time." UNQUOTE

      Since today we have a lot of scientific irrefutable
      evidence that abrupt genetic alteration occurred in
      mankind, the only answer is that whatever the source -
      as yet un-provable - gene alteration did in fact occur
      such a short time ago that normal explanations cannot
      possibly give us an answer. Zecharia Sitchin supplied a
      believable answer from Sumerian history - the only one
      that makes any scientific sense at all[i].

      On page one of this article I listed two of the major
      objections. The first was the idea that if intelligent
      aliens existed on other worlds then the Bib-e cannot be
      true and -od doesn't exist. The second was that if
      intelligent aliens exist on other worlds then the
      inc-rnation of Je--s and Redemption is done away with. I
      have yet to find anyone, layman or minister, who can
      show me even one verse in the Bi-le that says
      intelligent beings do not exist on other worlds. Instead
      J--us is quoted as saying that," In my Father's house
      are many mansions." Those who believe that the New
      Te-tament is a part of an inspired Bi-le has to admit
      that in the "men" encountered at the tomb of Jes--,
      although described as an-els, looked exactly like any
      other man, entirely humanoid. [ii]

      I am well aware that many of the re-igious leaders
      believe the "e-il" an-els, and in many cases, the "good"
      an-els change their shape at will and appear in any form
      they wish - and this includes looking like normal human
      men. I think that any person who has looked into the
      subject at all realizes that no such ability is
      described at any time or in any place in the Old or New
      Te-tament. Despite this, those I have criticized as
      "reli-ious wackos" don't need any bi-lical verses to
      manufacture their strange ideas. They depend on
      "revelation" to direct their ideas on the subject.
      Common sense does not apply with them. Some actually
      believe that an-els wear long white robes and have

      Just because the Bi-le does not discuss life on other
      planets carries no weight at all. The Bi-le also does
      not describe television or railroad trains, but we all
      know that both exist and neither refute the B-ble or
      detract from its statements.

      The B-ble makes it very clear that it was men on Earth
      who underwent the "fall from grace" and that any beings
      except the "fallen ones - an-els or men," who were not
      of the Earth, were not required to have redemption
      through the rein-arnation of a Go- or Son of G-d.

      I have never understood the necessity for the argument
      that Intelligent Alien Life "proves or at least supports
      the idea of evol- tion. Don't these people believe -od
      is powerful enough to put intelligent beings on many
      planets, if not millions of planets, throughout the
      infinite reaches of space? Why would He create these
      billions of solar systems with additional billions of
      planets and not populate them with intelligent life?

      One group, in fact the group that originally inspired
      my label as a "reli-ious wacko cult," makes no attempt
      to follow the scrip-ures and instead have their own
      interpretation of all these theories apparently based on
      some sort of revelation as well as various psy-hic
      sources.[iii] They have made the claim and published it
      on the Internet, that the ruins on Mars located in the
      Cydonia region, are the remains of what was originally
      an a-gelic city inhabited by ev-l an-els who had
      participated in the rebellion along with their leader -
      Sa-an. The ruins are what remained after they were
      defeated and driven out of the city and banned to the
      Earth. So source is ever given for these odd-ball
      statements and I can only surmise that this was
      additional information they got through supposed
      "revelation" from G-d.

      I have noticed they have removed some of their older
      statements containing dates or predictions of future
      events they say were scheduled to happen in the future.
      When the date was passed and nothing happened as they
      had predicted, they had little choice but to remove
      the embarrassing prediction.[iv]

      Panspermia, although pretty well established
      scientifically as a normal occurrence, is rejected out
      of hand as false, since to the reli-ious believer in
      their new theory labeled "Intelligent Design," they feel
      that Panspermia replaces it with the theory of
      evolution. As is usually the case, most Creationist
      theories, including the Intelligent Design theory is
      very easy to completely refute. The only problem is that
      most of the Creationist theorists think that any
      scientific theory or fact has been intentionally created
      by S-tan to deceive the true believer. It never crosses
      their mind that they could be in error in any of their

      The idea that an Intelligent ET might conceivably
      exist, means to them that humans would not be unique
      and because they have an erroneous idea of what the
      B-ble says, they think that would prove that the
      Bi-le was wrong and their faith would be destroyed.

      They issue warnings that it is dangerous to
      attempt to search for alien life since the aliens
      might be "e-il" a-gels who want to destroy humanity.
      They believe the outrageous and sometimes stupid
      stories that ETs of certain types have committed
      various atrocities upon the humans they have
      abducted for various sinister reasons. They believe
      all the psy-hic nonsense as if it was inerrant
      truth and that it backs up their stories. They
      believe nonsense from trance me-iums as if it was
      the truth. They believe that some med-ums contact
      ev-l spirits who impersonate those who have died
      and gone on. All this is nonsense.[v] (JW Well
      now watch out what you call nonsense because I
      believe some of the information.)

      Before continuing on I'd like to summarize a few
      of the points put forth by the various relig-ous
      groups, All who think they are correct and everyone
      else or every other group is wrong. Basically they
      think the following points are possible according
      to the dogma of their specific group.

      1. Since they believe all these abductee reports
      are true (maybe 2 or 3 % might be true although not
      in the manner they think has occurred,) they assume
      that all aliens are e-il and do bad things to
      humans. No legitimate evidence even exists to say
      that any aliens are bad or ev-l.

      2. They believe that the sons of Go- in Gen-sis
      6:2 are the same "ang-ls" spoken of in 2nd Pe-er
      2:4 and as a result believe that cohabitation with
      earthlings was a s-n that led Go- to destroy the
      major portion of the Earth with the Deluge of Noah.
      Actually there is nothing at all except ideas of men
      to connect the ang-ls mentioned in 2nd Pe-er 2:4 to
      the sons of G-d mentioned in Genesis 6:2. Humans had-
      nothing to do with the flood occurring and even if
      none had even existed on the Earth at that time the
      Deluge would have occurred anyway.

      3. They believe all abductee reports are genuine
      and that aliens communicate with humans through
      Ouija Boards, mediumistic channeling, or other
      ps-chic means that have so thoroughly been
      discredited that no enlightened individual even
      considers the possibility is in fact true or has
      ever occurred. If you believe the living can
      communicate with the dead ask for my Publication
      #250 and learn the truth of how the charlatans
      deceive the gullible by using such methods. (JW
      I still think some people can do it some get the
      information from the good space people and some
      get it from the bad space people.)

      4. They believe that all scientific evidence that
      exposes any of their erroneous beliefs is
      manufactured by Sat-n to deceive the world. They
      fail to realize that if "S-tan" or "de-ons" had
      even a small portion of the power attributed to them
      they would have taken over the people of the Earth
      centuries ago. Instead, they are said to be
      continually striving to capture mankind and lead
      him astray, yet somehow they do not have enough
      power to accomplish any of their goals.

      5. They believe that ev-l fallen an-els are not
      only intelligent but that it is extremely dangerous
      to attempt to establish communication or to try to
      extend human influence to other planets by means of
      our space exploration. Since they believe that the
      "e-il" an-els once populated the now ruined cities
      on Mars (and on many other planets which they do not
      name), they are strongly against our attempts to
      explore Mars. They are quoted as saying that Go-
      will not allow humans to emigrate or go to any
      other planet. Now they are trying to put words into
      -od's mouth.

      6. They believe that all ETs are really e-il
      ang-ls and that UFO believers are falsely
      identifying ETs as "good an-els" when they study
      incidents mentioned in the Old Tes-ament.

      7. Since most of the re-igious c-lts are
      Pro-estant in nature, they identify the Cat-olic
      Ch-rch and the Po-e as leaders of the few
      denominations or groups that believe that ETs are
      not e-il and might actually be here to help mankind.

      As an example the Watcher Cult, one of the major
      leaders of those I class as "Reli-ious Wackos" due
      to their outlandish statements on the Internet, comes
      right out and calls the other Ch-rch denominations
      as false ch-rches led by Sa-an and say that the
      Roman Ca-holic Chu-ch is their leader.

      For a long time I couldn't understand why they
      picked on the Roman Ca-holic Ch-rch and described
      it in print as the leader of the false system they
      kept describing. Then I found out why after reading
      Zecharia Sitchin's short article entitled DIALOGUE
      IN BELLARIA[vi]

      Sitchin quoted his conversations with Monsignor
      Corrado Balducci, a Vatican insider with close ties
      to the Po-e. Since most Pro-estant Ch-rch
      Denominations consider the Cath-lic Ch-rch as a
      religion of idolatry and a false ch-rch to start
      with, they immediately jumped on Monsignor
      Balducci's statements to Zecharia Sitchin as proof
      of Sa-an controlling the Cath-lic Chur-h. I was
      surprised to see that Watcher named the Ch-rch by

      Part 2.

      John Winston johnfw@...

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